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The Temptation of False Targets

Greg Johnson writes an interesting point here:

White Nationalism has only one message for homosexuals: white homosexuals have more important interests in common with other whites than they do with non-white homosexuals.

I agree with him, both for the reasons he asserts, and for another.

It is a human tendency to find scapegoats instead of tackling difficult problems, especially those within us which require self-discipline, which is the basis of all human success.

Our problem is that our civilization is declining. If you see a gay pride parade and find it repellent, ask yourself which of these elements is most important:

  • That people are homosexual.
  • That they like to demonstrate this.
  • That they demonstrate in groups.
  • That government supports them.
  • That voters support government.

At the base of our problem tree is the honest glitch: voters support insane ideas which cause society to drift ever Leftward, which is a necessary consequence of the egalitarian ideology.

People are gay. People have always been gay. A sane approach is to let them be gay in a way that does not harm others, which is quietly in their own districts where they are safe from pogroms (backward baseball cap frat boys on a testosterone rampage) and the rest of society is left alone from their influence. This is neither tolerance nor intolerance, but coexistence: we recognize them as a different tribe which nonetheless is related to their own, and give them a place to be what they are in safety, so that they are not forced into marriage and breeding to cover up the obvious.

In this view, if someone is gay in the Alternative Right, we kind of shrug and say, “Well, as long as it is kept quiet, we’re okay with it.” This is the same attitude we adopt toward heterosexuals, by the way. We do not want to see your public displays of affection, and loathe promiscuity, so we encourage social institutions that separate the normal, chaste, conservative and naturalistic from the ragingly promiscuous. By the same token, we do not wish to see heterosexual behavior in public beyond the very innocent, which teaches our children that family, faith and love are the only questions in the sphere of sex, relationships and gender.

That is our need. It is our bottom line. Homosexuals can be a “co-tribe” where they support this goal also, but that requires some quid pro quo. To that end, we protect them from scapegoating, and give them spaces where they can do what they need to and the rest of us do not have to see it.

On the Right, there are often attempts to “scene police” by beating up on deviants. This misses the point. The real threat of entryism comes from people who are Right-wing in appearance, but Leftist in underlying ideas. You can scene police only on this basis, and finding scapegoats reduces the likelihood of doing so.

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