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Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity Continues Its Rampage


My first book, Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity, continues its rampage through the underground as copies arrive to faithful readers who have been kind enough to send in photographs of their copies.

As one might imagine, nihilism is not exactly a huge topic with conservatives. In this case, the black pill of nihilism is extreme skepticism, but turned toward humanity instead of nature. It distrusts human emotions, control, conjecture and manipulation and instead finds a world of logical structure to thought outside of the zone of appearance in which human thinking moves.


From both Left and Right, we are taught that there is one right way that things must be, as asserted by human intention and judgment. We are either part of this one right way, or outsiders who will not be included in success as mediated by the social group. This provokes a type of fear brought on by bullying, and over the long term as a condition like PTSD, where people become timorous and indecisive.

The root of this assumption is that there is a singular truth which “everybody sees” that can be applied equally to all people. Its universality means that it must be as simple as possible, and so it resembles a cartoon as compared to the world. In reality, this is a means of social control: a way of forcing us all to conform and obey so that the fears of others are not triggered.

In contrast, nihilism asserts that there are no universal truths; there is only reality. It finds any “truth” derived from human group agreement to be suspicious because it recognizes the tendency of humans to delude themselves, and in groups to embark on the “committee method” of compromise and simplification that sucks not just the realism but the excitement out of everything. Universalism and rationalism are the death that awaits all advanced societies; nihilism is what they fear, but the way of removing this fantasy and re-discovering life.


Nihilism however offers us two opportunities: first, to clear our minds of the corrupted definitions of things that have become normal in this fallen time, and second, to reject any idea that truths are universal or can be communicated. Instead we see humanity as nature sees it: different individuals, with different abilities, where some can see more of the world than others.

Like Darwinism, this topic provokes controversy from the fear of the majority of people out there. Nihilism is terrifying in that it removes the comfortable consensual reality of humans, and its lack of judgment, and replaces it with a world in which we struggle for self-discipline and success as measured by real-world results. And yet, through this we are liberated from the dominant illusion, and given a view of reality that clears our minds.

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