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Outliers (#43)

The backlash in the West against ideology continues. The parasites, seeing their master key melting away, took to the streets to riot. The people who made it through the affirmative action and political correctness filters took no action. As a result, battle lines became drawn: government and its dependents versus those who want normal, natural, organic and healthy lives and civilization. This cannot end peacefully.

Also attached to this please find an open thread. If there is anything that needs discussing, feel free to mention it here. This blog attracts those who are readers more than those who want to find social interaction through the bits and bytes of the internet, so generally the comments sections are quieter than one might think for the number of people going through, but to my mind, this is a healthy thing. It shows people undertaking the sane process of reading new information and then, contrary to the norm these days, taking the time to think it over fully, and only then worrying about emotional or social reactions to what they have assimilated.

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