Send the liberals to Brazil


Liberals/Leftists (these mean the same thing, although liberals will take pains to try to convince you otherwise) have been attempting to flood the EU and US with third world people. Election 2016 is about whether the indigenous white people will accept their own extermination by this method.

The power of the Leftist strategy is simple. Third world people come from cultures which are genetically inclined to failure. For that reason, they only recognize failure as good and therefore will support Leftist programs. They will do this even as their countries fail as a result of those programs, much as their ancestors did — which is why they are in a third world state today.

When the Leftists replace first world people with third world people, the country goes to Leftists permanent. Here we see the deceptive nature of power, which is that it cannot admit its own limitations. There is no way those Leftist governments will involve the current Leftists. They will be pushed aside for the next Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro.

But Leftists are not students of history. That is: they believe history is arbitrary, and that all decisions in the past were done for made-up reasons like “racism” and “sexism.” Once you get to that state, you are already in denial of the fact that all decisions are made for the purpose of adaptation, and that if adaptation favors something sexist or racist, there is a reason. But Leftists are pathological liars who are in denial of this situation.

As a result, Leftists have denied the learning of history — that third world peoples are different, that putting two groups together results in destroying both, and that diversity is the graveyard of empires — and want to import all these people just so that Leftists stay in power. All the gab about refugees and humanitarianism is just advertising, marketing and propaganda (AMP).

What this means for Election 2016 is that we are voting on survival: vote Left to be replaced by the third world, or vote Right — errr, if you can find a real Rightist — to continue being German, English, or if you are an American, German-English. The Leftists have forced this choice on us. They want to exterminate us. For that reason, I suggest we turn around the choice, on them.

Let us tack another policy onto this election. If Leftists win, they destroy us by importing the third world; if the Right wins, we save ourselves by deporting all Leftists to the third world countries they idolize. I suggest Brazil because every Leftist I know adores Brazil. It’s so in touch with itself, earthy, sexually liberated and — lest I forget — diverse. Oh yes! People from every race and background mingle in Brazil, except those with the money to buy their way into the gated communities north of the cities.

In every way, Brazil is a Leftist dream. It has Leftist welfare, and Leftist-style anarchy zones called favelas. It is tolerant, much more so than America. Brazil has hip tribal music and alternative culture. You can get your piercings there and no one will blink an eye. Feminism and female domination are also the rule of the land. Like I said, Leftist paradise.

American Leftists have no reason not to go to Brazil. Sure, the property values are low and there are third world problems like toxic water, constant crime, drug use and urban decay. But Leftists need to make a choice, now: if all people are equal, those problems are not the result of people but policies, and with all of the new Enlightenment™ from these American liberals, they will “solve” those in no time. But if all people are not equal, diversity is insane nonsense and Leftists are trying to kill us with it.

So: put up, or shut up, Liberals. Either your policies are correct and honest and you will really enjoy Brazil, or your policies are crazy and you are crazy, at which point deporting you to the dysfunctional (read: crazy, because you have to be mentally deficient to elect to live in dysfunction) third world is the right thing to do. Either way, putting the Great Leftist Deportation of 2016 on the ballot is a good way to visualize what this election is about.
Look! How diverse and youthy! Hip and groovy! It’s Brazil! Why wait?

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19 Responses to “Send the liberals to Brazil”

  1. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Excellent idea. I say we hold show trials for their prominent leaders and execute them. Make an example of them.

  2. Eldrick says:

    Brazilification is the perfect meme.

  3. Paul Warkin says:

    Merkel can go to Syria, since she’s so desperate to live amongst Syrians.

  4. JPW says:

    Send the Cuck Overlords there and see if they last three days in a typical favela.

  5. MeToo says:

    I like this article, except for this statement:

    “Third world people come from cultures which are genetically inclined to failure.”

    They are inclined to fail only if they are not suited to our particular level of civilization & the technology that goes with it, which is increasing daily. Browns and blacks, reds and yellows were not biologically built to cope with our style of doing things, but they see the goodies and like cargo cultists they think if they adopt it,at least superficially, a great life will ensure. When the mere possession of smartphones & whatnot is not working in their homelands to create Heaven on Earth, why, they knock down fences to get to our own countries. You know, ramping the cargo cult mentality up a notch.

