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Bataclan and spending the lives of others

Our smug and self-entitled news media have wasted no time in coming up with a counter-meme for the disaster in Bataclan, Paris yesterday. That meme is:

These horrible terrorists are the people that the refugees who are flooding over our borders are running from. Therefore, it’s unfair to blame the refugees for this.

Then they sit there, wide-eyed and vapid, awaiting their reward for pleasing the Great Khan… errr… Stalin himself… errr… the emotionally dramatic mob.

Like most leftist arguments, this one is a misdirection:

  1. The problem is diversity, not refugees. Refugees are one type of diversity. That destroys the host society and wipes out the indigenous people along with the newcomers, leaving behind the “third world trail mix” of mostly-Caucasian but African/Asian hybrids that seems to be in place in most failing societies.
  2. The refugees bring with them this type of society. Our society did not develop into jihadi terrorists who shoot up innocents in theaters; theirs did. Something happened there that is different and bad, and refugees are bringing it here.
  3. We must be able to act in self-interest too. Almost all of the world is always starving, failing or otherwise unsuitable for our occupation. We are the exception. It is an easy answer for them to decide to come here and take advantage of what we have, but they cannot produce it, nor can they uphold it, as we see from the remains of once-thriving white societies in Brazil and Mexico.
  4. The solution is for them to stay at home and fix the disaster there. When your government is bad and you are surrounded by religious crazies, the answer is to man up and fight the bastards back. Drive them into the sea. But it’s easier to just throw up your hands and go somewhere for free welfare.

These are not nice easy brainless and brain-numbing points like the media gives you. They require some intelligence to understand, and therefore, will be ignored. But they are there for you to understand why this media trope is a lie.

Our media and our politicians are obsessed with control. One form of control is the ability to spend the lives of others, to organize them, as if playing with dolls in a dollhouse. The talking heads on the news and in print love to do this. They were not personally harmed, so for them, the others are mere symbols that the talking heads will arrange into whatever form flatters the talking heads the most. This is one of the biggest problems in modern society: people manipulating others for their own personal sense of well-being.

Back in reality, what is happening is this: civilizations go to war with one another. One method of war is terrorism, another is refugee-dumping, like Castro did to the USA during the 1980s. We are fools if we accept either, but that is exactly what our politicians and media want us to do.

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