The loveliness of boats


When you look at the breadth and depth of our decline, finding a source seems impossible. Many are suggested; most are scapegoats. You will not respect yourself if you go chasing after symbols of evil instead of the evil itself.

But ask yourself: what, if it went missing, would immediately end our decline?

If all The Rich™ disappeared tomorrow, nothing would change. We would simply have new people with money taking their places. Similarly, if The Jews™ all went away, their places would be taken by those who think similarly, namely gentile Leftists, to the Jewish Leftists.

But what if all Leftists disappeared tomorrow? Perhaps they could be led down to the docks and put onto lovely boats, which would compassionately convey them to a new land, perhaps Brazil? That way they would not get to enact their desires for us to become Brazil 2.0 but would merely experience the original version.

Lovely, lovely boats. In our desire for retribution against those who caused this mess, we tend to forget that it was us. We adopted some illusory ideas and ruin followed. It is that simple. But fixing it could be even simpler if we deported those who embrace the illusory ideas and build their identity out of them. A new space would exist for rebuilding.

Of course, if the Leftists departed certain industries would collapse. Hollywood and journalism would become ghost towns. Pornography would wither and die. Legal marijuana might become harder to find, as would novelty objects. The popular music industry might have to fall back on local musicians of talent but not “flair” for mass popularity.

And yet, life would regain a certain calm. The manic push for achieving wish fulfillment scenarios through government would also depart. People might become content with ordinary life again, and doing the best they can to be the best of what they are, instead of dreaming about what they might be as empowered by the Leftist regime.

The lovely boats would depart, uniting the Leftists with the inevitable end result of their ideas, and all would be happy. Those of us living in the feral, atavistic, primitive and time-honored ways of our ancestors would be forced to confront the end results of those ideas. And Leftists, the same for their ideas.

It seems tragic, the parting of people. Yet nature works by sorting, separating groups by the direction in which they are headed. Leftists want one vision, one cursed by history, and the rest of us — doubtless less educated™, enlightened™ and empathetic — want another. Nothing is more natural than our separation.

On the morning after the Leftists go, what remains? Normal life. Unexciting, perhaps, but at least in line with reality, showing the reason that certain ideas have prevailed across time. Comfortable. Stable. Normal. But not fitting for Leftists.

Instead, they can wave goodbye to us from the lovely boats, and think of the Utopia that awaits them: diversity, pluralism, democracy, self-expression, individualism and compassion. They will at long last be separate from those that hold them back. They will finally be free.

And so will we….

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8 Responses to “The loveliness of boats”

  1. Cynical Optimist says:

    It’s a nice thought, but my fear is that a new crop of Leftists would arise opportunistically and take their place. That is, won’t there always be people who benefit from more handouts, equality, creating victim groups, etc.?

    But to the extent that political beliefs are hardwired (and there is a lot of research on this, I think) this might not be such a fear after all.

    We also need to prevent the conservative brain drain, where smart would-be-conservatives head to large cities to cash in, leaving their home towns stale. Surely places like West Virginia could use some progression forward in terms of art, technnology, health care, architecture or whatever.

    So I guess it’s a separate question, why is it that conservative-selected places don’t seem to thrive? Or is this a false impression given by the media? Or should we say that true conservative-selected places no longer exist? (which is on the verge of a “no true Scotsman” fallacy)

    • -A says:

      The chosen images of “conservative spaces” are usually going to mean blue collar. The proletariat are only generally conservative most of the time. They often do have many liberal notions. But, they don’t like blacks so, they’re conservative. Take away the car plant and the chalk mines and they are done.

    • fodderwing says:

      Cynical, you may be right about this. As I see it, get rid of the Left entirely, and soon there would be a new political spectrum from Left to Right.

      The Soviet Union made the Right illegal. Only Lefties. How’d that work out?

      Outlawing the Left would only make it more attractive to some.

      • I think the point is not outlawing the Left, but removing those who are attracted to insanity. The Left will always be there, as an idea; however, when there are large numbers of people who think that insanity is a Good Idea, then those are mental defectives and a threat to the health of civilization.

  2. Craig says:

    “Instead, they can wave goodbye to us from the lovely boats, and think of the Utopia that awaits them” Hell, lining them all up against a wall and shooting them would be more humane. Just my two cents. I’m sure they fully intend on doing exactly that to us anyway the way things are currently headed now.

  3. Carl-Edward says:

    It would be far better were all governments to be dissolved. In that event, everything would be privately owned, and the free market would determine the value of goods and services. Like-minded people would live in territories which they would own, and anyone wishing to move from one territory to another, would either buy land or rent it.

  4. crow says:

    A pleasant daydream, but beware of the places such flights of fancy may lead you: mental instability, delusion, psychosis, and leftism.

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