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Millennials: abuse victims

As noted before, few people know what to make of the millennial generation. They tend to either portray them as saints, or as narcissists, without much analysis into why. Part of the reason for this lack of analysis is the simple fact of time and causality. Millennials are the product of past generations, both biologically […]

Reverse migration

An estimated one hundred young men left the Netherlands to go to Syria to help their brethren fighting in the civil war. More are leaving soon. Investigation suggests that this reverse migration consists of Netherlands-born muslims, usually with pretty decent school grades, radicalized only after receiving feedback from a small group of similarly-minded people and […]


The art to making it big as a blog is to tell people that something screwed them. However, it’s best not to pick actual causes, but intermediate ones. Beating a real cause takes a lot of power. Getting a bunch of people mad at an intermediate, or mad enough to buy your book, is much […]

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