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  • Trump Tax Reform Hits Home in Wealthy New York Suburbs

    People love to natter on about ideology and integrity, but what really drives the world is its stomachs. This means that money rules above everything else, unless you have the brains to lock it up in the care of noble people who become your aristocrats (very few are this intelligent anymore). The theme this year is financial accountability, meaning that instead of socializing every cost and paying for it with debt, we are starting to ask, “must we incur this cost in the first place?” This is in response to the migrant crisis in Europe and America which revealed that these societies are going bankrupt trying to pay for benefits, and so they have imported a new range of workers to employ and tax in order to generate more funny money — based on activity, not productivity — to pay off what it already owes to the dying Boomer generation. As a result, people are seeing that Leftism has failed. It cannot pay for the entitlements it promises; in the end, it destroys society rather than admit that it has failed. Diversity has not worked and has brought a horror of crime, rape, assault, terrorism, and political instability. This means that across the West, a general revolt has begun against the idea of the state itself. We want to starve the beast. President Trump’s tax reforms ended the SALT deduction of state and local taxes, so people are now paying their actual property tax and state income taxes for the first time; otherwise, they simply deducted them and passed on the cost to everyone else. Property taxes are how America hits you hard, generally charging 1-3% of the value of your house every year. That means that if you have a moderate home, you are paying enough to rent an apartment every month. States and localities got away with this because they passed on the cost to the feds; the feds borrowed more and taxed corporations, who then charged the consumer more. Now, the gig is up. Everyone realizes that the West has bankrupted itself chasing the Leftist dragon of “muh free stuff” and so mass defections from that way of thinking are occurring. Not surprisingly, this starts with people fleeing high-cost areas for low-cost areas, which will leave the remaining people with much higher tax bills and daily costs. Note to voters: that is what you get for sleeping through the past two hundred years and approving anything that “sounded good,” you peasants.

  • New Zealand to broadcast Muslim call for prayer on national TV, radio on Friday

    In the name of social status signaling in our own group — “see how fearless I am; I must be powerful and rich” — we are invoking the will of others to dominate us. The stupidity is so vast and painful that it hardly bears addressing here except to say that democracy is writing words on its headstone at this point.

  • Home Office refuses Christian convert asylum by quoting Bible passages that ‘prove Christianity is not peaceful’

    This is how They (whoever They are) manipulate us: some Iranian national claims to have converted to Christianity because it is a “peaceful religion,” and gets a letter back from some 400 lb Negro Muslim bureaucrat quoting parts of the Bible to say that it is in fact a violent religion. Nothing as advanced as looking at what percent of it is violent versus the rest, just a few spot quotations, like in an internet kerfuffle. When the news comes out, Christians and conservatives freak out as anyone could have predicted, while the Left rejoices in someone “telling truth to power” and criticizing the majority religion. In reality, no one asks the obvious: why are Iranians coming to live in England? That makes no sense; Iranians belong in Iran. If the places is a disaster, then they need to fix it. We cannot fix it for them, and taking them in discourages them from devoting their energy to fixing their failed state. Leftist policy leaves behind nothing but a string of victims in the name of its moral pretense.

  • Kachin women from Myanmar ‘raped until they get pregnant’ in China

    Why do we oppose Leftist social engineering? Right wing eugenics favors keeping the good and throwing out the bad; Leftist social engineering consists of trying to force everyone to act identically toward the “correct” thing, and it always backfires:

    China is grappling with a severe gender imbalance; the percentage of the population who are women has fallen every year since 1987. Researchers estimate that factors including sex-selective abortion, infanticide and neglect of female babies mean that there are 30 to 40 million “missing women” in China, who should be alive today but aren’t.

    The famous “one child policy” caused families to prefer males, and now China has an abundance of males with no chance of wives or offspring, so they are kidnapping them from nearby ethnic groups. This will adulterate the Chinese bloodline and also lay the groundwork for future disaster, since having lots of men with little to lose creates the conditions for revolution.

  • Danish billionaires plan to rewild large swath of Scottish Highlands

    Danish investors take over a large block of land in the highlands and plan to undo the damages caused by overgrazing by sheep and deer. The Leftist government of Scotland responds by claiming that large land owners are monopolies and land redistribution — a Leftist favorite! — must result.

  • Sites hosting mosque shooting video blocked in Australia

    In the Leftist mind, free speech does not apply to “dangerous” or “disturbing” content. That conveniently allows them to censor anything which is not Leftist.

  • New Zealand school faces backlash after banning girls from wearing hijabs

    Leftists live by the idea that if an exception to a rule exists, the rule must be bad, and therefore we can live with no rules. Instead of fixed rules and principles, they favor leaders who enforce equality, because that way no one can point out that you are violating what used to be a rule since it referred to dangerous, stupid, destructive, and parasitic behaviors. No one can be criticized. No one is ever wrong. Everyone must have the same rank, and that way, we can do whatever we want and reap the benefits of civilization. The one glitch is that this destroys civilization. In this news story, a school banned hijabs as part of its dress code, but now, is being bullied into accepting them as the whole nation dresses up like Muslims to show that the exception must beat the rule every time. It’s like a breakout of mass stupidity.

