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Another Diversity Fairytale Collapses As Mary Kay Letourneau Divorces Vili Fualaau

It was an absurd diversity fairytale: the white middle class school teacher abandoned her family including four children to marry the minority student with whom she was having an illicit affair. But now, like all actions built on illusions, it has finally come to a fittingly neurotic end:

Mr Fualaau filed for separation early this month without stating the reason for his decision, it has emerged.

In the petition, he writes that neither he nor his wife own any property or have debts, US media report.

Mr Fualaau, who has two children with his wife, also states that they are no longer dependent, asking for a fair division of the couple’s joint assets.

Once the original fascination evaporated, the union collapsed. Maybe they had less in common than they thought, after all. Or maybe only people who hate their origins mix races. Perhaps compounding this is the fact that teachers who choose to have sexual relations with underage students are not the most stable group in the first place.

Either way, this is a symbol fallen. During the 1980s and 1990s, the media delighted in subjecting us to constant stories about people having mixed-race relationships. As it turns out, being similar to your spouse works best for having long-term relationships, so all of those affairs based on the exotic and different are slowly collapsing inward.

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