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How Is This Not A GNAA Tribute?

This morning, I wrote to the Australian Human Rights Commission because they refused to include in their list of highly “racist” websites. While we are perhaps not technically “racist” because no one here hates other groups, recognizing genetic and biological differences between groups is considered “racist,” as is opposition to diversity.

Here is the complaint I sent along to [email protected]:

On your page about racist content on the internet, you declined to include my site,, which is clearly the most “racist” site on the internet because we affirm (a) IQ differences between different groups (b) genetic and behavioral differences (c) the failure of diversity and (d) that only flamboyant untermenschen use Apple products. It is ableism to discriminate against us simply because we are not able to be as loudly, offensively, boldly, and ragingly “racist” as other groups. Please rectify this by including our “racism” in your listing of “racist” internet sites.

I am offended that they did not include because we are the most “racist,” “classist,” “ableist,” “fatphobic,” “Islamophobic,” “anti-Semitic,” anti-Abrahamic, and anti-Communist website on the internet, not because we hate or denigrate anyone, but because we recognize that groups are different and act in their own self-interest, not ours.

I did not include “homophobia” because it is a ridiculous term and as an Anglo-Saxon culturally Episcopalian Cro-Magnid, I have always believed that we should tolerate personal eccentricity and let nature sort everything out. Let people be gay or whatever in their own homes and speak not of it in public.

Part of this is simply sensible self-preservation. If you allow a society of bullies, those idiots will redirect your society toward a fixation on behaviors it might not want instead of looking toward behaviors it definitely wants. Bullies are cowards and morons, generally, and they wreck anything they touch.

That being said, the biggest bullying these days comes from people who are infuriated that you do not support equality enough. As narcissists, they want you to be forced to deal with them, which requires egalitarianism because otherwise you would filter them out as losers in the game of natural selection.

In other “racism” news, a hacking group recent arose that seems like it took its inspiration from a combination of the GNAA and an anticensorship license that plays to the fear of large organizations of being controversial.

This group just hacked General Electric and made some headlines that quickly became comical as clearly was the intent:

Hackers associated with a group named CyberNiggers have claimed that they have breached General Electric and accessed information related to confidential military projects that the company was working on.

Last week, IntelBroker, a member of the CyberNiggers criminal group, claimed to have breached the multinational tech giant and attempted to sell its network access for $500 on a hacker forum, according to BleepingComputer.

Data leaks at several large companies including Autotrader, Volvo, Hilton Hotels, Verizon, AT&T, and the US Immigration Service have been attributed to CyberNigger. The group said in a post that these attacks exposed them to “intense scrutiny from various US agencies” and that they had to “lay low” for a while.

Apparently this claim led to all sorts of mass confusion because the hacker group leaked data as proof of claim:

IntelBroker, a member of the CyberNiggers criminal group, has claimed to have breached the multinational tech firm General Electric. The threat actor posted sample sets from the alleged General Electric data breach on the Dark Web.

In an exclusive conversation with The Cyber Express, a General Electric spokesperson said, “We are aware of claims made by a bad actor regarding GE data and are investigating these claims. We will take appropriate measures to help protect the integrity of our systems.”

Even worse, the group has been gaining prominence in recent years as they hacked major firms that now have to figure out how to carefully word their press releases:

CyberNigger is the same hacking group that has previously infiltrated prominent firms such as Volvo, Hilton Hotels, Autotrader, Verizon, AT&T, and the US Immigration Service.

Some of these hacks involved a massive data leak that quickly became a crisis for the victims:

The Colonial Pipeline, a critical piece of energy infrastructure in the United States, has allegedly been breached by a hacker group known as CyberNiggers. This cybersecurity incident involves the theft of approximately 200GB of sensitive data, including billing information, private/public keys, passwords, emails, source code, PDFs, and database files. The group has sold this data on the dark web for $30,000.

It is uncertain whether CyberNiggers acted independently or in collaboration with other groups or state actors.

