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Awareness Of Your American Indoctrination

by D.A.R.G.

I. Learning that the U.S.A. is perceived as one of the most heavily indoctrinated countries on the face of the planet

It is a customary practice for Americans to refer to the indoctrination seen in other states, but seldom to realize how heavily indoctrinated his own people are. Outside of the U.S.A. and around the whole world, however, Americans are seen as some of the most fanatic, brainwashed zombies on the face of the planet.

Chanting nonsensical slogans about freedom and greatness, most Americans appear conspicuously ignorant of history (regurgitating simplistic propaganda in its stead, whether Right-leaning or Left-leaning) and, most importantly, generally incapable of enough logical analytic thought and common sense to circumvent the unquestionable political and moral dogma etched through otherwise lacking schooling.

These, if anything else, are the hallmarks of political indoctrination. What is worse, while in many countries where heavy indoctrination occurs people’s mental balance is somewhat maintained by the fact that their culture and customs procure an alternate point of view, modern American culture is itself a product of political indoctrination that replaces organic cultures. Objectively speaking, the difference between an American citizen and a Cold-War era Soviet citizen is only the set of principles they were purposely fed through every aspect of their lives.

Americans intelligent enough to become properly aware of their own indoctrination, and concerned enough to attempt an escape have a greater challenge to surmount than they can imagine. The effects of brainwashing are no laughing matter, and the mind which has been subjected to it is so constrained that it is too difficult for most people to simply step outside of the bars of their prison. The emotional chains of their indoctrination can be so pervasive, that the American mind cannot fathom a kind of mentality that does not amount to something like propaganda.

To build culture requires generations of natural interactions with an environment, and an in-group uniformity that Americans were never able to properly enjoyed because of a strongly propagandizing federal government and invasive entertainment media which always spread a superficial mantle of pseudo-culture that stifles the growth of any actual culture. This American pseudo-culture, the culture of the “American dream,” amounts to being able to “you are here free to work, and free to get money for that work, and so you will be happy”. Sadly, that is the sum of “American freedom” and its promise.

This is how we see the rise of the Social Justice Warrior, and how Americans attempting to liberate themselves from the mental cancer of Patriotism easily jump into Marxist scientism. A simple replacement of the cartoon cult of Captain America with Che-Guevara fetishism ensues, and instead of chanting nonsensical American Patriotic slogans, Americans most easily adopt Soviet propaganda (as seen most clearly among liberal university professors). It is easy to see that the reason for this is that, at the root of their mechanics and bare natures, these two are most compatible because they are the main variations of the dehumanized and demos-inciting modernist spirit.

One may observe that the simple-minded, almost mentally-retarded, gorilla-like chest-pounding of the typical post-Soviet Slav is most clearly reflected in typical American pride. But Americans trying to walk away from that must think towards growth instead of simple nullification, which easily leads them to false answers in opposite mirror reflections of what they are attempting to dispel.

II. The false dichotomy of liberalism and conservatism

Something that impresses us, educated people from third world countries, is how the average “educated” American displays the same political and (ir)rational behaviors of the most ignorant and easily-duped people in our countries (usually a confabulation of lower IQ and poverty). While it is common, undisputed knowledge in Latin America that the system is rigged and that the two-party system is an excuse for companies and wealthy people to keep churning away while the masses are given a peaceful way to think they can directly affect higher economic powers, in U.S.A. this is a “conspiracy theory,” and the average American has a rather stubborn faith in their “democracy.”

A false dichotomy extends to the ideas of “conservatism” and “liberalism,” which are a simplistic ways of entrenching the host of problems that life as a whole present us under the idea of ultra-simplistic concepts. This is not only anti-realist, but is deeply religious. Such a tag would not be rejected by the average conservative, but the modern liberal will also be dumb-founded at being called religious. Liberals should start by understanding that while being one (that is, being a liberal) at the beginning of the 19th century, implied independent thinking, anti-status quo positioning that required balanced assessment of many situations, current-day liberalism is the status quo and amounts to dogmatic propagandization of its own.

