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Alabama Demonstrates How A High-Pass Filter Would Improve The Republic


If the $PLC and the (((ACLU))) were not allowed a free go at defecating upon the Great State of Alabama, their colons would impact and they would each blessedly expire in their own heap of condign agony. The flies would enjoy a bonanza, the carbon cycle would experience a bonanza. Only the Liberal Punters at Al.Com would manage to identify a downside.

Their latest hobby-horse to be ridden for the Racism-Industrial Complex involves an Alabama State Law that adds a necessary dose of chlorine to the scum-encrusted pool of registered voters. You see Alabama’s Moral Turpitude Law has come under fire for inconsistency and “racism.” They spin the following tale of woe that will probably be whined about for money on the next Neil Young Album.

“When I went to Pardons and Paroles to apply for a pardon, they asked if I wanted to be able to vote,” said Shearer. She told them she’d already been voting. “They told me, ‘Then you’ve been committing fraud.'”In Alabama, unlike most states, a felony conviction can bar a person from ever voting again.

It depends on which county you live in. And when you register. And who processes your voter registration. A burglary conviction might disqualify you in one county but not in another. Or it might have disqualified you last year, but you could get lucky this year.” In the end, one out of every 13 adults in Alabama can’t vote due to a felony conviction — about 286,000 people — according to a 2016 study by the Sentencing Project. That’s nearly 8 percent of adults in Alabama and the sixth highest rate in the nation, ranking closely behind other Southern states.

So let’s see if I get this straight. A punk teenager goes to a convenience store and steals a malt liquor successfully. He goes back two days later and Officer Friendly slaps the cuffs on the little miscreant. This is clearly police brutality because they didn’t catch him the last time out. That’s the plague of inconsistent law enforcement. If he gets to steal the malt liquor once, society is wrong if he ever has to pay for another one. QED according to AL.Com.

So 1 out of 13 adults in Alabama can’t vote because of their own poor personal conduct and lack of judgement. How will we ever elect our very own Anthony Weiner without a like-minded and morally similar pool of voters? Am I the only person here in ‘Bama who reads about this practice of voter exclusion and feels slightly more inclined to say “Roll F*****g Tide?”

But JPW, that’s not fair. Screw “fair” the way Jeffry Epstein’s pals screw the children on The Lolita Express. You don’t make fair a criterion when you pick the crew of a Los Angeles Class Navy Submarine. You don’t make fair a criterion when you make decisions involving several $M worth of your own assets. Eddie Jones doesn’t make fair a criterion when he selects players for England’s National Rugby Union. We’re really supposed to choose who gets to pick our next boss on a basis of fair? Seriously?

Well, we unfortunately do seem to make “fair” a criterion when we give people the dangerous and vital right to vote. Perhaps because its a lifestyle bias not to give drunkards, pill-billies and methtards keys to their very own SUVs. So, shown ’em what they win Dom Pardo

Elections, you see, are meant to serve a vital purpose. In a Democratic Republic we call upon the wisdom of the crowd to select a leadership cadre that will ostensibly move society forward. We get a leadership cadre that trusts one another so little that they store incriminating data on one another under the file name “Insurance Policy.” Otherwise, their retirement plans resemble that of Luca Brasi: they sleep with the fishes. This reveals the type of government this orc tribe provides to its people: a kakistocracy that veers into antipathocracy.

So Alabama, in keeping with its state motto, dares to defend our rights. An important right in that bundle is not to have important aspects of my destiny determined by broken, solipsistic individuals. Let me suffer the pain I earn by my own hand. Don’t make me the disempowered victim of the suboptimal decisions of less competent others.

Alabama strives towards this goal by restricting the suffrage of the 1/13th worst segment of its population not already serving in elected office. It plugs in at least somewhat of a high-pass filter, skimming off the obviously broken but not going to the point of judging each person by harsh criteria.

Governor Bentley, Cuck that he is, waters this down to the point where a great many turds still make it into the voter pool. My only objection to making suffrage an earned privilege is that they aren’t screening for more than just moral turpitude. If only racist Alabama Democrats hadn’t corrupted the honorable and positive concept of voter literacy tests. Voter ID is another necessary step. I question the wisdom of letting somewhat vote who can’t be bothered with remembering a picture ID. They sure manage it when they hit the beer aisle at Kroger.

To sum it up. I don’t favor unjustly denying people the vote, but doing it unfairly is only prudent if we still even care about who wins these election thingies. Anthony Weiner, Bob Dornan and Cynthia McKinney didn’t all make it to Congress on the backs on their local Mensa vote.

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