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All Of The Pundits Are Wrong On Trump / Brexit

Sunday, November 27th, 2016


The professional media class is in clueless disarray because it insists on finding an economic reason for the Trump and Brexit revolts. In doing so, it (as usual) cherry-picks data to support its own assumptions.

As one commentator writes, picking up on about half of what is going on and then rationalizing this as an economic revolt, this is pushback against an abusive ideological system and its elites:

The election was a complete repudiation of Barack Obama: his fantasy world of political correctness, the politicization of the Justice Department and the I.R.S., an out-of-control E.P.A., his neutering of the military, his nonsupport of the police and his fixation on things like transgender bathrooms. Since he became president, his party has lost 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats and 14 governorships.

The country had signaled strongly in the last two midterms that they were not happy. The Dems’ answer was to give them more of the same from a person they did not like or trust.

Preaching — and pandering — with a message of inclusion, the Democrats have instead become a party where incivility and bad manners are taken for granted, rudeness is routine, religion is mocked and there is absolutely no respect for a differing opinion.

Not surprisingly, that attitude met raised middle fingers in the UK and US after only seven decades of its present form. These middle fingers to business-as-usual are a revolution against civilization decay brought on by allowing a criminal class to seize power. They are a desire to get out of the scam that is liberal democracy, equality and diversity.

People have tolerance for new policies. They are willing to give them a chance. When you tell them that immigration is good for the economy, they may believe you. But then when they see that immigration tanks the economy and also destroys social order, they turn on you. Why? — because you either (a) lied or (b) are so incorrect as to be delusional. That means it is time to remove you from power and also rip out anyone who supported you, because all of you are de facto insane.

Europe and the USA are currently in the process of removing the Leftists who have ruled us for the past 200 years, and we are heading toward the fork in the road where we chose to give Leftism a chance. This time, we are sure that Leftism is 100% fail and so we need something that is, first and foremost, not Leftism.

Witness the delicious confusion:

That already feels like a different era. The winds of change in western democracies have since whipped up into a storm and, as the Brexit vote and the election of Trump demonstrated, voters have stopped giving the answers their politicians expect.

…On the hard right, Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-migrant Lega Nord, is also surfing the wave, describing Trump’s triumph as a strike against globalisation: “It’s the revenge of the people, of courage, of pride, of the desire for work and security; and it’s one in the eye for the bankers, the speculators and the journalists.”

In other words, for exactly the same reason the Soviet Union fell: nothing was working, and those in power were not subject to recall when things were not working.

Even more, as in the Soviet Union, they were guided by a social ideology: an idea that is so appealing to human brains — equality — that like lab test monkeys on crack, they sacrifice everything for it.

This is the core of Western decline. When civilization succeeds, it simultaneously loses its inherent mission and gains a kind of “algal bloom” of people who could not succeed without the safety of civilization. This increases unrealistic thinking as a factor, and causes people to rationalize the lack of mission instead of doing the hard work of finding a new one. From this comes individualism, which in its collectivized form is Crowdism, which in turn manifests in Leftism which is a spectrum from classical liberalism through Communism that inevitably advances toward the latter stage, a tendency called “Progress.”

Those who rationalize the decline are “goodwhites.” These double down on their ideology because it makes them feel good about the transition to third-world status, and they are vicious to anyone who fail to join them in denial, illusion and fantasy:

Goodwhites pose as our moral superiors: so-o-o-o tolerant, open-minded, progressive, humane… But they are in fact, though, nasty pieces of work: vindictive, self-righteous, cruel, contemptuous of their fellow citizens.

The correct response to all that is not niceness, it’s a good hard kick in the crotch.

This is what voters have realized. The goodwhites will never stop because they are reality-averse. They do not care about the consequences of their actions. They do not seek to be responsible. All they care about is feeling good through the crack-like drug of social ideology, and they want to destroy — not just defeat, but crush and kill — all of us who resist.

If you wonder why they are such fanatics, consider the parallel information that Liberal political ideology [is] significantly associated with crime cross-sectionally and longitudinally. The type of person to become a Leftist is more likely to be a reality denier, which overlaps in the group of impractical people who try to work around real-world obstacles by committing crimes, effectively externalizing the cost of their actions to the rest of society. It is not surprising that the Leftist ideology does the same.

