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Passive aggression: calling it a stray doesn’t make it so

Kent Robertson, the shelter’s manager, said the man came to the shelter in early October and found his cat among the other animals. The cat had been brought to the shelter by someone who thought it was a stray.

After employees told him he had to pay a $132 fee to take his cat, the unidentified man became upset.

The man returned Monday morning, signed into the guest book and took matters into his own hands. He loaded his cat into a carrier, without paying the fee, and threatened staff with the baseball bat, according to police.

He left in his 1986 brown Ford F-150, nearly running over two shelter employees, said Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse, a Dallas police spokesman. No one was struck or injured.

The Chronicle

Yeah, you idiots, his neighbor hated his cat and turned it in, and then you decided to make two wrongs a right by demanding money from him. You never verified if the cat was actually a stray. Heck, someone took you for a big ride, you imbeciles, because you’ll accept that any cat deposited as a stray is a stray and then you’ll try to take it out on the owner who just wants his cat back.


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