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Outliers (#16)


(Open thread plus links.)

Equality. Hatefacts. White Knights. Deverminate. Identity. Intuition. Democracy (as usual). Moldbuggery. Liberalism. Psychology (of Leftism). Faustian. Poseurs. Altruism. Tyler Durden. 45. Weekly rounds: here, here and there.

Carnates dream. Hollow. Lies. Ghostbusted. Coherence. NRX introduction. Iconoclasm. Condolences. Not rotten in Denmark. Rock star. Austria.

There is a serpent in every Eden
Slick as grease and cold as ice
There is a lie in every meaning
Rest assured to fool you twice

In this age of utter madness
We maintain we are in control
And ending life before deliverance
While countries are both bought and sold1

I dream of demons. Redrum. Therapy. Love. Civilization.

Also of note: Neoreaction Conference in London.

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