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Al-Qaeda insults Obama, American racial pretense

I don’t agree with what they’re doing, but I’ve always thought Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri were intelligent people. (I do agree that the Middle East should rule itself, although I am a supporter of Israel.)

Al-Qaida’s No. 2 leader used a racial epithet to insult Barack Obama in a message posted Wednesday, describing the president-elect in demeaning terms that imply he does the bidding of whites.

Ayman al-Zawahri said in the message, which appeared on militant Web sites, that Obama is “the direct opposite of honorable black Americans” like Malcolm X, the 1960s African-American rights leader.

In al-Qaida’s first response to Obama’s victory, al-Zawahri also called the president-elect — along with secretaries of state Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice — “house Negroes.”

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The message also includes old footage of speeches by Malcolm X in which he explains the term, saying black slaves who worked in their white masters’ house were more servile than those who worked in the fields. Malcolm X used the term to criticize black leaders he accused of not standing up to whites.

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The 11-minute 23-second video features the audio message by al-Zawahri, who appears only in a still image, along with other images, including one of Obama wearing a Jewish skullcap as he meets with Jewish leaders.


Harsh words, Ayman. However, a good way to goad Americans, who take pride in their egalitarian nature, and use that — like democracy — to justify invading other places.

Real empires, like the Romans and Greeks, invaded because they wanted to. They did not waste time convincing the masses of disillusioned under-achievers of the necessity of doing so, at least until democracy destroyed them.

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