Check your pretense


Leftists frequently tell other people to “check your privilege.”

This implies the assumption that the person has no value of their own, but only is in their position by virtue of this privilege. Otherwise, they would be competent to comment.

This ties into the fundamental mysticism of the left, which is that poverty in individuals and nations is caused by some great oppressive conspiracy, and not by the decisions made by those individuals and nations.

In turn, that illusion arises from the idea that all individuals are perfect just as they are, which is what makes them equal. Any deviation from equality of outcome thus must be explained as oppression or conspiracy.

Tracing farther back, the root of that idea comes from the pretense of the individual. That pretense is: I am here, therefore I am equal, therefore whatever I do is good, and thus I extend that privilege to others — “equality” — to prevent oversight or criticism of my own actions.

Pretense arises from the self-importance of individuals. They assume that because they exist, there is importance to their existence. Further, since they are aware of nothing but their own wants, judgments, desires, feelings and impulses, they assign to these gestures a kind of objectivity and thus importance.

Realism destroys pretense. Under realism, we reverse the inversion accomplished by pretense: instead of the individual being the focus, the world is the focus. The individual is part of the world, not the other way around (which is how the pretentious individual perceives it, namely that the world is a manifestation of the individual’s mind and emotions, a condition known as solipsism).

When a leftist says “Check your privilege” what they are actually saying is “Validate my pretense by joining me in the assumption that I am important for no reason.”

Thus a significant and reasonable response to that leftist catch-phrase is to turn around and call them out on the one thing they really fear that you’ll notice: “Check your pretense.”

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9 Responses to “Check your pretense”

  1. basto says:

    Thanks, Brett, it took long enough for someone to say it: “Check your pretense” indeed. It definitely rolls off the tongue a lot easier than “check your self-inflicted, perpetual victim mentality” and more diplomatic than “Oh, for the love of all that is holy, shut the fuck up with that ‘check your privilege’ bullshit!”

    I did a quick search for “check your pretense” and got no hits for it in the context that the phrase is used here; however, I did come across this bit of insanity:

    The White Privilege Industrial Complex needs your children

    The soft tyranny, as Jared Taylor call is it, is in full swing, ladies and gents. And they’re literally going after your children.

    • Hauer says:

      I think it still needs work to be effective. The people using “check your privilege” aren’t the most critical thinkers in the world. “Check your pretense” needs to be dumbed down a notch (or two) before it even has a chance at catching on.

  2. Privilege=property or status-as-property. “Check your privilege”= arrest/hand over some to the person who is demanding it.

    A leftist complaining about white privilege is complaining about white property or status-as-property. Same for any other uses of privilege. This is why so much privilege discourse comes with demands for genuflection (a symbolic handing over of said “privilege”).

    Sometimes the demands move beyond the symbolic into demanding actual financial resources. In sff fandom, this fairly recently has taken the form of demands that white fans “donate” money to a small, select subset of “fans of color” so that the select ones can attend a particularly leftist convention gratis.

    • Repair_Man_Jack says:

      It’s no different than Piketty. It all violates the Tenth Commandment. Thou shall not Covet that which belongs to your neighbor.

  3. Peter Connor says:

    I’ll check my privilege (whatever that means!) if you check all the products of western civilization that you own, including everything with electronics or moving parts.

  4. Repair_Man_Jack says:

    I not only check my privilege, I change it’s oil every 5,000 miles so that it runs well.

  5. Jess says:

    Interesting Brett, looked up your blog….

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