Like GNAA, famous for both political campaigns and early internet trolling (following the excellent work of, CyberNiggers has quickly provoked semiotic panic.

The Gay Nigger Association of America (GNAA) was created in 2002, and typified this sort of extreme trolling. Their opening page featured the following invitation: ‘Are you GAY? Are you a NIGGER? Are you a GAY NIGGER? If you answered “Yes” to all of the above questions, then GNAA might be exactly what you’re looking for!’ The creators of GNAA were reportedly highly skilled programmers, and dedicated an enormous amount of time to creating and dissem- inating extremely offensive material, with the aim of upsetting bloggers, celebrities, popular websites and anyone else the group took against. It would often ‘crap-flood’ sites — filling chat functions with nonsense, just as the Meowers had done a decade earlier — and hack other popular websites to alter them. GNAA described their purpose as ‘sowing disruption on the internet’ but eventually set up an internet security organisation, hacking into sites to demonstrate how susceptible to attack they were. They called it Goatse Security — ‘exposing gaping holes’ — and while members of the group have been investigated by the FBI for various hacking offences, Goatse Security has also identified and fixed a number of security flaws in major internet products and software. Zack was an early admirer of GNAA and Goatse.

‘People were just so ready to be offended by things like Goatse,’ he tells me. ‘It’s fun to upset someone who is so ready to be offended. And when they get upset, they prove you’re right. It’s circular.’

In some ways Zack, GNAA and other NSFW trolls felt it was ‘their’ internet that was being invaded by marketers, celebrities, big busi- ness, the authorities and legions of ordinary people, in the same way Usenetters felt inundated in 1993. People outside of the tribe, and all of them taking everything so seriously.

That troll group was famous for its recruitment posts on Slashdot and lives on through a website and a Facebook group dedicated to spreading the word:

GNAA (GAY NIGGER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA) is the first organization which gathers GAY NIGGERS from all over America and abroad for one common goal – being GAY NIGGERS.

If you answered “Yes” to all of the above questions, then GNAA (GAY NIGGER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA) might be exactly what you’ve been looking for! Join GNAA (GAY NIGGER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA) today, and enjoy all the benefits of being a full-time GNAA member.

GNAA (GAY NIGGER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA) is the fastest-growing GAY NIGGER community with THOUSANDS of members all over United States of America and the World! You, too, can be a part of GNAA if you join today!

Why not? It’s quick and easy – only 3 simple steps!

  1. First, you have to obtain a copy of GAYNIGGERS FROM OUTER SPACE THE MOVIE and watch it. You can download the movie (~130mb) using BitTorrent.
  2. Second, you need to succeed in posting a GNAA First Post on, a popular “news for trolls” website.
  3. Third, you need to join the official GNAA irc channel #GNAA on, and apply for membership.

Talk to one of the ops or any of the other members in the channel to sign up today! Upon submitting your application, you will be required to submit links to your successful First Post, and you will be tested on your knowledge of GAYNIGGERS FROM OUTER SPACE.

If you are having trouble locating #GNAA, the official GAY NIGGER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA irc channel, you might be on a wrong irc network. The correct network is NiggerNET, and you can connect to as our official server. Follow this link if you are using an irc client such as mIRC.

| ______________________________________._a,____ | Press contact:
| _______a_._______a_______aj#0s_____aWY!400.___ | Gary Niger
| __ad#7!!*P____a.d#0a____#!-_#0i___.#!__W#0#___ | [email protected]
| _j#'_.00#,___4#dP_"#,__j#,__0#Wi___*00P!_"#L,_ | GNAA Corporate Headquarters
| _"#ga#9!01___"#01__40,_"4Lj#!_4#g_________"01_ | 143 Rolloffle Avenue
| ________"#,___*@`__-N#____`___-!^_____________ | Tarzana, California 91356
| _________#1__________?________________________ |
| _________j1___________________________________ | All other inquiries:
| ____a,___jk_GAY_NIGGER_ASSOCIATION_OF_AMERICA_ | Enid Al-Punjabi
| ____!4yaa#l___________________________________ | [email protected]
| ______-"!^____________________________________ | GNAA World Headquarters
` _______________________________________________' 160-0023 Japan Tokyo-to Shinjuku-ku Nishi-Shinjuku 3-20-2

