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Calling Anti-Whites “Racist” Does Not Work

To find the future, look to the past, because the actions people took in the past begat certain results, and if we take similar actions, we will get similar results. For this reason, looking to South Africa for the future of diverse states makes good sense since its ongoing ethnic war as a result of “integration” is what we too will inherit.

It turns out that the classic RINO strategy of trying to “own the libs” by catching them in hypocrisy, or acting against their stated goals, works about as well as calling them poopyheads. They do not care. In service to their god Equality no sacrifice or transgression can be too great, and in fact they celebrate both like jihadis idolize suicide bombers.

Currently a group of Afrikaners are trying to argue that because we agree apartheid was bad because it was “racist,” the nü-apartheid which discriminates against Whites is also bad. This fails because equality can be proven only by equity, which means that taking from the strong to give to the weak is its only and invariant policy.

In this way, they are following the American conservatives since Buckley in the error of accepting the science-denial of the Left that rejects Darwinism, natural selection, and the biological/genetic source of individual ability and cultures in groups. They are becoming RINOs in an attempt to have a relatively neutral position.

This, like all other forms of “compromise,” works like race-mixing: it adulterates the original enough so that its whole does not remain, only fragmentary bits that are quickly repurposed by others for their agenda, causing it to become inverted.

It is hard to fault the Afrikaners for trying for a bipartisan neutral compromise as a political strategy however:

John James, a black Republican from Michigan, said during a public hearing on the relationship between South Africa and the US that under the ANC government, South Africa has fallen into a vicious spiral of corruption, state capture and increasing government dependence, and that the government has moved away from the values proffered by the ANC government in the 1990s.

“We expect that the pressure on the ANC government will increase significantly in the months to come. While yesterday’s hearing in Washington gave us a taste of that, we also expect that politicians in several federal states will soon take a strong stand against the centralisation of power by the ANC, new discrimination against minorities in South Africa, ongoing state capture and corruption by the ANC, the EFF and certain ANC politicians’ racist rhetoric, as well as taking a stand against the government’s pro-China and pro-Russia policy which is increasingly also taking on an anti-Western colour.”

James was particularly critical of the ANC’s planned legislation on expropriation without compensation and the deterioration of democracy in South Africa. “There is no country in the world that has remained democratic after removing its population’s private property rights and I remain concerned about the ANC’s democratic drift away from democracy and constitutional rule, especially in light of the Electoral Amendment Act being signed into law in April – legislation that undermines the fundamental democratic principle of proportional representation.”

The ANC government exists to take power from Whites and give it to Blacks. At this point, we have seen enough evidence for that to realize that this is both their long-term goal and method. They are not going to stop just because someone points out that it is against the rules; they will re-interpret or re-write the rules instead.

We see the same thing in America wherever diversity politicians take over. They let the diversity go free and penalize the Whites, then raise taxes to bleed the dwindling host majority group until it leaves. Even in societies without Whites, whoever is the host group gets drained to subsidize the diversity.

Not surprisingly, they hide behind the law, and will make public statements that in no way align with the reality, much like South Africa no longer has a functional power grid or Venezuela no longer has a working food distribution system. The Afrikaners desire more public statements, but those are cheap and easy to work around:

Public statements against state capture, corruption, crime, the disregard for minority rights, the centralization of power within the ANC, and new racism as embodied in statements that farmers should be killed, are also needed. It is therefore necessary for US leaders and institutions to speak out strongly about what is happening in South Africa.

In the meantime, Americans are divided. Half delight in the “payback” by the “underdog” against the former host majority. The other half would love to help but are terrified of being called “racist,” since in diversity America this is the kiss of death for your career.

Public statements will mostly serve to make people think the problem is sorted so they can go back to mental sleep, which is what voters do best. They do not understand that while in a functional society public statements mean something, in a diverse society they are there for public mockery and to be ignored.

The Afrikaners are trying to cultivate conservatives to pay attention to the White Genocide in South Africa without calling it by that name:

Political leaders such as presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Michigan congressman John Moolenaar and several members of the Michigan state senate and house of representatives are on issues such as corruption, the centralization of power, the decay of infrastructure, farm attacks and murders, discrimination against minorities in South Africa and informed the South African government’s growing anti-Western attitude and closer cooperation with China, Russia and Iran.

According to Kleynhans, there is still great work to be done to create greater awareness in America. In a radio interview on Monday morning on one of the largest radio stations in Michigan, Kleynhans called on Americans to get involved in activism against issues such as farm killings, new discrimination and South Africa’s anti-Western foreign policy.

“Americans who are aware of what is happening in South Africa have a strong sense of solidarity with Afrikaners. Our experience is that the images of the EFF’s birthday celebration where Malema and his supporters sang ‘Kill the Boer’ were widely distributed in the US and that this dramatically increased the levels of awareness about farm attacks.”

However, in the long term, once diversity passes the magical 20% point, the diversity becomes the swing vote. No candidate will do anything to offend it, and so it gets a Uniparty much as we have in the United States, the UK, and Europe. The diversity filters out any anti-diversity candidates.

As time goes on, that diversity eventually becomes the numerical majority, and at that point they openly discriminate against the former host majority by allowing crimes against it to go unpunished while raiding it for tax revenue that is redistributed through criminal enterprise.

The same happened in America with our first diversity, the Irish, resulting in political machines which ensured perpetual Uniparty rule on the back of the diversity vote. Our leaders now want the same thing, and they see South Africa as an inspiration.

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