    They just need to be permitted to be themselves, with as much or as little technology and modern medicine as they themselves have developed. But you know all this, so why say they are destined to fail. Indeed, later in your article you state, “… third world peoples are different, that putting two groups together results in destroying both.”

    If I were stuck on a paleolithic jungle island, I do not think I could shinny up a tree for a coconut to keep me alive – but the natives could.

    Globalism is criminal.

    • Indeed, later in your article you state, “… third world peoples are different, that putting two groups together results in destroying both.”

      That’s the real point. The unmixed original cultures of the earth have, as you noted, found a way of living that fits them and it makes sense. Most of the third world however consists of failed once-great civilizations, and the people in these places are genetically programmed toward short-term thinking, opportunism, corruption and disorder.

      • MeToo says:

        And guess what gone-to-the-dogs civilization is next?

        • -A says:

          I have a little bit different of a criticism. You are trying to be compassionate but, your logic smacks of “noble savage” bullshit and the notion that one’s race and general inherent nature is a preference. Just take a look at the tribal peoples in South America and tell me that they do not live in filth of their own making. Even the most antifa liberal will admit to the facts that Vikings (who could just uproot a palm tree if they wanted to) lived clean, orderly and disciplined lives leading up to a Sweden that even Japan thinks would beat them in a Gundam race. Third worlders are destined to fail because excessive breeding to keep the race alive only works so long and that or violence are their only two choices. They will kill you as quick as look at you. I love the man to death but stop Aurini-ing yourself into self-defeating compassion. It is an echo from a time when you thought more liberally like I am sure everybody on this site once did. I sure as hell did. If I could only take command of my own body a decade ago…

          • MeToo says:

            Thanks for replying to what I said.

            “…your logic smacks of “noble savage” bullshit and the notion that one’s race and general inherent nature is a preference.”

            Well, no, not at all. How did you come to that conclusion? I was trying to express the opposite, that one’s inherent nature is just that – inherent. Which is why we need total separation and no feeling sorry for anyone except our own kind where they will benefit from our caring in a long term sense.

            • -A says:

              I came to this conclusion because for all of my romanticizing of living with Nature, I consider life in the jungle or the savannas to be failure. I do not see any kind of clean, orderly or sane life among these people, even if they have a concrete jungle like Brazil does. Being so kind as to say that they can have a success that is preferential to their natures seems to me to be too kind. Eventually, they will all die. Likely from disease. Our societies will last longer if we can keep the liberalism at bay and force it into retreat.

              I think my impression of the statement you made is wrong now, though. I guess I have just read too many budding conservatives who want to cling to modern altruism out of fear of hubris and inhumanity.

              • crow says:

                Living a natural life is never a failure. It is natural.
                Such people have a remarkable resistance to the diseases that they encounter during their natural existence.
                Only when neurotic city-types drop in on them do they fall apart from poxes, common colds, etc.

                • -A says:

                  This does bring me to asking about a current concern that is likely just alarmist sensationalism to distract people and sell bug repellent. Do you think there is any connection between zika and birth defects?

  6. Harold says:

    Some years ago there was a discussion of the Brazilification of America, I believe in the comments at Sailer’s blog. In this discussion a Jewish individual said that it made sense for Jews to push for the Brazilification of America because Jews were safer in countries like Brazil. Coming late to the discussion I didn’t make a comment musing that if only there already were a country like Brazil…. But, of course, then they would have to sit on a raggedy brown ass and look across to see some goyishe kopf astride a magnificent white charger.

    • Those who feel they do not fit with the majority, whether a group or an individual, feel safer amid social chaos. It is like dazzle camouflage that hides them away because their deeds are less noticeable than the raging chaos around them.

  7. Harold says:

    White liberals have to make the West vibrant because the West is undeservedly living well on the exploitation and oppression, past and present, of people of vibrancy. It is an affront to their sense of justice. Making the West vibrant gives them that virtuous feeling that Whites crave and helps expiate their sin.

    • JPW says:

      Making the West vibrant gives them that virtuous feeling that Whites crave and helps expiate their sin.

      But it’s always the other white guy that lives outside of Zuckerberg’s gated community that will be made to pay for all this vibrating vibrancy.

  8. Herr Treblinka says:

    How is Brazil very women-friendly considering all the rape going on there? Brazil is quite “traditional” from many points of view and more religious than the US.

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