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Any Diversity Means National Decline

Diversity leads to a nation’s death. It kills a nation on three important levels: physical, intellectual, and moral. Once all three on these bastardly deeds transpire, there is no point in having the nation anymore. For all intents and purposes, like The Western Roman Empire after the Battle of Adrianople (378 AD), it effectively ceases to exist, regardless of whatever official status it still may claim.

We can see the physical death of a nation, when subservience to diversity renders that nation unwilling and incapable of caring for natural born citizens. An example of this happening in Amerika occurs now in Yuma, AZ.

Yuma Regional Medical Center, the small Arizona city’s only hospital, is strained after spending $20 million taking care of migrants who came across the border in only six months…. “We’ve provided $20 million in care to the migrants that are crossing the border and we just don’t have a payer source for those individuals. It’s not a sustainable model to have these continued rising expenses without a revenue source to offset that,” he added.

This is further complicated because the doctor in charge of Yuma Regional Medical Center is being too nice of a human being. The next closest hospital is sixty-two miles away. This other hospital is defending itself against the migrant invasion. It refuses to deliver babies to thwart impregnated women cynically seeking US citizenship by dropping anchor babies. This implies that natural born US citizens without the means to saddle up for a road trip to Phoenix or Tucson are effectively back in the nineteenth century in terms of effective natal medical care.

For leftists who are basically decent people who just believe we should show compassion and mercy and let people from poorer countries in who need healthcare, this is a failure through misplaced compassion. This action is taken without regard to the negative externalities imposed on people who did nothing to deserve additional expenses. This action is taken with a blind eye to the extent to which cynical actors, both foreign and domestic, leverage loopholes in Amerikan legal codes to access US citizenship without sitting out the waiting period that foreigners incur when they are foolish enough to actually obey established laws and procedures.

Another group of Leftists are far more disingenuous. They have no sympathy for these impoverished and pregnant women. They find them useful in a Cloward and Piven sort of a way. The New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg offers a prime example of how this sort of a leftist operates.

In 2018, New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg actually published a column under the headline, “We Can Replace Them,” in which she argued that Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was leading a tide of newly registered minority and immigrant voters to transform Georgia from a red state to a purple or blue one.

At this point, we see how a certain intellectual understanding of how democracy works can lead to the destruction of the nation. If the acquisition of democratic power requires the consent of the governed, and the current group of people aren’t consenting, then unpopular people seeking democratic power obviously have to replace or overwhelm the current set of people. Does anyone really believe Ilhan Omar would have represented a Congressional district in Minnesota back when Walter Mondale served as Jimmy Carter’s Vice-President? Diversity had to happen for a woman who probably grew up unable to find Minnesota on a US map to wind up representing the place in Congress.

In no part of our founding national documents do we call for “people’s representatives” that are so stupid that they wanted to know where on Mars the Apollo Project astronauts placed a United States flag. This was only possible via the fealty to diversity over basic education and competence implicit in both The Fourteenth Amendment and The Voting Rights Act. Nowhere in our founding documents do you find demands for Federal Courts to tell supposedly sovereign states how they are allowed to draw their legislative district. This only happens in a “democracy” where diversity is judged to be far more important than any instantiation of the will of the current group of people. When power-seekers can’t get their way with the current group of people, they use the calls for greater diversity to dissolve the people not giving them their way.

When diversity becomes a method to change the demographic character of a nation for political effect, it becomes a weapon of coup d’état. Nations that suffer such a coup d’état effectively cease to exist as nations. When a nation is no longer worth living in, that nation is no longer considered worth dying for. We see this explicitly reflected in how well the US Army performed in meeting its 2022 recruiting goals.

“In the Army’s most challenging recruiting year since the start of the all-volunteer force, we will only achieve 75% of our fiscal year 22 recruiting goal,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said in a statement, according to The Associated Press. “The Army will maintain its readiness and meet all our national security requirements. If recruiting challenges persist, we will draw on the Guard and Reserve to augment active-duty forces, and may need to trim our force structure.”

When your nation’s army dies, then you are watching your nation die. Anyone well-schooled in Conservative lore has read their Patrick J. Buchanan. Thus, the current, ongoing demise of Diversamerika comes as no surprise. Buchanan warned us that a nation could be united by three factors; a common language, a common religion, or a common race. A massive influx of unfiltered diversity predictably destroys all three. Once that tragedy occurs, abortion clinics are about all that Amerika can be expected to be good for anymore.

Amerika is not a nation worth living for, it is not a nation worth dying for. It will ultimately no longer be a place that you can safely survive in the womb. Perhaps that would solve Yuma’s problem. As The Satanic Temple would put it, “What the Hell.” But by then we will have discovered the unwanted HateTruth. Contra the execrable Dan Quayle, diversity is not the strength of our nation. Instead, it is the well-spring of our ineffable damnation.

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