Why you’ll vote for me in 2012

Some time ago, I announced that owing to the sheer incompetence and malicious stupidity of our leaders, I am running for President in 2012.

Today I’m going to introduce a simplified campaign, explain why you’ll want to vote for me, and show you what life under President Stevens would be like.

I will freely admit the stakes are against me. Other candidates will be more dramatic, probably more physically attractive, and certainly have more money — money they got pandering to entrenched interests and partisan blocs.

All I have is a few ideas:

  • Self-sufficiency. We need to be able to grow our own food, manufacture all of our own products, create our own energy and have surpluses of all to export. With current technology applied on the scale only government can, we can do this; if we add to this a growing expertise in robotics, nanotech, renewable energy and cradle-to-grave recycling, we will leave every other economy on earth in the dust.
  • Enforce the law. It’s time for law-abiding citizens to stop paying the penalty for those who cannot heed the law. Borrowing from Geert Wilders, we can designate some suburbs and cities as places for those with criminal records — and keep them away from everywhere else. If you steal, rape, rob, use drugs or commit other crimes, you’re soon going to live with a community of your actual peers.
  • Stop immigration. We have enough people and enough problems, and each person we let in is less you and I get paid in salary. Let’s stop the Ponzi growth scheme, and focus on producing surplus goods and services instead of selling each other properties based on consumer interest.
  • Fix education. Not “No Child Left Behind,” but “Every Child Gets a Chance.” We need competitive education for the 21st century. This means no dumbing down, and highly competitive and rigorous schooling. Our priority should not be to babysit the ineducable, but to produce future leaders. We should focus on the top, not the bottom, of our student population.
  • Freeze land use. In the interest of conservation, we need to stop selling previously undeveloped land and instead use what we have. Our inner cities represent trillions of dollars of unexploited wealth; all we have to do is make it cheaper to develop there than in the outer suburbs.
  • States rights. We need to allow for competing solutions to our problems. If California wants to legalize drugs, abortion, or make “Ash nazg durbatulûk” the state motto, let them. By the same token, if Texas wants to criminalize those things, let it happen.

That’s it — this is a simplified, achievable version of the platform I presented earlier. The point is to make no promise that cannot be kept, and to focus on a few core issues of great importance instead of wading into the flavor-of-the-day.

I can’t claim to be exciting like Newt Gingrich, improvisational like Barack Obama, scientific and level-headed like Michele Bachmann or as dynamic as Mike Huckabee, but I can promise you a focus on the core issues that determine our future.

We have exhausted ourselves fighting over the dead-end issues of the past, and lost sight of the road ahead. I’d like to join with you to build a new America: leading the world in industry, innovation and healthy living.

Brett Stevens for President 2012: We’ve got a new frontier ahead TM.

17 Responses to “Why you’ll vote for me in 2012”

  1. Antagonist says:

    Been curious a long time – Is that a real picture of you?

  2. Jiskadar says:

    Cool! As long as you don’t screw up most of your campaign promises just so you can be part of the cabinet like Geert Wilders did (I doubt this can even happen in the USA because you have a two-party system) It should be fun to see you become a congressman anyway! Go Brett Stevens!

  3. fugitive says:

    Sort of a reactionary program in the spirit of Trotsky’s Transitional Program:

    Transitional demands therefore do not draw back in the face of the contingencies of capitalist economics, but on the contrary, it is proposed, they continually challenge the logic of the capitalist system, expose it in the eyes of the workers, and thus help them draw towards a fully rounded out socialist consciousness – an acceptance and adoption of the “maximum programme” which the socialist leaders kept for their holiday speechifying, as an immediate and realistic necessity.

  4. crow says:

    Obama Been Laden with too many votes, anyway.
    You can count on me!
    No… wait… I’m not a US citizen. Does that matter?

    What is that crazy flag?
    The Battle Flag of the Public?

  5. Duane says:

    I urge you to encourage county and village rights in addition and even more so than state rights.

  6. Reade says:

    “We can designate some suburbs and cities as places for those with criminal records.”

    It seems unreasonable to claim that people can’t reform. Personally, I would not want to live in a society that doesn’t think that people can change.

    In addition to that, unless there are restrictions on the civilians of these criminal colonies, it seems like an awful idea to put all of the criminals together, not only for the safety of the criminals, but also for the safety the the surrounding cities and suburbs. Imagine, putting every convicted gang member, drug addict and drug dealer together in one neighborhood. Where does that seem like a good idea?

    Furthermore, if you are going to put restrictions on the civilians of these colonies, how is it different than jail? Suppose you put very minimal restrictions on each civilian, you’d end up with a bunch of really pissed off convicted criminals who know that they’ve already ruined their chance at living a normal, free life. They’ll have nothing to lose.

    There are more issues with this, but I also know that this is only an outline of your views. Even so, I really don’t think that this is a good idea.

  7. Anthony DuClare says:

    Sounds pretty good to me. I’d vote for you over a Republicrat or a Demican any day.

    I find myself leaning more towards a “New Right … Deep Ecology” stance after seven years as a libertarian, though I have held on to several very libertarian ideas. One of those is that the prohibition of vices, like drugs and prostitution, causes more and worse problems than it solves. “Laboratories of democracy”-type systems, like yours, might give non-prohibitionism a fair shake, though I’d be worried that the states that would experiment with non-prohibitionism would also be liberal cesspools that subsidize people who screw themselves up. So, observers might misattribute social dysfunction to non-prohibitionism, when subsidization is the real culprit. The ideal test case would be for California, and someplace like Montana, to both try non-prohibitionism and see what happens.

    “If California wants to … make “Ash nazg durbatulûk” the state motto, let them.”


  8. josef H. says:

    whose pic is it anyway?
    unfortunately i’m no US citizen. so i’ll be wishing you all the best
    in heralding the rebirth of the eagle.

    cheerz (:

  9. crow says:

    Hehe when Brett is President, he’ll grant all us non-US citizens a place in the revitalized America. (I hope!)

  10. But his proposal is to stop immigration!

  11. Chad in AK says:

    many of the articles i read at anus.com are so good, the best. i wish someone with a good speaking voice would get on a network like Republic Broadcasting or American Voice and put them forth. i mention those stations because there is a few hosts and a large audience of people that are really trying hard to remove the layers of fraud we are all living under. we are living in a society of a hypnotized herd, moved along with a few cowboys at the top, and it is all done for their intents and purposes.

    the herd is a big problem, and really, the current elite and mind-controlled-moron paradigm is a very effective method of implementing a world based on herd mentality. our real enemy is a lack of better and more effective means to manage the herd. we are not in control of the programming machinery.

  12. 1349 says:

    A kind of fascist, Vedic society. Sounds sound.

  13. Jared Hixon says:

    you have my vote by far

  14. […] Brett Stevens 2012 campaign is running on a platform of uncomfortable truths that are necessary to face, versus pleasant human […]

  15. Xiaxian says:

    It’s so ridiculous that the people of the United State didn’t vote this man.

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