Trump/Brexit is more than a series of political events. It is a cultural revolution against the class of criminal parasites who have dominated the West for the past seventy years by demonizing any potential alternatives as Literally Hitler. Those in turn are merely the farthest advance of the same group that has corrupted the West since at least the French Revolution.

This group is made of our own people, the “goodwhites.” They are either mental defectives themselves, or socially weak — low self-esteem — people who are easily cowed by the stronger, clearer “philosophy” of the defectives. But now a revolution is underway to throw them out, and in so doing, to begin the renovation of Western Civilization.

Nazis And SJWs Agree: Anti-Semitism Is What The Hip Kids Do

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016


Anti-Semitism is wrong because it identifies the wrong threat, crucifies the wrong scapegoat, and leaves the worst problems intact while claiming to solve the problem. In addition, it makes us murderers or murderers-in-waiting of men, women and children who have a place on this earth, even if not among us.

The above image shows the enemy, the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) agree with a white nationalist that Jews are “the” problem of our civilization. I wish it were that simple, but I am grateful that it is not. Our problem is our own. It is our error, and we cannot blame anyone else. Until we take responsibility for that, we are lost.

Our civilization suffers under decay. The primary vector of this is individualism, or the choice by the individual to prioritize convenient mental reasoning over that which benefits the society as a whole, as if it were an organism.

We fail when we identify a scapegoat, such as Jews or bankers, for what is a systematic failure of our civilization. Our failure is individualism; it spreads like pernicious death among us, corrupting the good and emboldening the bad.

Of course the Left endorses anti-Semitism, even through its cryptic form of anti-Israelism, because that deflects from the evil that has corrupted us. Leftist ideas have broken our back, corrupted our society, and made heroic people into liars. Even if you murder every Jew in the world down to the last child, that will not be fixed.

Let us posit instead a better vision:

Each group acts in self-interest. This is natural and logical.

For this reason, groups cannot combine. Diversity and globalism are dead.

Instead, each group must find its destiny. What is our destiny?

Perhaps it lies more in the glories of the ancients, who fought for the rightness of prospects related to reality, than to the modern vision, where people humble themselves for social popularity.

Therein lies our failure.

We can beat this, but it requires discarding assumptions.

No one did this to us but ourselves. Take a deep breath and acknowledge that.

What we must do is overcome the evil within us, not external threats. We are the only force that can defeat us.

But to go to victory, we must stop looking at external symbols and scapegoats, and start analyzing our own failures.

Are we brave enough?

A 12-step plan to save humanity

Thursday, August 7th, 2014


Some say that the decay has not reached critical levels, so we should do nothing. Others say it hovers at the brink of disaster and we must do anything that might have a chance of working now. Some want cadres; others want newspapers; others want to drop out and run away to some obscure place to go it alone.

All of these strategies have been tried before. Cadres lead to Revolutions which then swing leftward as a means of motivating their participants. Newspapers have a chance at influence, but the audience wants lies and thus will bypass a truthful newspaper. Dropping out and going it alone makes you inconsequential and low-hanging fruit for others to victimize, because they outnumber you and always will.

No, sadly, there is no escape from The Civilization Game. Once your species goes down this path you must either master it or be destroyed by it. When the game gains enough momentum, it has the potential to thoroughly vandalize our planet in addition to bringing all of us down with it. Like technology, it is a force that must be controlled by the intelligent or it will dominant the rest and become a force for its own interest at the expense of ours.

So what can we, the people who realize that humanity has been running itself off a cliff for centuries or longer, do? In the grand tradition of self-help writing, I present to you a 12-step plan:

  1. Know what you want.

    In my experience, the biggest glitch here is that people invent new philosophies to personally express themselves and ignore the real need, which is a philosophy of a new civilization. Humanity has been in decline for at least 2,000 years but more likely longer. The ancient Greeks spoke of a Golden Age long before their present time, and they were probably right. That Golden Age got invaded by individualism and millennia later we are the fallout. We can either head back toward the Golden Age or continue down our path to decline; nothing is static. That is what our philosophy needs to address. So far most people are more focused on differentiating themselves and their writings as product that addressing a real need, primping and preening like pretentious animals. My suggestion is a simple one: pick a philosophy that (a) focuses on results, not feelings/desires and (b) has a transcendental aspect to it. That philosophy will fall under the banner of conservatism not because liberalism rejects #b as most of your “wise” pundits would say, but because liberalism rejects #a. A fully-developed philosophy will be simple and consistent, showing a relationship between each of its parts to a primary goal, which I would describe as “human thriving” in the context of an ascendant civilization.

