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A New Poland

Listen to the old ethnic jokes, and you would walk away not thinking The Poles were not much at mathematics. Look at a chart based on the Telegraph UK article above, and it appears that Poland will be about the last place in Europe that has much in inventory still worth counting. They are killing it.

When people loudly praise the democracy, free markets and rule of law, they don’t want you to notice the fourth and most important key to Poland’s relative rise athwart the rest of Europe. It remains Polish and takes pride in the concept. So how does Polish Pride boost the bottom line?

After the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Poles were the first former Soviet country to restore democracy, free markets and the rule of law. Yet they still had a mountain to climb. In 1989, Polish workers had a GDP per capita that was just a tenth of their German counterparts. Three decades of steady growth has wrought a miracle.

The economic disparities have narrowed dramatically. Adjusted for purchasing parity, GDP per head in Poland is now £28,200 compared with £35,000 in the UK, £34,200 in France and £39,800 in Germany. At its current trajectory rate, Poland will overtake the UK by 2030. Since the millennium, Poland’s real GDP per capita has more than doubled; by contrast, GDP per capita in Britain, France and Germany grew between 15pc and 24pc over the same period.

Reverse-engineering the sound-bite quoted above, and we could roughly posit that the Polish Economy has grown 3.1%. An economy that grows 3.1% YoY for every year from 2000 to 2023 goes from a per capita GDP of about 13,973 Pounds Sterling to one of 28,200.

Germany, in comparison has an economy of 39,800 Pounds Sterling in 2023. However, Germany started at 32,100 in 2000. They have only grown 24% over the last 23 years. That translates to a growth rate of under 1% YoY.

So what happens if this extends to maybe 2050? Let’s do the number crunching. Numbers follow below.

Poland overtakes Germany in 2040. This occurs years after they have boat raced Britain and France. So Charles, where’s your crown King Nothing? As Germany, France and Britain slide into the slimy national ruins of their own demotism, Poland will remain Poland.

The joke will be on all those other countries in Europe who belittled, invaded, and partitioned Poland. We’ve all heard the jokes that Germans, French, and Englishmen have always told about The Poles. What sort of jokes will the Poles tell about Amerikans if the current trend lines continue?

The Poles still have something that Germans, British, French and Amerikans (whatever mutt-race those people are) no longer possess. They will still remain Polish. This will empower them to prosper. Diversity erases culture and pride, leaving only tax-and-spend systems buying votes.

One can only hope that the Poles will be considerably more decent with their well-earned prosperity than were the Soviets, the Chinese, or the USSA. After all, they have something to live for, where these dying empires are held together by chewing gum and false promises.

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