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Links list clean-up & media takeover


Someone had mentioned that most of the blogs in the right-hand side list were defunct. While I hope that’s not true, it seemed that about a third were inactive.

I’ve pruned it a bit; it’s not personal, but I’d like it to be a reading list. My “loyalty list” is much longer and includes all of you. If you start publishing again, or even better want to write for Amerika as well, please just drop me a line.

In the meantime, the following is experimental:


In addition, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking, moreso ruminating. I don’t drink alcohol, so it’s me with a mug of green tea and the pipe, smoking some mild tobacco as the sun sets and talking with my wife, who is more intelligent than I.

I was pondering recently the difference between the type of blogs I read and the stuff I see make it really big, with ten million people reading it. No, it’s not all tripe that gets successful because it tells comforting lies, although most of it has some of that. It’s simply clearer, simpler and indulges in two basic human needs: a need for control, and a need for identity.

Public conservative information like Drudge, Breitbart, Daily Caller, Fox News, Glen Beck, Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan do not fall into the trap of blogs. Blogs by their nature are not doing the heavy lifting of reporting, but commenting on that reporting. As a result, they try to “add” something, which is usually either design flair or cerebral analysis.

I think those days are over. I am not saying to dumb the news down; rather, I’m saying that we of the new right, traditionalist, dark enlightenment, paleoconservative and crunchy conservative world — these terms are roughly conflatable differing only in degree, much like the different types of leftism — need to expand our message and put it in a form that people can use to cheer for the good guys. They need something they can rely on.

Our scheme so far has been to create a little alternate universe for ourselves where cerebral topics get discussed so that we can extend the argument to its logical conclusions, which point more to the hybrid of Nietzsche, Moses, Plato, Evola and volkisch philosophy that is the realist right.

I have a different idea: we should make what others have, but use it to enclose and include our ideas that do not “fit” in with what society creates. Instead of explaining ourselves in a cerebral fashion, we should adopt our ideas as a matter of attitude, and use them to create a prism through which to see all the news, not just our niche.

We are not a niche as in a basement jazz pianist who plays variations on the same six themes while drinking secondhand gin. We are a niche in that we are a viewpoint that is unique that can re-interpret all the news so that it makes sense, giving people’s need for control a place, and so that it weighs in the favor of the good guys, so that they have something to cheer for.

Our words are not just informative. They are a lifeline for people trapped in this Hell of modernity who need something to believe in, and whose hands itch to act even it for ten minutes of civilly disobedient flourish a day. We can expand our franchise by getting out of this niche we’ve dug for ourselves, and transitioning to a bigger, more aggressive version.

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