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Asian Judge Reduces Sentence For Asian Cop In Shooting Of Black Man

Former NYPD officer Peter Liang will not face manslaughter charges in the death of Akai Gurley, who was unarmed when shot in the stairwell of a Brooklyn public housing project.

Presiding judge Danny Chun, who was born in Korea, released the decision today as Black Lives Matter and other protesters gathered outside the courthouse.

“Growing up my parents thought it was a foolish dream that I wanted to become a police officer. When I graduated from the academy it was a dream come true,” Liang told the judge, before apologizing to Gurley’s family.

“The shot was accidental,” he said.

Liang is learning the language of diversity: when irresponsible people are of a lower social group than you, the herd will take its revenge for anything done to them, even if brought on by their behavior.

Diversity cannot work. With more than one ethnic group in a place, competition results as does lowered social trust, which means that each group will blame others for its own misfortunes.

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