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A Brief Word on Israel-Palestine

The lugubrious killings continue, but as always, the Hegelian zigzag has kicked in. This occurs whenever an initial proposition is unrealistic, which means that the antithesis of it is also anti-realistic, and therefore, any synthesis will also distance us from reality.

The laddering effect of reaction-response takes us further from reality and eventually entirely denies context in favor of symbol. This has happened in the Israel-Hamas jihad, since almost no one has focused on the reality of the situation, which is a struggle for power and survival, not an opportunity for moralistic commentary.

Realism says we look at people as organisms and nations as groups of related organisms. These will do what they need to do in order to survive, and there are rarely pure “good guys” and “bad guys.” In WW2, the Axis were less bad than we like to think, and the Allies less good, but this has no bearing on how wars are concluded.

In the West right now it is very trendy to talk about the horror visited on Hamas. What about the horror of constant missile attacks on civilian areas, car bombings, and stone-throwing by the Palestinians? This is conveniently forgotten.

Similarly people forget that the Israel is the ethnic homeland of the Jews, and if this world had any sense, it would be for only Jews and all Jews. That is, the rest of the world would forcibly ship its Jews there, ending the diaspora brought on by the wobbly Roman regime back when they decided empire was a good idea (spoiler: it never is).

On a realistic level, the Israel-Hamas war can be explained by average IQs. Whether you like them or hate them, the Jews in Israel have a higher average IQ than the Palestinians by at least ten points; this means that the boss will always be Jewish and the guy sweeping the shop floor will always be Palestinian.

The higher IQs of the Jewish populations have enabled them to build a thriving economy, while the Palestinians remain at the level of subsistence farming with cinderblocks. The thriving economy rapidly displaces the failing one, and this is why Jewish land has steadily expanded while the Palestinians have been compacted.

A realist might look at this situation and realize the two groups are incompatible, but the sixteen million Jews of the world could fit comfortably in Israel, which would conveniently protect them from other groups and protect other groups from them.

Similarly Palestinians would be happiest with their co-ethnics in Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. While some willl whine about “genocide” and “human rights,” relocating the Palestinians outside of Israel provides a solution that benefits all parties and stabilizes the region.

We know that the current situation cannot go on, and none of the proposals made by the neurotic and manipulative democratic West will fix the current situation. In a two-state solution, a one-state solution, or any other solution that preserves the current distribution of these populations, the terrorism and retaliation will continue.

No one likes seeing Gaza pounded into dust. We know there are civilian casualties. We also know that Israel has learned to take a tough line on terror, since terrorists are people of violence who only understand violence. The Israeli response is basically to bomb until enough people die that Hamas feels pressure to return the Israeli hostages.

It is hard to blame them for this. If Mexicans invaded Texas with guns and took your grandmother hostage, you too would support bombing Mexico until enough of them were dead that the rest handed over the hostages. You would also want to make a big enough mess and fuss that Mexico thought hard about ever doing anything like that again.

It would be sad. War is always sad. Terrorism is always sad. Racial conflict is always sad. Poverty is always sad. And yet, the bigger sadness is in perpetuating a situation that produces sadness like a well drilled into the bedrock. Diversity produces this sadness, and the crisis in Israel is one of diversity.

Across humanity, we are seeing the consequences of humanism, which is simply a term for collectivized individualism, wherein people extended limited anarchy to one another as a right simply so that they as individuals can cheat and get ahead. The Clintons are the archetype here, but there are no shortage of them.

In fact, we might view Leftism as the “me first and have my cake and eat it too” movement, whereby people extend mutual individualism in exchange for no oversight, society cleaning up the mess, and a control state to ensure that no one is ever at risk of losing social status.

They intend to cheat on this from the beginning. The notion of altruism seduces others, both allowing the individualists to get ahead and misdirecting others toward altruism as a goal, which the individualist never intends except as a token of obedience. His goal is to send everyone else running off toward a fantasy so he can take what he wants and get out.

Our political system represents a pyramid of this behavior, what Burroughs called “The Algebra of Need” but Crichton and others more sensibly modified toward a pathology of relevance. Everywhere, humans are seducing each other with symbols of altruism while externalizing the costs of their own action, then cheating as the seduced get fleeced.

The problem of being a dominant species, as it turns out, is that you have no one to prey on but yourselves.

In the same way, in Gaza, the Palestinians have been waging their own Watts Riots, Tulsa Riots, LA Riots, Bastille Day, and Black Lives Matter marches for decades. They are poor, dumb, and brown; they know this makes neurotic and anxious Western liberals defend them for being the underdog against the richer, smarter, and lighter-skinned Israeli Jews.

Consequently the Palestinians, like the ghettos of South Central or the wasteland of North Korea, stage a shakedown of the altruistic Westerners. They trot out the babies with diseases, elderly eating cat food, and children playing in garbage-strewn dystopias, then demand more money.

The saps in the West — compelled to do so because they need to compete with their neighbors, who compete on the basis of the most humanistic gestures possible — find themselves duty-bound to ship over money, food, water, and books which are discarded unless useful for more terrorism. The grift must continue.

What in abstract terms is the difference between Al Sharpton, Stacey Abrams, Quanell X, Rod Dreher, Victor Davis Hanson, the Pope, and Hamas? They are all guilt-based shakedowns and race grifters. The whitish race grifters portray the victim just as bloodily and weepily as the Black and Hispanic ones does.

Our last two world wars were crusades for worldwide democracy, which as it turns out is the entry point for individualism, leading societies into full-on narcissism to solipsism, at which point — we are at this stage — they totally detach from reality and wage war against it, pretending symbols are more real than the real.

The next war will be third world versus the first world. The third world wants to rule the world because right now it feels bad about itself only because there are better options than its subsistence living; if it destroys the first world, there will be no options, and the third world will be secure in its own ways and power structures.

Unfortunately for humanity, this new war comes at a time when, drugged by humanism, we have floated so far from talking about actual issues that any ideas of relevance are taboo, only symbols can be discussed, and we talk only about methods, never changing our goals to be (for example) more realistic or more success-prone.

This entire species has crawled up its own ass with narcissism, humanism, commerce, socializing, and symbols. People live in a little cloud of these things and never see reality, and they think backward, rationalizing what they want from what others will accept, which has driven them nearly completely insane.

In other words, there is no stopping this war. Whether it kicks off today with bombing Iran and Syria, or tomorrow in Ukraine or Venezuela, or even in some future battle, it does not matter; the war will arrive either way because when people systematically deny reality for long enough, reality comes knocking.

For the duration until then, we will continue to have sympathy. We have sympathy for the bombed Gazan children; if we are honest, we also have sympathy for the dead Israeli civilians, victims of suicide bombings, and those killed by the missiles that Palestinians constantly fire over toward Israel, necessitating the “Iron Dome” defense.

Maybe instead of having sympathy for individuals, humanity needs to have sympathy for reality. We need to empathize with nature and its methods, recognizing that they are mathematically perfected while humanity dwells in neurosis, anxiety, and confusion. We need altruism for the rules of history, not the rules of whatever is trendy right now.

Conservatives get a bad rap because most of them are morons who read moronic media, disregard the obvious, and then like cowards retreat to their little homesteads to focus on hobbies while the world around them burns. This is what people hate about the Baby Boomers — the “Me Generation” — but it is true of all “Benedict Option” conservatives.

Most of you have no idea how to even connect to this article, which shows you how deeply the propaganda has gone. But be not fooled, the bureaucracy did not do this to you, nor did the politicians, ZOG, Satan, etc. You did it to yourselves by being selfish and conning others to join you in your folly, and now it is time to pay the piper.

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