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A Flight of Political Fantasy: The Second Coming

Let us begin our wishful story by saying that a large number of adult clones, working for the Trump campaign, will be integrated into American society prior to the next presidential election in 2024.  We’ll explain how this will take place later.

During the 2024 campaign, candidate Donald Trump will emphasize again the need for election security but at the same time propose an organized plan for “Making American Great Again.”  He will continue to campaign as before, speaking to massive crowds, but this time emphasizing how important hope or a positive attitude is in making things different and better for all citizens.  His official slogan will be “Make America Great Again with New Hope.”

Having cloned operatives at his behest, Trump and the campaign issues he espouses will be roundly cheered.  During the primary debates, Trump will emphasize cooperation among Republicans and not divisiveness.  He will be his usual boisterous self but less dismissive of any opposition.  From his own experience and political operatives’ advice, he will tone down his virulent criticism of the press and accord them more respect.  This will be to his advantage in media coverage.

The Democrats, with the help of a complicit media, will try to paint his candidacy as the last gasp of a tyrannical figure.  Left-wing propaganda will depict MAGA supporters as traitors to “our democracy.” He will be branded as a two-time impeached miscreant who seeks power only to settle scores with the Democrats who lied to the American public and denounced his “illegitimate” presidency over and over.

The American people prefer leaders who can reassure them and maintain order; hence, they will once again be conflicted about their presidential choice.

The progressives will threaten renewed demonstrations and riots to challenge his election. The specter of chaos in the streets will be their campaign slogan. His candidacy will be labeled fraudulent and “criminal” without any conclusive proof of these allegations.

Trump’s re-election campaign will be financed through donations from sympathetic corporations, conservative billionaires, and true believers in his cause.  The cloned members of his base will actively recruit donors and adherents to Trump’s nationalist agenda.

It will be impossible to recognize these “alien” entities.  They will look like and act like other citizens. They could be your neighbor or your colleagues or even members of law enforcement and the military. In essence, they will be the “everyman and woman” of modern politics.

Technology will be used to the fullest extent in getting the message out to receptive voters. Social media, television, and other types of broadcast news will be the conduits for critical information.

Prior to the campaign, the Democratic Party will have to select a  candidate who could defeat Trump and/or his conservative movement. For all his flaws and limitations, President Biden seems to be the only viable candidate at present.

Diversity and inclusion will be the primary tenets of the Democratic platform.  Every effort will be made to avoid white-skinned representatives to carry the party message; the rainbow coalition will dominate their political orientation.  Minority elements as well as  extreme left-wing militants will play a decisive role in their choice of a candidate.

Biden’s growing senility will work against his re-nomination; the media, in conjunction with party operatives, have already decided to portray Biden in a negative light to lessen his credibility as a candidate for a second term.

To disguise their presence, the clone population would be “diversified” both physically and professionally.  A certain number of minorities will be included to give the impression of legitimacy.

At this moment, we should ask: how did the clones come about?  A large number were the product of genetic modification (a process that had been in progress for a number of years in specialized laboratories).  Others were persuaded that they would be serving a worthy cause and threby accept neural modification by implants that would govern their conduct.  Once they have received these cerebral implants, their commitment to the Trumpian cause will be enhanced.  A central control center will be set up to dictate how the clones will react, especially in matters that deal with political choice. These procedures would be managed by the Republican National Committee.

But, critics scream out, this is not in keeping with our democratic ideals and the concept of personal freedom! Our electoral process will be undermined in favor of the Republican Party. Consequently, they claim, cloning for political reasons is criminal malfeasance that should be condemned.  Since there would be no formal listing of these “alien” party workers, it would be virtually impossible to track them down for prosecution.

Republican zealots respond that clones will serve a useful purpose in supervising polling sites and insuring the validity of the voting process.  Mail-in balloting sites will be carefully surveilled.  If any irregularities are observed, they will immediately bring this to the attention of election authorities.  Controlling electoral fraud will be the major objective of clones at the polling booths.  Their loyalty to Trump’s movement cannot be questioned.

Although clones can inject enthusiasm into the campaign operations, they cannot interfere with the voting procedures; they can only promote the public perception of their candidate which is also done through massive advertising expenditures on the Democratic side.

Clones will not swing an election one way or another; however, Trump clones will vote for their candidate whereas it is not guaranteed that Democrats will vote en masse for theirs.

If Trump is elected, in spite of his troubled past, clones will most likely be the deciding factor.  Will the election be prejudiced?  Yes, of course, but no matter which candidate is chosen, Republicans will vote overwhelmingly for this individual, possibly as much as 90% of registered Republican voters.

