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Bankruptcy As A Woke-Up Call

There are two ways to go bankrupt: very slowly and then all of a sudden. I sure hope Boy Scouts of Amerika is prepared for the latter. They filed for Chapter 11 and here it now comes.

The Boy Scouts of America said on Tuesday it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid a flood of lawsuits over allegations of child sexual abuse stretching back decades.

People see the latter part of bankruptcy because that’s what ends up on The Drudge Report. It’s also the part that allows everyone to laugh at you in public. It’s a virtual version of putting someone in the stocks like the Colonial Governor of Williamsburg, Virginia. Right now, Sir Baden Powell’s inadequate heirs are now in the stocks for all the usual suspects to gawk at and pillory.

This sudden collapse that fills the ears with noise and the air with debris. However, it doesn’t tell us much accept that the lawyers are here to feast off the carcass of a once-great organization. What we really need to understand is the momentum behind the collapse. That momentum starts out slowly and grows like the proverbial rolling snowball.

The BSA once had status because it taught young men the right way to go about things in hopes they would succeed in life and be useful as citizens. As BSA achieved status and respect, two things predictably happened. People who in no way deserved said respect and status wanted some too because it was no fair, BSA could easily handle this one. Let them kit out and give it a try. Once they been scraped off The Bright Angle Trail with a spatula and med-evaced, they understand more intimately that they suck as human beings and then go away.

The other thing that happened was more subtle and surreptitious. A group of people rejected the idea that anything associated with BSA even should accord a successful member respect and status. Furthermore, they made it a mission to undermine the group. To undermine a standard, you join the group upholding it and subvert it from within. You get The National Review Case for letting sexual degenerates take lots of young boys out in the woods.

Once people like this got in the BSA leadership cadre, they predictable turned a few camporees into their own personal Gay Old Time in a way that would have sickened Poor, Old Fred Flintstone. BSA started discovering the hard way that you get what you tolerate. The lessons then turned harder.

The BSA next learned that anything that is tolerated under your watch has your name written on it. You don’t have to actively participate in perversion to be called a pervert. You only have to allow it to happen without chucking them off the damn roof in Ninevah. All the gay butt sex between older men and vulnerable boys became a BSA institution. The “Scouting for boys” jokes became a liability for the reputation of the organization long before the first psychologically damaged young adult dialed 1-800-BAD-BACK and the lawyers got called in.

Then, some poor, miserable schlub dialed 1-800-BAD-BACK. The news conferences were scheduled. The whole Boy Scout Law and Scout Oath became late night comic fodder. The jealous, the malignant, and the genuinely anti-boy all had their field day. This made association with the Boy Scout name a bad thing to include on your resume. At this point, people who valued moral righteousness actively dissociated from Boy Scouts of America. In some cases, this began involving real numbers and real money.

For decades, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was one of Boy Scouts of America’s greatest allies and the largest sponsor of troops. But on Jan. 1, the Utah-based faith will deliver the latest blow to the struggling organization when it pulls out more than 400,000 young people and moves them into a new global program of its own.

The change brings excitement and some melancholy for members of the faith and may push the Boy Scouts closer to the brink of bankruptcy as it faces a new wave of sex abuse lawsuits. Losing the church will mean about an 18% drop in Boy Scout youth membership compared with last year’s numbers and mark the first time since the World War II era that the figure will fall below 2 million. At its peak in the 1970s, more than 4 million boys were Scouts.

So organizations get woke and grow tolerant. Tolerance brings in the parasites every single time. The parasites place a burden upon the good and the decent. The good and the decent then leave. The organization then collapses under the worm load of the parasites. The only way to prevent this pernicious progressions is to stay nasty, fashy and proactively intolerant. You get what you tolerate. If whatever “it” is happens to be something you don’t want or can’t survive; you therefore don’t tolerate it. You kill it with fire.

As The Queer Scouts struggle to pay that second mortgage on The Philmont Scout Ranch so that they could raise enough cash to pay for their loses resulting from targeted gay lawfare, this should be everyone else’s woke-up call. Anyone that hates, envies or disbelieves in some organization you care about needs to be barred at the door. You need a high-pass filter, or you get to smell all the low-class scum. Boy Scouts is now dead. People are having to invent new institutions such as Mormon Scouts instead to fill the necessary role. That’s why tolerance is a vice, not a virtue.

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