  2. Find a way to communicate this

    Most writing serves to put people into a loop. It inflames emotions, then offers a partial solution, which keeps those emotions inflamed so people need more of that type of writing. This creates a product cycle for the writer. Political writing is almost universally of this type. It never quite expresses a lack of doubt, so people rely on it and then encounter doubt and come running back to it. Some of the best writing for actual communication is literature because it shows exactly what it means in concrete terms with characters who represent parts of the subconscious mind of each of its readers. Other types of learning like philosophy manage precision and broach difficult topics but exists in a form that few can read or understand; this would be useful for informing your leadership caste, but not much else. This leads us back to a means of communication. I suggest it take the form of narrative, whether political or fictional, and that it be in a form that could be spoken to others.

  3. Take back your social institutions

    When you run away or apologize, you legitimize the complaints of those who oppose you. Our society includes every institution it needs to function but these have been infiltrated by reality-deniers. A sensible response is to counter-infiltrate which means joining them, gaining power, and then steering them toward a healthier direction. This healthier direction takes two forms: first, get issues on the table, which causes conflict to rise around them; second, focus on results-oriented plans which mirror the values you find that are eternal in the best of humanity. In politics, third parties fail unless they have warned of some great calamity and it has come to pass. In the meantime, allowing the existing parties to keep doing their thing is consent to what they will do. A better plan involves getting inside the gates of these glacial giants and subverting their bad ideas while replacing them with better ones. The Tea Party in the United States led the way here by forcing a results-oriented economic plan and traditional conservative values on an otherwise slumbering insider major party. Similar results can be achieved elsewhere by participating in and then converting these institutions to a more useful form.

  4. Destroy that which needs to be destroyed

    The media will always be hostile to reality-based thinking because fantasy-based thinking makes for a better product. Who wants to hear about the difficult path of surrendering the ego and doing what is realistic, when there is ego-drama and other things that make people feel self-important to report about? Support piracy; come up with lawsuits; sabotage their displays; turn off televisions. Shut down the great zombie ritual by removing its ability to effectively do business.

    Many of our people cannot hold a coherent thought and yet insist on intervening in public affairs. Their careers must be ruined by any means necessary. Dredge up any scandal, complain en masse, bring them down with legal means, smash them and leave them as a warning to others. The left uses this strategy to great effect and business responds. There is only one known way to stop a rioting mob and that is to pick those who are serving as leaders and destroy them.

  5. Create alternative activities

    You are intending to replace a culture. It is a culture of consumerism, altruism and egalitarianism. You need activities which emphasize health in the opposite direction, which is results-oriented, masculine and hierarchical. Sports teams will not do this, nor will church charities, nor will video gaming. You need groups of people heading out into the countryside to do healthy things like orienteering/hiking, construction, hunting and exploring. You need people in town who are preserving culture, having heritage events, and socializing. Emphasizing practical learning of both liberal arts and technical backgrounds is important too. The left won by signaling status; these need to become your new status symbols.

  6. Conquer the two vital groups

    Within your society, you must conquer two groups: the thinkers and the natural leaders (there is much overlap). Thinkers, which are the natural equivalent of what city people call “intellectuals” (a badge similar to owning a Mercedes-Benz), are those you can find who get to the core of a problem in a way that no one else understands. Natural leaders are those you find at every level of society who are able to organize responses to both daily events and emergencies. Every office has one person who keeps everyone together, every local PD has one cop who keeps the others on point, and every church or business has one person who knows how to do everything and gets to an expedient solution quickly. These groups need outreach on your terms. They need to be pushed to mock their old beliefs and accept new ones. Much of this process involves the production of written documents and artworks that they can understand.