This mention of the original liberal idea, which was already flawed in its dogmatic humanism, leads us to a memory of 19th century European education and its advantages. The historical positioning of such an education lends it a particular objectivity, because it was rife with strife between such common adversaries as nationalism and internationalism, monarchism and democratic ideas, feminism and traditionalist sexism, and others. Because at that time they were in an almost equal footing, teaching institutions could boast being fortresses of knowledge and open discussion. Today, sadly, they have become propaganda and indoctrination centers for the Left, and the only response which non-Leftists seem to find, is running towards the Right in the most stupidest of ways by picking up anything they can find along the way in their depleated pseudo-culture.

Usually, this desperate clutch for air away from the claws of liberal pseudo-science zombification leads many original Americans (Germanics and Anglo-Saxons) towards the poor excuse of a religion called Protestantism, a baseless American Patriotism and the idiocy of White Nationalism. It is not their fault, in a way, as they can only work with what they have, which is mostly cartoons, empty slogans and a false history. What I would suggest, instead, is that each of these ethnic European groups try its best to reach for the remnant of the memory of its last actual culture. Let German-descended communities reach out for their German heritage, let Anglo-Saxons do the same. Let this reaching out go as far back as it can, so that your being “American” means being a new breed of Germans and Anglo-Saxons, and not the mentally-stripped inverted/disguised Soviet workers/office clerks that the bankers and industrialists wish them to be (and which situation is already a sad, depressing reality in modern Germany).

The road to take is not conservatism or liberalism, but rather a third way the highest expression of a European scientific learning and philosophical exploration that has been the beacon of human actual enlightenment for more than two thousand years, in spite of the cancer of monotheistic religions.

III. The Myth of the American War Hero

There are two things to be said here: the first is that only Americans think that they are doing any good when they invade other parts of the world in order to “help”; the second is that Americans are the only ones who actually think that every soldier is a “hero.” I disagree with Brett Stevens’ idea that the U.S.A. will get blamed, for instance, for genocides that happen “on their watch.”

First of all, only Americans think that the world is “on their watch,” it is an essential part of the basic dogma Americans are taught as kids, and nobody else around the world believes that. In fact, the contrary is true, and it that entrenched idea that Americans seem to have of themselves is the base of countless jokes among many different cultures and countries in the rest of the world. And Americans should be reminded that the rest of the world is actually pretty big, and that it is not a savage wasteland where only oppression, tyranny and hunger exists. Americans need to become aware of the fact that many other modern, highly-educated (often better than American education) societies outside the U.S.A. regard them as barbarians, and not as the enlightened saviors of humanity their merchant-masters have convinced them of being so that they march into death convinced they are helping.

Nowhere else do you find a population so easily propagandized-to and manipulated than in the U.S.A. Because while Europeans have been castrated and beaten down with Marxist clubs into silent submission and their newer generations poisoned with simplistic nice-sounding lies, Middle-Easterners can be lured in through their greed, and Far-Easterners can be mobilized through their collective need to fit in, Americans need simply be pandered to with a few key trigger-words (such as “freedom” or “racism”) and boogie men (such as “Hitler.”, “NEVER FORGET”) in order for them to fall in line and be ready to main, torture and kill anyone their merchant-masters tell them to be deserving of such a treatment.

Second, plenty of genocides have happened in the last hundred years in which the U.S.A. did not intervene and it did not occur to anybody to blame Americans for them when they had no hand in them (with the exception of American Leftists trying to use anything to attack non-Leftist camps of opinion). Nobody blames the U.S.A. for not stopping China’s and Russia’s progroms, nor were they blamed when a Jewish elite were exterminating German communities in Russia before Hitler even came to power, or when Brazil persecuted and murdered tribes of aboriginals throughout the twentieth century to have fuller control of the land. Furthermore, the U.S.A. never even cared about those things, particularly, and they washed their hands of them without consequence, because, in fact, they had no obligation to intervene.