The GNAA ethos involved using taboo terms to protest the taboo and the censorship that came with it as a matter of opening the window of linguistic freedom by removing the impulse to close it:

Besides Anonymous, Rustle League poke fun at the entire hacker ethos. Try “hacking” into the user section of the Rustle League website – designed like a shitty Geocities fan-page whose user ID and password are both “admin” – and you’ll find a screen of flying penises, swastikas and the American and Israeli flags. As if it wasn’t already obvious enough, they’re using symbols like the swastika and words like “nigger” or “fag” because they’re charged phrases sure to offend anyone who’s not a part of the community. React with outrage and you become the victim.

“I facetiously call someone a ‘fag’, but that’s internet nomenclature, internet lexicon,” said Cochran, who happens to be transgender and a friend of Andrew “weev” Auernheimer, the “iPad hacker” currently facing a totally unjustified ten years in prison for exposing AT&T’s loose security.

Weev was president of another trolling group known as GNAA (Gay Nigger Association of America), a revolving collective that made headlines last autumn for their tweets about African-Americans stealing televisions and pet cats during Hurricane Sandy. None of the thefts they tweeted about actually happened, obviously, but some outlets ran with the story, which is exactly what the GNAA wanted: to point out inefficiencies in today’s media by very successfully making them look like idiots.

The group recently released an IRC trollbot and has a long history of hacks:

The hacker claims partnership with a hacking group called the Gay N*gger Association of America, or GNAA. The group is best known for an attack on Tumblr in 2012, in which they sent racist spam to bloggers as part of an operation called “War on Bronies.”

“Reminder that voting for Hillary Clinton this November means proving how much of a spineless, boring cuck you are,” alleged hacker Meepsheep wrote on the Wikipedia page. “Nuclear war will be inevitable, as will be Bill Clinton raping more women and children. Save the America you know and love by voting Donald Trump. Also girls send ass pics to @Meepysheepy.”

As if that were not enough, they trolled failing feminist dating service Bumble:

“Be Nice or Leave” — that’s one of the unofficial mottos of Bumble, the hugely successful dating app commonly referred to as “feminist Tinder.”

But many residents of the Bowie, the ultra-luxury Austin high-rise where the company had its headquarters until earlier this month, say employees of the company treated the building like their dedicated campus with little regard for the people who lived there and the staff who worked there — even though only three Bumble employees were on the residential lease and no one lived in the unit.

Earlier this month, the conflict between residents, staff, and Bumble spilled out of the building when a former resident enlisted a friend in the notorious and deliberately offensive internet troll group GNAA to fight back. Last Monday, Twitter users reported that the Wikipedia pages for Amazon, Google, and Walmart redirected to a GNAA press release entitled “GNAA Reveals Cause to Evict Bumble from their Corporate Headquarters,” stating that Bumble’s Bowie office was in violation of its lease.

Of course, Bumble has since failed as its business model reveals its many limitations:

Wolfe Herd started her career at rival dating service Tinder, which she co-founded. But she left in 2014 and filed a lawsuit against the company alleging sexual harassment and discrimination, which was eventually settled.

She then launched Bumble based on the idea that giving women the chance to make the first move on a dating app would empower them with more control over their romantic lives. Wolfe Herd founded Bumble with the help of Andrey Andreev, the former owner of the dating app Badoo; in 2019, she became head of the combined company after Andreev was accused of racism and sexism.

But since then, the company’s share price has foundered. Bumble (BMBL) shares opened trading at $76 dollars on the day of its IPO but are now trading below $14, a more than 80% decline. The company’s stock fell an another 8% on Monday following news of Wolfe Herd’s departure from the CEO role.

