Furthest Right

All men’s rights and family topics moved here


Several years ago, I blogged over on a men’s rights site belonging to this same network. Men’s rights activism splits into two groups, one who wants egalitarianism for men by law, and another who wants complementary gender roles. Naturally I stood with the second group. You can find all of those posts here.

Further, in order to reach out to the many different groups of those who are naturally conservative — including neoreaction, paleoconservatism, crunchy conservatism, dark enlightenment, the red pill and others — I have installed a forum over at Reaction Forum. This provides both a public place for general talk, and a private zone for more serious planning, much in the style of Occupy Wall Street, The Tea Party and other groups shaping modern politics.

I also wanted to drop in a topic where there could be open comments about how this blog is doing, and whether or not I’ve bored all four of you to tears yet.

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