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Alt Right Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Apparently someone doxxed the The Right Stuff guys, and suspicion has naturally fallen on the Alt Lite, who are trying to muscle the Alt Right out of the way so that they can get all those page views, book sales and celebrity endorsements.

It goes without saying that doxxing is abominable. Even when it is done to the Left, it establishes a mode of behavior in which people are punished for their opinions. Every opinion is odious to someone, and just like how pop culture is massively popular but garbage, the popularity of disgust at any opinion does not legitimize shutting it down.

Even more, people should heed the wisdom of “not punching to the Right.” That means that if someone is to the Right of you, you do not reveal them and destroy their lives because even if they are wrong, they are serving to normalize Right-wing opinion and widen the window of acceptable and normal discourse to include more extreme stuff, which is necessary for normal realism — which normies see as “far right” — to exist for discussion.

At the same time, as consistently savvy voices remind us, “Hollywood Nazism” of the white nationalist type serves to reinforce the public image of the Right as lunatics who are exactly as described by media, government and academia, namely emotionally out-of-control people prone to violence.

For this reason, the Right exists in a schizoid state. We do not believe in destroying lives because of opinions. We are however trying to make our message sane and normal so that the Leftist entryists from the Hollywood far-Right do not adulterate and taint our message. However, we need extremists to normalize opinions that the herd fears.

Most likely what is going on here however is nothing more than business as usual. The Alt Right has media power, and this means that it is worth money indirectly, meaning that those who capture the Alt Right audience will sell books, get donations, experience fame, have speaking tours and be the people that big media calls when it needs a quote. As Bruce Charlton observed about the Alt Right some time ago:

The (online) excitement among the Alt-Right since they were mentioned in a speech by Hillary Clinton – and since it becomes clear that Donald Trump is (de facto) running unopposed – is palpable.

And it is natural; since the secular Right always sells-out, and opportunities for the secular Right intellectuals to be bought-off, co-opted and in general sell-out (for power, status, cash, sexual opportunity etc.) are looking very good, just at present.

No wonder the leading Alt-Right bloggers are so cheerful!

With that kind of money on the table, the ability of popular voices to exterminate other popular voices proves to be a weapon of business. Someone who gets a third of the eyeballs can get two-thirds of those viewers by making a few phone calls to the enemy and revealing who his competition are. The opposition is only too delighted to collect a few scalps and destroy them.

In the meantime, it makes sense to rally around those who have done great work at advancing the Alt Right narrative, even if they are imperfect or violate a few of the ideological lines that the Alt Right sees as important. We are not here to destroy people; we are here to save Western civilization, and all of us are filling our minor roles in that process because we believe in that end result alone.

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