Furthest Right

A realistic fable

Barack Obama tires of the pressures in the White House, and goes outside for a smoke. As he’s standing by the front gate, a homeless man comes past and asks for a twenty.

“I really have no money on me now,” says Obama. “Try the soup kitchen on 6th and Jefferson.”

“God bless,” says the homeless guy.

“And to you,” says Obama, finishes his Marlboro (Light, because Michelle nagged) him, and goes back to the White House.

This is how the press reported the story

“Obama Unwilling to Extend Prosperity to Homeless, Closes Gap Between Church and State” – World Socialist

“Homeless? What, me worry? Says Cool Obama as He Jets Sets in DC” – Fox News

“Obama’s Homeless Reforms Don’t Go Far Enough” – Huffington Post

“Not Caring About the Homeless: Sea Change, or Business as Usual?” – Christian Science Monitor

“Obama ignores homeless man because he’s white!” – Stormfront

“Obama pays attention to homeless man only because he’s white!” – La Raza

“Obama Ignores Black Homeless, Pays Attention to Whites and Hispanics” – Nation of Islam

“If Homeless Man Had Been Muslim, You Bet He Would Have Had a Twenty” – Glen Beck

“Homeless Man Detained for being Muslim, Bail Set at $20” – Al Jazeera

Do we even know what reality is anymore, or are we just cheering for own our team?

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