Why The Left Hates Israel


Leftists hate culture because it competes with Leftism for what gets to be the central goal of civilization. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in Soviet treatment of Israel, which parallels how Western Leftists treat white self-interest and Western Civilization:

The Soviets soured on Israel for three reasons. First, Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, decided to side with the US against the USSR in the Cold War despite the State Department’s hostility toward Israel.

Second, Ben-Gurion moved to purge Communists from the IDF and other power centers immediately after the War of Independence.

Finally, the Soviets soured on Israel because the birth of Israel awoke the yearnings of the Jews of the Soviet Union.

Those who want nationalism recognize that Communists will always corrupt it. They do so because for them, ideology is job one, and everything is secondary. So if Israel exists, it is a means to the end of World Communism (or Democrats, or whatever they are calling themselves these days).

In this way, Nationalism (or any other strong, organic belief) and Leftism are eternal enemies. They simply cannot get along because for each to achieve any of its goals is to refute the groundwork on which the other is based.

Consider what happened to the Greens. Here is an email I sent to the Green Party today:

Subject: Why I am not a Green Party member
From: Brett Stevens
To: office@gp.org

Dear Green Party,

Like many people in our world, I identify environmental damage as my biggest concern. However, when I went to the Green Party website, I saw your “four pillars”:

1. Peace
2. Ecology
3. Social Justice
4. Democracy

I find this disturbing because I am only interested in point #2 (ecology) and see no need for loading in a political agenda from one of the two major parties alongside of it.

If you advocate for ecology, that is all you must do, but you might want to think that it can co-exist with other values and lifestyles outside the Leftist agenda based one you seem to desire to impose upon us.

I feel like I am looking at the “Watermelon Party”: green on the outside, Red on the inside.

Where do I go to find a party that simply seeks ecology, without importing the two-party system through adopting the polarizing platform of one of those parties?


Brett Stevens

This is the Leftist way: for them, ideology is the path to Utopia, and so it is the ultimate good. That recognition causes them to sort everything else on earth and in the heavens into two categories: (a) that which can be means to the end of advancing ideology, and (b) that which cannot, and therefore is an enemy.

To Leftists, lying and denying reality are not just acceptable but desired because they advance the ideology and subdue reality in order to do so. That makes the individualists/solipsists who want “equality” — translation: I do whatever I want and you must still accept me and bear the cost — feel powerful, because the threat of being wrong about how reality works is no longer on the table.

The more you look into Leftist psychology, it becomes clear why the Green Party requires three Communist planks of its platform for every Green one, and why the Soviets (and modern Democrats) reject Israel. They hate anything natural, true, real and honest because it competes for attention with their ideology!

For this reason, the argument from the Right that Leftists are nihilists is not just wrong but stupid. Nihilists reject truth, but do not replace it with ideology. Leftists reject truth because they prefer ideology. This is why you cannot have nihilist Leftists, and why Leftists are not just abstaining from realism, but actively campaigning to destroy it.

Like Israel, Western Civilization is Nationalistic and organic, and cannot coexistence with Leftism. We either end it, or it ends us, and then history will judge us as weak for having been unable to throw out the reality-deniers.

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16 Responses to “Why The Left Hates Israel”

  1. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    Nationalism in the sense that you refer to here has support from Howard Bloom about the importance of the super organism. (The Lucifer Principle.)

  2. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    Social Justice to me seems to be euphemism for theft.

    • cecilhenry says:

      A very thinly disguised euphemism at that:

      “Nothing is more comforting to the resentful than the thought that those who possess what they envy possess it unjustly”

  3. Exilarch says:

    You do know that Israel is a multi racial and multi religious nation, right?

    There are Nordic jews and African jews and everything in between, with the areligious secular jews physically resembling Brazilians and north Africans, and the ultra orthodox black hats still being essentially racially polish.

    As for religion, there are orthodox jews of several strains, those weird Ethiopian jews whose Jewish is literally a “we wuz kangs” fiction that the Israeli government honors for some reason, and then a huge portion of secular jews who are fanatically liberal (yes, even in Israel) but are essentially atheists, and whose claim on jewishness seems to run no deeper than somebody at some point saying they are Jewish.

    Israel as a country is united by little more than united states government funding and persecution stories, either vague rumors some family member died in the Holocaust or their distaste for their geographic neighbors.

    In short Israel is a multicultural paradise where they literally stab each other in the streets over whether or not their country should have gay pride parades.

    I am really not sure why you keep fixating on it like some bastion of nationalism, it is obvious you have not been there.

  4. There is nothing organic about the zionist occupation of Palestine. Nor is the (((Left))) anti-israel. Google “benjamin victor cohen” and see for yourself that internationalism and zionism are two sides of the same shekel, with the very same “people” advocating both simultaneously. Oy vey!

  5. Nice work trolling Greens and Anti-Zios. If you want to promote real environmentalism, you either need to organize green caucuses within non-leftist parties or try to go around democracy altogether. Humanity will never respect nature as long as we live under rapacious mob rule. Anti-Zios need to realize that Jews aren’t so bad and would mostly go away if we returned to WASP organicism, so anti-Zionism is pretty redundant from a reactionary standpoint

    • Anti-Zios need to realize that Jews aren’t so bad and would mostly go away if we returned to WASP organicism

      This seems to not make it into the narrative too often. With Nationalism, every group has a place, and most will want to be with those like them. In addition, strong ethnic identity prevents outbreeding, which will save both Jews and Nordic-Germanics from extinction.