  • Consumers should soon see benefit of Fed’s patience on rates

    As mentioned here, Trump is engaged in a race against time to make America self-sufficient as the world gets ready for a giant crash created by Leftist policies, now extended worldwide thanks to globalism and American militarism based on WW2 “freedom” propaganda. He knows that the Chinese are a paper tiger, and that Europe is dependent on China because Europe is ruled by idiots, and so that the domino effect will be very real. Whatever state ditches its entitlements, diversity, and dependence on international trade first will be the “last man standing” just as America was after the world wars, and will become the next superpower. Despite its attempts, that will not be Europe, which will plunge Europe into enough instability to overthrow its existing power structure. Hopefully they exile Merkel and Macron to Venezuela so he can indulge his GILF fantasies far from the rest of us.

  • Headscarf for Harmony about ‘showing solidarity’ with Muslim women in NZ

    Under Leftism, social status signaling is the only way to use symbolism to tell people that you are a good Leftist who supports the direction this society is heading. That type of thinking, known as “denialism,” operates in a void of awareness that Leftism has failed yet again and brought about disaster. In order to hold together the fragmenting mess, Leftists double down on symbolism, never mentioning that Muslims are simply another tool that Leftists are using to destroy the founding culture, heritage, and ideals of each society.

  • Cambridge University rescinds Jordan Peterson invitation

    Surely this is unrelated to New Zealand bookstores removing his books. No, of course not. When the dominant illusions of a political tribe are attacked, the tribe goes on the offensive, removing the most visible signs of non-conformity with its ideological agenda. The attack gives them an excuse to style themselves as the victims, and therefore to victimize others without feeling too much neurotic delirium.

  • Jews Have Been Seen as ‘All About the Benjamins’ for 2,000 Years, New Exhibition Shows

    When a minority group arrives that does not share culture and heritage with the majority, they are seen as an opportunistic parasite taking advantage of that role to make more money. They can do things that the culture proscribes, can be nepotistic in those roles, and end up quite rich and powerful, even under Communism, by doing so. This is the nature of all foreign groups. We have a similar mythology about Chinese and Korean shopkeepers developing in American ghettos. Diversity does not work in any form, but perhaps unknown to most, it also does not work for the diverse minority groups, who lose any sense of cultural continuity and over time drift into secularism and culturelessness and are destroyed. In nature, when you do stupid stuff, you face consequences; in the humanistic idea bubble, you should be insulated from those because humans fear natural selection. This means that people will be lied to even to the point where their ideas detonate in their faces, much as happens with the various race riots, pogroms, crime waves, and persecutions inherent to diversity.

  • Yale: White liberals dumb down speech when talking to minorities

    Who are the bigger “racists”? On the Right, we acknowledge that groups are different and need their own spaces; on the Left, it is believed that everyone is equal, which requires dumbing down culture to the point where everyone can participate. Since the Left cannot admit inequality in public, they practice it rigorously in private, since they intend to game the system and act for inequality in order to make personal profit or gain power. This is why every socialist leader ends up wealthy despite being surrounded by many impoverished people, and why Democrats advocate diversity but live in white enclaves. Those who have experienced diversity recognize that equality is a lie; those who have not encourage diversity as a means to keep others down.

  • Nearly half of Australians want the number of Muslim immigrants slashed following the Melbourne terrorist attack

    From just six months ago: after a Muslim terror attack, people wanted immigration slashed. Now after the retaliation, people want white nationalism censored and persecuted. At what point do we admit that the voters are a scared herd, and depending on them for anything will result in the worst possible outcomes for us all? Without the kings, you get dictatorship, either by one guy or by a whole horde of people in the grips of panic, greed, fear, envy, lust, sloth, gluttony, and other manifestations of human stupidity.

  • Hungary Orban: Europe’s centre-right EPP suspends Fidesz

    The center-Right alliance of European parties suspended Fidesz over its opposition to immigration. That is all that you need to know here. Conservatives, caught up in this idea that they must be “respectable,” fall for the Leftist trap every time and then enforce it on each other. There is no difference between the EPP and Dennis Prager, GWB, ¡Jeb!, William F. Buckley, Paul Ryan, etc.

  • Christchurch shooting: Australia’s moment of hate speech reckoning

    Say what you want about Leftists, but they are voter realists, meaning that they know that the voters are a bunch of sheep and can be condescended to as long as you offer them a pleasant vision in which they are the center of the world. People in groups tend to go along with what they think the group supports for the same reason that elementary school kids are total conformists in what they wear, watch, and do. Everyone wants to be accepted by the group and derive power from that position, because then they can boot others out of the group and summon the wrath of the group upon them. To tool-making talking monkeys like humans, the group is a tool that conveys power. As a result, any tragedy becomes a feeding frenzy since groups panic and then want to make pretend that everything will be alright if they just keep conforming, buying, paying taxes, and virtue signaling like hipsters in an after-hours bar. In reality, they simply want to criminalize any objection to the Leftist agenda. These people are not sane, healthy, or good.

  • MI5: Number of Far Right Terror Cases ‘Absolutely Dwarfed by the Number of Islamist Cases’

    Despite all the propaganda about Right-wing terrorism, it is far less significant than Left-wing and diversity terrorism, and usually occurs as a reaction to those. Rightists are the ones defending reality; we do not need to force an ideology on others, only enforce reality. When enough diversity crime and takeover attempts occur, however, Rightists tend to retaliate. This is beneficial in that it divides the world into denialists and realists, with the realists separating from the herd.

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