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Outliers (#8)


(Open Thread + Links. Format stolen from a more reputable blog.)

Libertarian evolution. Brexit dominoes. Rise above. Rape wave blackout. Dysorganization. White guns. King Trump. Left terrorism (echoes). Live report. Ersatz meaning. Culturecide. SocJus dizziness. Experience > ideology. Off-grid gardening. How to beat Leftism. Goodism (= war). Benevolent sociopathy.

Mathematics of Trumpsurge. Establishment denial. Defection. Marxist meltdown. Imagine vacation. #BlackLivesShatter. Pavement-bound.

White genocide, incrementally. Job time black hole. Ancient collapse. Recolonizing urbania. Pre-Boomer Left drift. Property anarchy. Ground zero social entropy. 1973 and teen job atrophy. Aesthetics versus utilitarianism. Proverbs for paranoids. Monarchist revival.

UN propaganda. Speech “rights.” Rest in Peace, Muhammad Ali. Islam versus Sodomy. National IQ determinism. Left vote fraud (the nightmare continues). Affirmative discrimination. Based Dalai Lama. Social media Pravda-ification.

Introducing The Metal Mixtures. Prepare for collapse. Trolls ascendant. Hypertext 1970s.

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