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Avoiding Cancel Culture via Financial Security

Amateur Leftists condemn your morals. Professional Leftists take your means of survival. Amateur Leftists are out to condemn you. The hardcore pros want you as uncomfortable as possible prior to your ride on the train to the gulag. Amateur Leftists go after your reputation amongst people you probably are not exactly spending the weekend with anyway. The pros go after your money and your property. A similar dichotomy exists for political dissidents.

The effective dissident is not loud or flashy. The loud and flashy dissidents are always ineffective and frequently just grift. The effective dissident endeavors to disconnect the power behind the system. The loud, obnoxious and ineffective dissident just wants a contact high off the narcissistic supply. The ineffective dissident still secretly loves Big Brother. The effective dissident surreptitiously orders a life that can be lived without any contact with Big Brother or the rest of the INGSOC family.

No dissident survives cancellation pleasantly or securely unless he plans. The dedicated, professional Leftist cares more about disrupting your family’s wellbeing than whether or not you can “own the Left.” The dedicated, professional Leftist has an evil, yet logical point here. No one who no longer owns a pot for his or her night soil owns The Left.

Once a dissident can no longer eat the diet that they are accustomed to, that individual can survive with way less, or that person can pretend they are a Leftist. Strangeloop turned Moldbug into Leftbug. When his bank account no longer had money, his body no longer had fuel. He could not crap out any more unqualified reservations. It was time to love Big Brother if he still wanted any sort of career outside of painful manual labor.

Therefore, effective and prolonged dissent requires preparation. One area of preparation involves finances. Two key pillars of anyone’s finances are wealth management and risk management. The modern Amerikan system has two generally effective tools that help. Banking and finance helps with wealth management. Insurance and indemnification helps with risk management. When both of these systems work, the dutiful person can work through a career, and provide well for a spouse and offspring.

When a dissident actually promulgates intelligent information that undermines a Leftist status quo, that dissident will stop being a target of the Hard-Blowing Left and start attracting the real Eye of Sauron. The Hard-Blowing Left that argues with the typical rightist dissident serves as a high-pass filter. If some dissident genuinely does logically or morally obliterate the Hard-Blowing Left to the point where that dissident could actually make The Left not get what it wants, they attract attention.

Those who attract attention start having unpleasant things said about them in the media. The sort of unpleasant things that now former Las Vegas Raiders Coach Jon Gruden had said about him.

Gruden emailed Allen that Goodell should not have pressured then-St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher to draft “queers,” referring to former defensive end Michael Sam, a gay player drafted in 2014, according to The Times.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Gruden, in an email to Allen, said Smith had “lips the size of michellin tires,” with the newspaper saying it had reviewed the email in question.

These unpleasant things do not merely hurt feelings. These unpleasant things get you branded as toxic, fired, and then blackballed from your peer groups.

I doubt Gruden has 1488 tattooed on either bicep. However, by just getting disgusted and venting to peers over email, he created a climate toxic to Leftists. Solzhenitsyn suffered arrest for telling the truth dismissively. He really was partially kidding. The Professional Leftist works hardest to police powerful and charismatic normal people. I also doubt Gruden is near life’s edge with his money. He will live. Someone younger and less accomplished who emails out the same things – not so much.

So how does a dissident manage wealth and manage risk so that cancellation is not a total kill shot? The dissident gets by with help from the right friends. Both wealth management and risk management involve the intelligent and quiet management of money. These two endeavors each require certain professional skill sets that are available amongst intelligent society.

One attorney, one actuary, one accountant, and one licensed security broker could set up a garage band insurance consortium. They would exist technically as a minor law firm that handled financial trusts. The money would come from a group of people who agreed that they should have a potential source of risk indemnification outside of the current insurance industry.

No investor would have a legal insurance policy. They would have a money market account with rules and conditions that insured they only stroked checks to handle agreed upon insurable risks. No Obamacare or HIPA paperwork would ever cost a forest a few trees. The MD or auto body shop would just receive a check for their efforts.

Wealth Management could involve a similar process. This would require brokers, accountants, an attorney, and maybe a CFP if that made members feel more confident in the firm. The entity exists as a small, unobtrusive legal firm that actually operates a garage band hedge fund with an IRA pool and a money market attached. As far as the world has to know, I hire a trusted legal person that handles some of my stuff for me while I am busy.

Serious dissent involves serious business. Even honest, frustrated, and event-driven dissent, that is not strongly ideological in nature, draws malicious retribution. This happens when somebody wants to signal virtue or level a threat. Lavrenty Beria famously stated. “Show me the man. I will find the crime.” Social Justice is not Philosophical Justice. It is about supporting a metastable, unrealistic social equilibrium.

A dissident hell-bent on challenging Lavrenty Beria over in HR, or on the Loudoun County School Board, had better have Plan B ready when cancellation rains down.

On June 22, Scott Smith was arrested at a Loudoun County, Virginia, school board meeting, a meeting that was ultimately deemed an “unlawful assembly” after many attendees vocally opposed a policy on transgender students.

What people did not know is that weeks prior on May 28, Smith says, a boy allegedly wearing a skirt entered a girls’ bathroom at nearby Stone Bridge High School, where he sexually assaulted Smith’s ninth-grade daughter.

Juvenile records are sealed, but Smith’s attorney Elizabeth Lancaster told The Daily Wire that a boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy – one count of anal sodomy and one count of forcible fellatio – related to an incident that day at that school.

All questions of the official narrative become terrorism. There is no limit to the sadism of the Professional Leftist anymore. Have your life ordered without dependence upon that which cancellation can take away.

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