The only criticism for American lack of action in those cases comes when and only when Americans want to intervene in other cases when their merchant-masters have investment ambitions and so genocides and threats are staged or made up to justify their interventions. That is, when Americans were invading Iraq under certain (lack of actual) pretenses, many of us asked each other why they were not intervening inside China to save Tibet, or in North Korea to actually liberate a suffering population. The answer is that it is all bullshit, and the sooner Americans understand this, the sooner they will start to cut the indoctrination chains they are accustomed to and which are so deep-seated by now that they cannot think without.

The idea that every soldier that sprains his ankle while in service is a war hero devalues the term itself to a joke. Achilles was a war hero, John Smith who stepped on a landmine while shooting his superior-technology riffle and wearing his Robocop/Gundam outfit at Afghan dress-wearing dissidents was not a war hero, but simply another casualty of war. German soldiers killed by French insurgents in World War II were about as heroic as the average American jarhead killed while patrolling an American-terrorized Iraq. Which brings us to the following, anybody who actually has talked to Iraqi people would know that the average Iraqi feels violated by the American Army, not “liberated.” At least Germans had the decency of calling an enemy by its name. Can you imagine Hitler’s propaganda ministry referring to the liberation of the French people from the clutches of their actually imperialistic, colonialist genocidal French government?

There are two concepts at work here, and they both serve to cuddle the emptiness of American pseudo-culture. Americans seem to need to be praised excessively about anything they do, and the false, cartoonish mental world of good-versus-evil in which they were raised requires they be told and convinced that they are the the good guys in everything they do. The obvious result is that the only way deaths are “justified” is if they are assuaged with the idea that the dead soldier is given the title of a hero fighting for justice. It is easy to see here how the archetypes of Captain America and Superman are at work in the collective unconscious of the American people, while all other, deeper and older symbols are suppressed by the oceans of commercialism and propaganda they are drowned in.

IV. The Myth of American Freedom

Under all of these lies the unshatterable (or hopefully not) dogma of American Freedom. The American idea of Freedom is at the very heart of what being an American is, although there is no philosophical base for it, nor does the system in which they live actually justifies a particular application of the definition of freedom. We write it with a capital ‘F,’ to denote its status as one more esoteric term in the system of American indoctrination. American Freedom is not actually human freedom, because such a freedom implies that one is conscious and free to actually choose a destiny, which by logical extension must include knowledge of what and how to reach these different states.

Americans are distinctly uniform and unoriginal in their opinions, even when extremely conflicting with each other. This is not just the “average American”, but even smart and educated ones have been crucified with the propaganda of “Democracy,” “Equality,” and “Freedom,” accompanied with adamant faith in the accompanying mythical stories they are raised in of World War II, arguably the basis of modern Americanism. And before anyone raises a voice about “the most documented event in history” or other similar-sounding bullshit, let me say that a Jewish-American historian on the “facts” of World War II is about as reliable as a Christian Theologian on the “facts” supporting Biblical stories. Let that sink in and actually think about it, or prove me right about your Freedom.

Americans on the Left and Right are not that different from each other, stemming from the fact that for all their ideological pandering, they remain all-too-American for their own good. Both camps will claim to be in favor of Freedom, to be fighting for it and each will have arguments why the other is wrong. And while we may generally say that the Right tends to be more honest, though simple minded, and the Left tends to be cunningly dishonest about its egotistic, cowardly individualism (of which the average leftist individual seems unaware, used to justifying himself with Judeo-Christian derived humanist dogma), they both dance around those key concepts etched into their unconscious by constant brainwashing. These are the keys to controlling most Americans, politicians know it and pull those strings.

On the myth of Freedom the lies of American culture are built, and around the myth of Freedom are their conflicting ideologies spun; all the while I wonder if any of them has ever questioned this Freedom of theirs, and whether any ever asked if this Freedom was real or even possible. Perhaps it is in the questioning of all such basic belief that actual freedom begins… but it is simply a beginning.

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