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An Encounter With “Fake News” Of Another Sort

The lügenpresse specializes in actual fake news, meaning that it reports non-events as events or selectively omits facts to put a spin on events that did indeed happen. This is dangerous because it is partially true, and so gives the illusion of reliability.

But then, there is another type of fake news, which we might call “spam fake news” because it is designed as a virus to make people pass it along because it confirms their biases in a definitive way, offering the “proof” they have always wanted. It is thus a huge emotional rush for them, and they busily paste the URL into their social media streams, generating clicks and profit for the spammer.

An example of this spamfake news targets pizzagate supporters with an imaginary smoking gun — an email in which Hillary and Barack discuss “pizzas” in a way that suggests incriminating evidence:

In the email, addressed to former president Barack Obama, Huma Abedin, and John Podesta among others, Clinton strangely references a “Pizza arrangement”, “Hotdogs” and “predetermined locations”.

Clinton also alludes to an “our downfall” in the email.

If it seems to be too perfect to be true, it probably is not true. And in this case, the email has not been released by Wikileaks and appears to be no more than a blurry forgery photographed on a screen.

As we go to war with the fake news in the lügenpresse, which is more accurately simply lies to support dogma through partial truth-telling and “spin,” it becomes important to shed these parasites who are attempting to use our goodwill for their own profit. Block this website and any like it, and speak up against this other form of fake news wherever you see it.

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