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A real environmental problem, not a fake one


Humans want to be heard. Each person must then come up with a unique contribution. Thus they all interject their own view of something, and the result is chatter. First, because they’re creating chaos. Second, because they’re not focusing on reality. They’re focusing on sounding cool, unique, ironic, innovative, radical, etc.

Thus with the global warming debate, or any debate, the first thing to do is separate real data from hype. Individuals hype to be cool, science labs hype to be in the news, governments hype to mobilize the sluggish and exhausted citizenry. For this reason, while the biggest media empire in history is bashing away at the global warming claim, I suggest we look locally instead.

If your weather is weird, indulge in a thought experiment: look out the window. How much concrete do you see? Most of us live within close proximity to cities which are mostly parking lot, road and concrete buildings. The effect of this concrete is to disrupt the weather patterns nearby.

Concrete reflects heat backward and displaces air currents that previously ran over the area. It repels water causing flash flooding and then when that water is not absorbed into the dirt, a drought. It removes the tree cover that processed moisture and sunlight and avoided intense weather patterns, mellowing the intensity by converting it into other products.

“Global warming” is — as I’ve said before — a proxy. No one looked up what “proxy” meant, so here is what it means: a proxy is a symbolic activity through which humans discharge their fears of more complex and broad-reaching things. If you are secretly afraid your government is collapsing, you may find a proxy in watching a certain news show or joining a radical political group.

What global warming stands for is our general fear that we’re screwing up the environment. Most people stop there however. They can’t face that the problem is too many people, and for each new one added, that we add more parking lots. Humans = concrete. We need places to shop, get medical care, go to school, work, exercise, etc. in addition to whatever tiny spaces we live in.

Thus humanity expands like poured pancake dough on a hot griddle. With it comes the concrete, covering every square inch that isn’t a decorative garden. The natural process is disrupted, and thus the weather starts screwing up. Global warming? Try every local community getting it wrong at the same time, like a whole audience applauding at the wrong moments during a play.

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