Discontents and independents are those who determine the outcome of a national election.  Corruption will also play a role as it has in every presidential election since the founding of our Republic.  It is the magnitude of corruption that makes a difference.

Trump supporters would rationalize and say that the ends justify the means.  Democratic opponents would lament the imminent danger to our electoral system.  The very fate of the nation would be in jeopardy.  Possibly, but Republicans reply that there is no way to prove this assertion.

By many standards, the 2020 presidential election was rigged.  No matter how convincing the statistical arguments were, no one was able to produce judicial evidence that would warrant legal intervention into the election results.  Overthrowing a certified election would cause an almost revolutionary response from the electorate.

If, as a result of cloning (previously defined), Trump returned to power, by law he could serve only one term in office.  He would be a “lame duck”; he would become more of a caretaker than a politician who could change the course of American history.  Congress would be less inclined to work with him to enact legislation.

He would, nonetheless, push ahead to accomplish as much as possible during his presidency.  He would be very aggressive and decisive. He demonstrated this tenacity during his first term.

For one, the southern border fiasco would be dealt with.  The wall would be finished; asylum seekers would be held , once again, in Mexico for careful vetting. Under no circumstances would a pathway to citizenship be granted to illegal migrants.

As Trump has said on multiple occasions, rewarding migrants for illegally entering America is contrary to the essence of “law and order”; it sends the message that there is no penalty for their actions which, as Biden has implied, are no more than simple misdemeanors.  For the current administration the southern border is an artificial line drawn in the sand and has little if any territorial validity.

Energy independence would be a major issue of Trump’s agenda; fracking would continue as before.  China would be held at arm’s length and subject to caution at every turn.

The war in Ukraine would be revisited and most likely brought to a settlement of some sort.  Financing what is a quasi civil war in a former Russian province would be ruled unacceptable.  Very few NATO countries are contributing meaningfully to the war effort even though their countries are most at risk of Russian adventurism.

There would be protests from the neo-cons and proponents of the military-industrial complex in America who would see their profits severely impacted by a truce or an interruption of long duration.

Under Trump’s administration, International trade would be made responsive to American interests and not those of our enemies on the world stage.  Globalism as a policy of world-wide cooperation would be put on the back burner.  American interests would prevail.

In Congress, RINOS would have to re-evaluate their loyalties.  The recalibration of the Republican Party towards a middle-American, working class voter base would have to be accepted and promoted.  The days of a party that caters to wealthy country club members and white urban elites are over.  To exist, the Republican Party must adjust to changing times and new constituencies.

The obvious misdeeds of the preceding administration would be unearthed and brought to the public’s attention through congressional investigations and committee inquiries.  The intrusion of information gathering and law enforcement agencies into domestic politics and individual communications would be called into question.

For obvious reasons, the Attorney General and the head of the FBI would be immediately replaced with more cooperative leaders.

The selection of a vice-president would best be determined by the popularity and political influence of the potential candidate.  Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, is the most acceptable choice as it now stands.

This is what a second-term Trump presidency would look like.  The Democrats cannot put up candidates with this much political acumen and popular appeal.

To date Trump’s enemies have not been successful in destroying his reputation and credibility as a candidate for the presidency.  The January 6th committee has produced no convincing evidence of a cabal–arranged and enabled by Trump–to overthrow the election and government.

Revenge is not a reason to deny someone access to a political office. After the January 6th committee and their objectives have been reviewed by Republican activists, the public attitude toward Trump will be mellowed.

Our fantasy-based tale has taken us into an alternative world where the possible could be managed by fervent wishes.  Fantasy and politics, as we know, rarely mix.  Positive results come from struggle and persistence in the political arena.

If sympathetic clones could be used in the 2024 election, would Trump’s election be legitimate?  What would be the future role of these artificially created proto-humans?  Could they be “weaponized” to serve other goals during his term of office?  If this subterfuge is “leaked” to the press, would his presidency survive such a scandal?

If Trump is highly successful in his undertakings, would he be given a “pass” in the same way that the press has placed a protective shield around Biden and his family?  So far there has been very little investigation into Hunter Biden’s complicity in the selling of political access to his father.

A fine line will be drawn between public imagery that flatters a candidate and the behind-the-scenes trade-offs and compromises that all politicians must engage in.

Fantasy and reality: the two are interwoven in politics.  It will be interesting to see how the situation evolves over the next two years.

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