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Lifestyle Is Not Subculture

A lifestyle is not a subculture.

A subculture is a way of flocking together and hiding in the middle of the herd. A lifestyle is walking your own way.
When we find ourselves snared by narrow definitions such as “left” or “right,” or calling our chosen subculture “punk,” “hiphop,” “just the ordinary guy who watches hockey once a week,” “employee of the month at Barclay’s,” “senator,” or “trendy journalist,” we fail to choose our own way.

Average Joe is part of a subculture, Average Joanna too. José, Ibrahim, Fatima, Isaac and Mr. Bankmanager too, as long as they conform to a standardized collective identity based on stereotypes that reproduce any given pattern.

People call us weirdos, UFOs, anomalies, and they are absolutely right. It is hard to define who we are, because if you live outside of the standardized subcultures you are an alien.

And we are no stray wolves. A stray wolf wants to be part of a pack.

If people wants to define us, give our way of life a name, a genre for our music, they will have to venture into the world of individuality, ethnicity, sex, art, music and origin.

It is fair to say that we are a married couple, man and woman with two boys, Swedish by birth and origin, with a firm understanding of the reality of choice, rebel-minded and organic, intellectual and emotional, always looking for interesting places, angles, images, expressions, sounds; fascinated by roots, radicalism, technology and the power of the individual to change his life. We mix things to create something new.

Today we launch our new lifestyle blog, “Madame Revolutionary and The Poet,” and we will also start writing lifestyle articles for Amerika.

We hope that the blog will inspire people to move away from the snares of subcultures and instead to use the power of choice to walk their own way.

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