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товарищ, nobody should emulate the late and unlamented CCCP. Even modern Communists won’t admit that The Stalin State was really Communist. So why do it? Well, there is the ego-bracing power that rulers get to wield in these banana republics where Lysenko’s biological theories kill all the banana trees.

If you want ego on Roger Clemmons Juice, go check your typical corporate CEO. If you want ego gone A-Rod, check out your typical SWPL/SJW. Cross-breed the two, create a SJW CEO, and the dickhead genes merge and mutate. They converge, and you get an adorable little Sauron. There can be no God but El Hombre on His Throne of Skulls at Corporate Headcutters. It should surprise no one that these types tend to follow the path of Robespierre, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Hugo Chavez, killing any who fail to praise their works and oppressing the best so that the terror of the rest keeps everyone in line.

Starting with Lenin’s NKVD, these types take the scene-policing a bit too far. When this happens at the modern, converged corporation, it gets carried out by The HRKGB. Just as the ideological inquisitions forced Soviet citizens to see the world as the world was not, the rise of the HRKGB renders really original sports networks into ESPN. The new idea of music television gets degraded into MTV.

CNN has taken this to some epic heights. Their infamous doxxing of HanAssholeSolo was particularly late 80s Soviet when they outed the wrong hole. Like the boobs and idiots of the Politboro that couldn’t quite hold their vodka as well as Boris Yeltsin, CNN has yet to learn. Here’s their latest debacle at The CNN People’s Collective:

Jeffrey Lord, a prominent political analyst on CNN for the past two years, known for his passionate defense of Donald J. Trump, during the campaign and now as president, was fired on Thursday, August 10 after he used the words “Sieg Heil!” in a tweet. On Thursday morning, Lord was engaged in a strident Twitter exchange with Angelo Carusone, the president of Media Matters, the far left group that targets conservative media programs, hosts, and analysts. Lord had written several articles in American Spectator (published August 9 and August 10) critical of Media Matters, dubbing them Media Matters Fascists (MMF) for their latest attempt to suppress a conservative program, Sean Hannity’s nightly Fox News show…

CNN, of course, only aspires an ascent to the hypocritical peaks of PC Kilimanjaro recently obtained by the Kultists of Goolag. Leftists always lie, and Google’s CEO of Diversity Fascism Sundar Pichai uses that as an a model to reach that conclusion. The recent firing of James Damore over egregious free speech from the cubes was bad enough. It’s mischaracterization of what Damore said that even made David Brooks of The New York Times don his rarely-worn and linty Konservative Kolumnist Kostume to decry the painfully obvious agitprop.

Which brings us to Pichai, the supposed grown-up in the room. He could have wrestled with the tension between population-level research and individual experience. He could have stood up for the free flow of information. Instead he joined the mob. He fired Damore and wrote, “To suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not O.K.” That is a blatantly dishonest characterization of the memo. Damore wrote nothing like that about his Google colleagues. Either Pichai is unprepared to understand the research (unlikely), is not capable of handling complex data flows (a bad trait in a C.E.O.) or was simply too afraid to stand up to a mob.

In the end David gets it wrong. He becomes the same lovable cuck the NYT sought out for its carefully regulated, neutered and vaguely conservative “contrary” opinion. What Brooks ultimately demands is that the lemming SJWs turn on the head SJW Pichai and deplatform him the way Damore was deplatformed. Lying about the head liar ought to solve everything wrong at CCCP, Inc. It worked wonders when the USSR replaced Kruschev with Brezhnev with Andropov with Gorbachev. Just find a nice blame toilet and everyone can go back to feeling comfortable as they ride down to hell in their bucket-like cubicles.

That in turn reveals the truth of the Soviets, the French Revolution, and every other grand screwup in humanity since the dawn of time: we can blame the leaders at the top, but we created them, by wanting safety and security more than we wanted goodness, sanity, health, normalcy, balance, order, beauty, hierarchy, purpose, virtue and meaning. Our scared little animals selves took over, and to protect us from our fears, we created an empire of lies. The only way to end that is to stop being afraid and to start demanding good instead of (illusory) safety, of which political correctness is but one of many varieties.

The real solution to all of this is to emulate James Damore. Prepare the bomb-shelter. Tell the truth. Eat the consequences. Move on to a new and more alive life outside of CCCP, Inc. All men die, some even get to truly live. Damore has shown us a hard, rocky path leading to greatness in a Lilliputian Age. We all need to tell CNN, ESPN, MTV, and Google what history told the Soviets: you are unrealistic liars and you fooled us once, but not again, and so now it is your turn to fall.

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