In other words, this clown sued Tinder, took the money and funded a new venture, then accused another founder of “racism” and “sexism” in order to seize total control. Sounds trollworthy, if nothing else. The GNAA also popped up for the LootCrew drama during Hurricane Sandy:

“Lootcrew” started in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, when a group of online trolls called the Gay Nigger Association of America (GNAA) used #SandyLootCrew for tweets like these.

In an interview with The New York Observer, a person claiming to be part of GNAA said their goal was to show how easy it is to fool the media.

“We all had a good laugh when The Daily Mail picked up the story,” said “Leon Kaiser.” “We’re a trolling group all the way; we did this strictly to point out how easy it is to manipulate the media.”

He didn’t have any concerns about the fact that their tweets also propagated racist views about black people.

GNAA gained infamy with the Tumblr hack that awakened the mainstream to the GNFOS terror:

The Gay Nigger Association of America (GNAA) claimed responsibility for the hack and has been behind a number of other high profile hacks. (The group says the name is not meant to be racist or homophobic.) With the continuing visibility of hacktivism movements, this isn’t the last time something like this is going to happen. Furthermore, with hacktivism, people tend to immediately focus on protecting their own accounts rather than looking at the reason for the hack itself and miss the point. According to The Guardian, a statement released by GNAA states that this hack was part of their “anti-blogging campaign” which protests blogging as lowering journalistic standards. They have a point, mostly.

Blogging does contribute to the lowering of journalistic standards. Anyone with internet access can post whatever they want, which is both awesome and awful. The result is, to quote a statement by GNAA spokesman, Leon Kaiser, “lowering journalistic standards to the point where the number of friends a murderer has on Facebook has become news.” Is this a problem? Sure.

The Tumblr hack featured a rather amusing press release from GNAA:

GNAA Launches “War on Bronies”

Leon Kaiser, M. P. Sheep, Rory — Vancouver, Canada

An elite team of GNAA ubernigger supersoldier commandos (each packing 9-to-11 inches of black power) stormed the DHX Media Vancouver headquarters under cover of darkness late last night to commemorate the release of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3.

“The New Release of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3 marks the third anniversary of this perverse Jewish abomination. The ‘Brony’ movement is an illogical fetish for manchildren. While our previous ‘Brony Outreach’ had been a success”, stated GNAA Founder and CEO Niger, “we quickly grew tired of these perverted repugnant manchildren within our ranks.”

The GNAA has previously shown their support (via crapflood) of numerous “Brony” entities, including ponychan, derpibooru, wikia, and “”.

Earlier this month the GNAA released a leaked copy of the first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3, acquiring the IP addresses of nearly 200 dirty pirating bronies in the process.

“We have had a very successful month thusfar,” beamed GNAA Interim President Leon Kaiser, “and it’s only the 10th of the month. We kicked off the month with our very successful #SANDYLOOTCREW operation, making international news on the very first day of the month. Since then, we have relentlessly shown our undying enthusiasm on numerous forums (via the time-honored institution of crapflooding) every day since.”

“GNAA operatives are in the middle of plotting of a long ‘brony-removal drive’,” grinned GNAA Interim Vice President Meepsheep, “which will include DMCA drives en masse of both YouTube and Twitter.”

They managed to con Leftists into believing in a war on some blogging which of course caused twitching among the influencer hipster types:

A GNAA spokesman, Leon Kaiser, said in an email:

This was just another part of our “anti-blogging” campaign. GNAA’s stance on blogging in general has always been a negative one: in short, blogging is lowering journalistic standards to the point where the number of friends a murderer has on Facebook has become news.

Tumblr is a blogging website whose employees we have found, time and time again, to put the safety of their users second to their revenue. Instead of hiring competent, dedicated staff, they hire part-time programmers who can’t even defend against the most basic of security issues, such as XSS. I mean, for chrissake, they don’t even throttle (or the threshold is ridiculously high) the number of posts per minute a user is allowed to make! Blogging services everywhere need to step up and hire people who know what they’re doing.

One wonders if this new African-themed hacking group will be as amusing as the GNAA was.

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