  6. crow says:

    It must be difficult to write about things when there is no truth. Especially when you refer often to certain things being true, and accuse leftists of lying. How can one lie when there is no truth?

    I, myself, went through a period of readjustment, training myself never to use certain words everybody uses, but that no longer carry any meaning (or truth) for me.
    Phrases like “I think…” comes immediately to mind.

    Words, words…
    If truth is only a word, so is nihilism. So is every other word. It’s all non-existent gobbledegook. This is true. But wait: there is no truth, so what is it? What is anything, once you start disassembling it and removing the context that makes anything mean anything.

    It used to be only leftists that did that sort of thing.
    Observing all this, I now include right-wingers along with left-wingers, inside the meaningless blanket-term ‘leftists’.

    Meaning is important stuff. You can easily claim there isn’t any, and make a whole religion of that. But once you’ve killed off meaning, what’s left, other than to go the whole hog and kill yourself, too?

    I’ll stick with what I know of Truth, since I do know what it is, and can depend upon it never changing.

    Oh, yes. The OP: Why the left hates Israel.
    Well, the left hates everything. That is its defining feature. It can never run out of things to hate, because it will go right on subdividing the subdivided divisions it subdivides everything into while raging against division and roaring for more diversity.

    I’ve come to see healthy humans as that dwindling bunch who don’t hate Israel, or, indeed, anything else.

    • But wait: there is no truth, so what is it?

      There is only reality with no intermediaries. We are saying the same thing, but using different vocabularies, and slightly different methods (organized meditation versus Shinto-derived aesthetics of intuition).

      I’ve come to see healthy humans as that dwindling bunch who don’t hate Israel, or, indeed, anything else.

      It is a small group but we are growing. We like what works, and dislike emotional tantrums like hatred, peace, love, shopping, etc.

  7. Hess says:

    “Watermelon Party” is how the “Green” party is known in several European countries. They usually form coalitions with Communists, Socialists, etc.

    Ecology for them is just a marketing scam and a political tool to advance their agenda (e.g. “climate migrants”).

    Angela Merkel, after infiltrating the CDU and destroying everything to their right in Germany, has tried to push the party further and further to the left. She has actually said that the “Greens” should be their closest ally, to the befuddlement of many in the CDU. She knows she’s dealing with cucks who will never stand up to her so she can say that and get away with it.

    Unfortunately for her, this void on the right has now been filled by AfD. Merkel, the “Greens” and The Left (Die Linke) are now just basically out to kill Whites and destroy Germany and Europe. I hope people can see them for what they truly are before it’s too late.

  8. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    It has all been made clear by Bezmenov and a few others. The main idea of the Left is to use useful idiots to destroy the west so that the left can institute a totalitarian kind of socialism. The Green party is just one example.

  9. Asian Reactionary says:

    I’ll be amused if the Greens ever actually reply to you.

    • Bannon, who will be one of the most powerful officials in the White House, has himself been accused of making specifically anti-Jewish remarks.

      …According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which monitors hate groups and extremism, Spencer has called his mission a “sort of white Zionism.”

      SPLC says that Spencer hopes to “inspire whites with the dream of such a homeland just as Zionism helped spur the establishment of Israel.”

      Fascinating article; thanks for linking it. They do not quite yet understand that to be nationalist is to exclude all other groups from your homelands. It has nothing to do with hating them, and everything to do with self-preservation.

  10. Svmmoned says:

    Now you are making things up. All of it. Being not versed on this particular issue, you are taking things at face value, admittedly after some clueless “specialist”, and drawing improbable conclusions. For example: “birth of Israel awoke the yearnings of the Jews of the Soviet Union” – true, but in different sense as you may think. It created situation, where Jews acquired double loyality of yet another kind than before – this time also to a certain geopolitical entity. Still being in foreign countries, they tried to use their influences to subvert them or to maximize gains for Israel, of course to the detriment of those countries, about which they never cared in different way, than as a instruments of their own prosperity and goals – hence their genocidal policies. In other words, Jews were acting nationalistic in country different than their own. Now, how do you like Nation of Aztlan, La Raza, Isis etc. on your streets? And what exactly do you wish to do with them? Deport! So really, dont blame it on some Leftism.”I do whatever I want and you must still accept me and bear the cost …” is actually a motto of every Jew in foreign country, twice if he’s Zionist, because Jews simply don’t have our dignity.

    Few more considerations:

    First: it should be noted, that what is now conveniently called anti-Zionism (perhaps contrary to its literal meaning) is often any denouncement of unchecked jewish activities in countries they happens to live, conducted – again – to the detriment of those countries.
    Second: Quite often leftists hate Jews, because they take marxism at its face value (many Leftists being orthodox doctrinaires), and Jews simply shine as a manipulating capitalists. Such was the case with RAF, for example.
    Third: Israel is a nexus for all shady activities Jews are known for. It bears similiarity to Soviet Union at time when it couldn’t be effectively infiltrated by Westerners, while at the same time it was able to infiltrate West. We don’t know what happens there and they aren’t interested in sharing such informations. Count twice if you consider, that Jews and their omerta are not shaped by some shallow ideology or police state, but by something deeper.

  11. Diane D says:

    Israel is no different than any other nation. Jews are no different than non-believing Muslims. Christ changed everything.

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