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A dialogue on The Jews

Gentleman: Are you pro-Israel?

Me: I am pro-nationalist, which means I’m both pro-Israel and support the right of any ethnic group to exclude all others. This is a nuanced and complex view to a situation most prefer to make one-dimensional. The message I have for white people is to support and imitate Israel, as they face a similar struggle to our situation (invasion by third world horde).

Gentleman: This to me is a contradiction. Firstly the Jews are behind every agency destroying western civilization. Communism, for instance, is Jewish. In Britain every single pro-immigrant lobby is run by them. The principal so-called anti-fascist group in London is operated by communist Jews who are funded by the British Board of Jewish Deputies. Jews are behind the promotion of Africans and Africanized music and they are the principle promoters of degenerate art. They are behind the feminist movement.

You see these evil monsters as something to admire?

I loathe Muslims. However Israel must be the classic example of immigrants taking over someone elses country. If you support the Jews here you support, de facto, immigrants taking over our countries.

I get this question a lot. So, rather than type an answer into a medium for one person, I preserve my answer here.

It has three parts: Yes, I see a lot to admire about the Jews; further, I see an enemy you do not. No, I am not fooled into thinking that anything is equal or the same.

We should all admire the Jews. For over three thousand years they have preserved their culture, values, heritage, language(s), values, customs and religion. From this group of people have come many of the smartest and best minds of history, disproportionately so. They have survived more empires and disasters than people can name. During their exile, they compiled and preserved knowledge and made many contributions to its cultivation.

I don’t see a reason to hate them. If there is a cultural clash, I would blame internationalism (known by its other names: multiracialism, diversity, multiculturalism, homogeneity) for the clash, and realize that any two different cultures if put in the same place will come into conflict.

I see a different enemy. Jews are highly cosmopolitan, educated, and intellectual people. This means they are over-represented in all areas that appeal to these traits, including liberal politics (and, given the overtones of anti-Semitism on the far right, that some are even involved there is disproportionate representation). Thus we often confuse them for the underlying problem.

What is this problem? Normally I’d say liberalism, but I think liberalism is just one manifestation of the real problem. The real problem is individuals banding together into a collective for the sake of mutual social affirmation such that they do not need to participate in society, but can enjoy it without feeling obligated to it. People decide to be parasites in the name of freedom, and form a collective in the name of individualism. If we look at language as a one-dimensional set of categories, it makes no sense. Alas, language does not operate that way. It describes like the colors of a great artist’s paintbrush, and when you describe, you see how these things are simultaneously true.

Instead, I call this enemy Crowdism. It is individualism that compels people to form Crowds to compel others to tolerate unrealistic individualism. It branches into many forms after that: egalitarianism, pluralism, freedom, consumerism, anarchism, and even socialism, once those anarchists realize they need to compel society to pay for their keep and so they must justify that with pity for the weakest, which takes the form of class warfare, civil rights, multiculturalism, gay rights, etc. etc.

The real goal is to destroy the majority.

That is the enemy here: a type of behavior, an idea.

It is inherent to thought itself, and to individuality, a pitfall like any other screwup that we encounter. Alcohol is good but there’s alcoholism. Food is good but there’s obesity. Fun is good but there’s procrastination. On and on, South of Heaven…

The Jews did not invent this. We did. Among ourselves. With no hope from others. It, like other bad moral choices, is always there. It is always appealing. It is just a pitfall.

Blaming others makes us weak and puts us into a subordinate role, dependent on our new overlords. It also compels us to do things that are both morally disgusting and utter failures like the Holocaust.

That being said, I am a realist. I don’t expect any two groups to be equal, or compatible. Each needs its own space. Each has its own values, and the two don’t combine. I see the appearance of multiple groups as a sign that a civilization is dying.

However, that does not mean the group are to blame, and by blaming the groups, we avoid blaming the real problem. And thus we defeat ourselves, even if it feels good to have a tangible enemy to hate, someone we can force to pay for all the misery of the past, and a torture toy to amuse us with its wailing pain.

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