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Pipe Meditations (March 21, 2019)

They are raging out there. I can feel it through the walls. They finally have a good excuse, a solid reason for a righteous kill, and they are going to do their best. They will ban books, crush guns, tax booze, and put up more NO SMOKING signs everywhere. They do this because fundamentally they hate life; they hate it for its primal sin of not being “equal,” which means in human terms (I.H.T.) “it does not put me first above itself.”

To a human, fairness only happens when the human is the center of attention. This is a vestige of our simian ancestry, where being in the center of the monkey troupe was safe (but if you were on the edges, you might get picked off by a predator or only get “sloppy seconds” on a mango). Nature is turning the tide, both within and outside of us.

Everything humans have done in the name of making the world more fair has failed. Human individuals are starting to cease caring about the rest of their species, and instead crave a good life not measured by others. That means a pleasurable life and one without moral guilt.

The Left thinks they are striking from a position of strength, but really, they are trying to hold together a house in the wind with nothing but twine. We all know that soon a POP comes and the whole thing flies away. That day will be human rebirth.

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