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  • Top federal officials warned China, India could use communities in Canada to advance agendas

    Another dark side of diversity reveals itself as people finally figure out that foreign governments can use their citizens to subvert their host countries. This was the reason that America interned Germans, Italians, and Japanese during the second world war. Despite being a huge issue, it is smaller than the bigger point, which is that every ethnic group acts in its own interests alone, and these interests clash when more than one ethnic group is present in a civilization.

  • Protesters at ICE facility in Aurora pull down American flag and raise Mexican flag

    The groups that come into our country face a choice. They can either reject their heritage, and thus feel bad about themselves much like children of divorce feel bad about their origins in a shattered union, or they can embrace their heritage, which pits them against the previous majority. Every sane person will opt for the latter, and so people identify more with their tribe than the political, economic, and legal construct of “America,” whatever that is.

  • New Zealand’s first gun buyback event a success, police say

    Headlines: “Peace in our time! The bad days of competence and strength winning out over stupidity are over! We are all safe to be stupid now, and diversity will work, so just go back to sleep!”


    169 individuals handed in 224 prohibited firearms in the city of Christchurch.

    They realize that 99% of the people out there see nothing but the headline, and then will conform with whatever they think the dominant trend is, because people want above all else to be powerful among other humans so that they might escape the order of nature, in which no one is absolutely powerful and everyone has a place in the hierarchy.

  • AOC ups ante in feud with Pelosi, suggests speaker is ‘singling out’ newly elected ‘women of color’

    History repeats itself. WASP liberals thought that they would retain control over the new off-whites from Southern/Irish Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean area. Those groups promptly replaced most of the WASP liberals. Now, the off-whites think that they will retain control over the new third-world people who have joined the Left, but the third-worlders are staging a coup, relying on demographic replacement to convey them into permanent power (and unlocking the wealth of America). It really is very simple, when you see it from its end, but on the way to this disaster, everyone has been in denial of the obvious.

  • South Africa to deploy soldiers to Cape Town as homicides soar

    Diversity not working out so well for any of the ethnic groups involved. Most of the victims are Black. A more sensible view would allow the Black community to self-manage and pay taxes to the national authority in exchange for protection, but that requires another group to be in control, and there are no unbiased and objective participants, not even AIs. Therefore, we see yet again another way that diversity cannot work and is failing at accelerating speed.

  • ICE and the Ever-Widening Surveillance Dragnet

    Why does law enforcement feel the need for this huge surveillance program? It turns out that diversity is unstable. Not only are our enemies all here, working against us, but different groups are vying for power in the multiculture, which means that they are striking out against each other with crime, riots, and even organized violence. Law enforcement officers who fail to prevent crime find themselves replaced, so law enforcement relies on its only method of anticipating the disaster before it happens, which means monitoring social media, CCTV, and tapping cell phones.

  • ‘Mafia state’: How Venezuela became ‘worse than a narco state’

    According to U.S. indictments, former government officials, and regional experts, officials linked to the Iran-backed militant group Hezbollah and members of Maduro’s government built a massive drug syndicate — while most of the country increasingly struggled to find food to eat, or medicine to care for the sick.

    “Venezuela was a narco state several years ago, but it has become darker and more ominous,” Mike Vigil, former DEA Chief of International Operations, told Yahoo Finance (video above). “I consider it to be a mafia state. Because it’s not only drug trafficking — it’s financial crimes, it’s money laundering, it’s piracy, and all kinds of trafficking. So it has become worse than a narco state.”

    The state is inherently criminal; it takes funds from the thriving to give to the non-thriving so that it may build itself under the aegis of egalitarian morality. Leftists are more honest about this than the addled and muddled Right, and so Leftist states tend to “just do it” and go full criminal. In the meantime, Americans are enriching the world by buying tons of drugs. We should either grow and refine them here, or stop taking all of these drugs, but the latter requires us to look into the combination of boredom and misery that comes with centrally-managed, materialistic, and popularity-driven modern societies. We are in a dead-end model. Whoever escapes first will rule the new world that is emerging.

  • Texas Reporter Watches 300 Migrants Cross Border in Six Hours

    While the Left stages its “resistance,” a real crisis detonates as Central America attempts to invade North America. This will end in war and bloodshed, and not of those who made the bad decisions in the first place, since they are too old to fight.

  • Lawmakers name their price for backing Von der Leyen for top job

    Government has one property to sell, namely the monopoly on power. This turns government into a marketplace, whether officially or in exchange for favors as happened in the Soviet Union. You rarely see it so blatantly represented as this, but politicians become stock traders, exchanging their support for ideological imperatives in exchange for certain powers that they can use to make more money for their investors, which then comes back to the politicians in money and power. Do any of these people quietly retire on pensions? No, they go out with chalets in Switzerland and tens of millions in the bank.

  • Christian doctor lost his job after refusing to identify a six-foot-tall bearded man as ‘madam’, tribunal hears

    Ideological imperatives start as strong emotion — “we must do more for the poor/refugees/transgenders” — but then quickly become systems of power, at which point they become abusive in order to retain that power, migrating into comedy and finally, tragedy as the power is challenged and must assert itself. All we are doing now is destroying our best people so that our worst keep voting for free stuff to keep the power structure in place.

  • Gang of teenage girls film themselves randomly attacking female strangers on street in center of Philadelphia

    Another diversity triumph. This is camouflaged ethnic warfare, as most inter-ethnic crime turns out to be.

  • San Ramon teen arrested in racist graffiti vandalism

    Hate crime laws were designed to prevent against organized ethnic violence. Now, they are used to jail teenagers for spraypaint and ruin their job prospects forever. Are we in true dark Soviet times yet?

  • German Kaiser’s heir wants seized artifacts back

    “Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”

  • Greek election: Why frustrated young voters are turning conservative

    “We voted for the ideology in 2015 and we didn’t see any changes. So I’m more interested in the economic measures.”

    “The last time my family supported something left, it turned out to be a lot worse,” says Zoe Babaolou, a 19 year old from Thessaloniki who voted for New Democracy in the European elections. “It seems better to return to something safer.”

    The choice unveils itself: you can support the ideologists (utilitarians, egalitarians, individualists, socialists) who focus on how nature “should” be or you can support the realists (traditionalists, conservatives, natural selection fans) who focus on how nature works and how we, like every other species on Earth, can adapt to it.

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