  7. Gain critical mass

    If the above happen, a critical mass will form where 2-5% of the population will agree and are motivated by a need to accomplish change. This group will then accomplish the work of infiltration by bringing up these ideas in public, taking over institutions, forming a product base for objects which reflect these ideas, and creating the basis of an alternative media. The Tea Party and Front National show the best possibility here. My suggestion is to be the non-ironic equivalent of “edgy,” or dangerous, unconquered, a wild terrain. People love new spaces to explore; it is hard-wired into our glorious simian heritage. Be the leather jacket rebels of the 1950s, the biker gangs of the 1960s, the punks of the 1970s, the survivalists of the 1980s. Push yourself onto society as a new idea that also touches something raw and essential inside of each one of us.

  8. Dominate through elections

    The other side is always screwing up and the media covers for them. Begin the rise in local elections, then regional. At every step sabotage and subvert your enemies. Tax media until they go bankrupt. Destroy social programs and transfer the money to something useful. Use the resources of office to point out where your opponents have failed. When a liberal program is mid-failure, use your influence to make its failure more apparent or inevitable. Always push the same consistent message: the Left is the old and calcified, the crazy and the weak, the effete and the miserable. Gain power and then begin dismantling all laws made since 1790. As momentum picks up, it will be possible to gain the quorum necessary to remove Constitutional amendments and other liberal vandalism of our system of government.

  9. Disenfranchise your opponents

    Roll the voting age back to 30 for landed owners only. Deport all illegals; remove all anti-discrimination law. Tax the media until it dies, smash Hollywood with regulations, and provoke our international enemies until they are forced into defensive and strident positions. Liquidate federal and state agencies and send those employees home. Remove all welfare and channel the unemployed into the military. Fire all leftists and anyone sympathetic to them, but replace them with only those who are both sympathetic to your view and competent. Cronyism and nepotism are death.

  10. Force an international union

    Nothing official is required. State your beliefs; give preferred trading, political and social status to those who support you and marginalize others. Again avoid cronyism and nepotism or those who support them. Force an international agenda of “no guilt”: each nation does what is best for itself, and if its neighbor dies, make the assumption that the neighbor used an inferior system and thus their demise is Darwin’s laughter not the tears of an overly compassionate, overweight, couch-bound suburbanite just looking for “what is real.” Remove any international obligations beyond self-interest. The best obligations are informal through shared goal.

  11. Re-shape humanity

    For the past several thousand years, humanity has followed a steady path of decline from an originally more brilliant point. With the rise of civilization and specialized labor, efficiency allowed society to include people who were not useful. Those in turn found themselves fond of simple obligations called jobs, simple political systems that made their numbers outweigh anything else, and social systems that enable any behavior that does not achieve immediate bad results or appearances. That attitude, called Crowdism, originates in human egoism/individualism and in groups causes madness that destroys civilization. Any human species of the future will cut back on the useless or single-function people and replace them with a network of capable leaders and a group akin to the top half of today’s middle classes in ability who do everything else, but do less because they will not invent the make-work jobs, mindless bureaucracy, and consumerist frenzy of today’s society. Leaders can reform education by getting rid of it, reform job promotion by making it informal, reform law by throwing out all laws and replacing them with principles. This forces people to stop relying on external guides and use their brains instead, which will quickly separate the useful from the useless. I suggest exile for the useless and massive reward for the useful so they have lots of children and replace the useless with a functional species.

  12. Gain a new transcendent goal

    Early humanity had it easy because they had a clear and luminous goal: avoid becoming apes again by building civilization. With civilization comes communication, with that learning, and with that philosophy and art; then people build the final layer on Maslow’s pyramid which suggests a need for purpose and transcendent meaning in our lives. We need a new source of transcendent meaning via an ongoing goal that we cannot ever fully achieve but can always pursue, approximating it much as we always get closer to a knowledge of reality itself but can never fully know it. Space travel, a new Golden Age of art and philosophy, and self-refinement into Nietzschean supermen are all good goals. The goal will not only direct us, but bring us closer to knowledge of the sacred, and will also serve to further exclude the useless, criminal and selfish.

At this point you are probably saying, “Oh, well that’s all,” in a rather sardonic voice. This is not a todo list for this weekend, or even for this century. It is a todo list for the rest of time, with each successive generation accomplishing what it can. The first three items are the most pressing in the immediate time but also the easiest. As those occur, the others become easier. Not for the faint of heart.

Image: Unknown man tending his garden in a wasteland. Let it inspire you as you struggle with similar — but less visually obvious — circumstances.

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