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Linkpost 07-24-11

pluralismAnders Behring Breivik was conservative lite and no nationalist.

All of the clues point to American libertarian-left mimicry in Scandinavia gone wrong as would be expected.

It’s like German national socialism emulation in an American midwest, non-historic recreation, neo-nazi protest march complete with period flags and costumes. Ridiculous!

Super capitalism.

Eugenics as a consumer option.

Heredity is trivial however an effect caused by heritage, culture, is vital.

Freedom from… a laundry list of aggressive bullies that need to be controlled or perhaps gunned down to preserve freedom.

The faith of the Enlightenment –- if one may call it that –- is that the process of enlightenment, of becoming progressively self-directed in thought and action through the awakening of one’s intellectual powers, leads ultimately to a better, more fulfilled human existence. – Stanford Encylcopedia of Philosophy

The guy was just as unhinged as Loughner, who was also heavily informed by American libertarian-left media. But unlike articulate and prosperous yet contradictory Breivik, incoherent gibberer Loughner was afflicted with madness by allegedly drug addict, society dropout parents.

The Dunning-Kruger effect occurs when incompetent people not only fail to realise their incompetence, but consider themselves much more competent than everyone else. – Rationalwiki

Economic failure is pressure cooking the political. The Enlightenment gave primacy to the economic while pluralizing the political into warring tribes confined to a proposition state none of them agree upon.

Small surprise the Enlightenment’s own ideological children, the self-styled rationalists, are the most anxious as the world they’ve built fails to sustain its ongoing confrontation with natural reality. Their anxiety prolonged leaves them with the shreds of sanity.



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