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  • Record 60 million Hispanics in US, 52% of population growth

    Somehow, no matter what we estimate, there are always more. As pointed out here before, the third world breeds by r-strategy and the first world by K-strategy, which means that third world people reproduce rapidly so that some offspring survive, while first world people do their best to ensure survival off their offspring through the investment of social capital in both having a functional civilization and the children themselves. All societies die by class warfare, because not only the underclasses but the diversity that leaders elected by the underclasses inevitably support breed more rapidly than the higher-IQ. In short, civilization becomes a race between the intelligent and the herd, and usually the herd wins, killing off the civilization.

  • Trump forced pharma firms to disclose drug prices in TV ads. A judge said no

    So, Big Pharma and Leftist judges agree that Trump cannot implement a commonsense law which would help everyone.

    How interesting.

    More likely, those in charge of government do not want to give it up, so much like they stalled Brexit with bureaucracy and legal dissembling, they are doing the same here.

  • Trump’s trade war triggers $2 trillion losses for global super-rich as stock markets tumble

    What is not to like here? Trump is dismantling the globalism system, by which Western Leftists transferred money to the third world and in exchange, got direct payments that they could use to fund their political campaigns here. The Clintons were the archetypal example of this, taking campaign donations from China in exchange for, presumably, shifting the balance of power to the East. Bill never wanted to be a poor Arkansas boy again, and Hillary really hated her parents and just wanted to be a bigger shot than they were. Now that globalism is unraveling, the Left find that it made an unwise alliance and has as a result made itself obsolete.

  • A crying boy begged his father not to call the police on a black man. The father did it anyway

    Black guy “tailgates” — following someone else who uses a digital access code to get into a building — and then just hangs out. Father calls police. Black man uses race card. CNN fawns all over it, since the only people who watch CNN anymore are elderly dementia patients and imprisoned minorities.

  • NAIDOC indigenous dance performance students ‘distressed’ after being laughed off stage

    In the 1990s, we started the Great Fawning, in which people who wanted to rise above the Anglo-Saxons who used to run this place started demonstrating their ideological loyalty to the “new” audience of poor whites, minorities, soyboys, catladies, neurotics, NEETs, schizoids, sociopaths, psychopaths, and moral hamsters by apologizing to minorities, groveling before them, loudly proclaiming white guilt, and generally carrying-on about how we should just give it all to them since we are so horrible.

    The Great Fawning was an extension of the push for equality through civil rights for different social classes, women, ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, and finally, racial minorities. It showed a new generation of incompetents mimicking what went on in the past. In the 1950s, their behavior would have been brave and radical; now, with the perpetual Leftward shift of democracy, it is merely mainstream.

    However, the Great Fawning has run into problems. First, the minorities turned out to be unable to run society as well as we did; in parallel, the Southern/Irish and Eastern Europeans turned out to be unable to run society as well as the Anglo-Saxons did; the lower classes and middle classes turned out to be unable to run society as well as the aristocrats did.

    As a result, we are now “peeling the onion”: removing layers from the newest to the oldest. The first layer to fall is minority-worship, where we assume that people who lived in mud huts through subsistence farming have some magical, mystical, and profoundly compassionate knowledge that those who created Beethoven, architecture, technology, science, and philosophy did not. This is the result of neurotics worshiping the Other, which they always do because they are miserable and do not know why (definition of a neurotic: has confused the cause, objective, and why of all things).

    We are tired of hearing about how the aborigines lived in harmony with nature, had great spiritual wisdom, are compassionate for all humanity, and we would be better off if we just lived by their command (alternatively: if women were in power, there would be no war, etc.). Now, it has just become a punchline. The “natives” will do a funny dance, and we will all recognize it as ridiculous, while stern-faced Authority Figures yell at us to take this seriously, because it is important.

  • Is Stella McCartney right – should we stop washing our clothes?

    This is peak neurosis. We should not wash our fine fashion clothes because they are made of plastic and will give off microfibres, says designer. That could harm the environment. Never mind that the entire fashion industry is not essential and could be eliminated for great environmental savings. So could, of course, the underclass industry that makes its money from collecting tax money for the The Eternal Poor, so that bureaucrats can work $200k/yr jobs doing nothing important.

  • Smoking to be ended in the UK by 2030, leaked proposal reveals

    We used to say, “it’s a free country.” Now that rings hollow, since because we adopted civil rights, government has an interest in manipulating us and shaping us into perfect citizens. Its war on tobacco, using a scapegoat for the problems of industrial pollution and especially diesel vehicles, simply gives it yet another excuse to pry into your life and force you to be “normal,” even though the nu-normal is mediocre and miserable. Not to be outdone, broke Illinois is raising tobacco taxes and Australia is piling on the taxes as well. It may seem a minor thing, but the freedom to choose one’s vices is important, and it would not matter at all to the rest of you except that we have adopted socialized medicine and other programs designed for “equality” which in fact give government control of all aspects of our lives. Life was better when we paid for doctors in cash and took overdoses of morphine when we encountered late-life fatal conditions, and could live without the prurient finger of government and its nanny state in all that we do.

  • Italy’s Salvini shuts Europe’s one-time largest migrant centre

    While the number of arrivals on Italian territory has fallen dramatically from the total of 181,000 in 2016 to 3,071 so far this year, the proportion of dead and missing has climbed to 667 – more than one in six.

    Interesting how they grouped dead and missing together in order to hide the fact that relatively few have died. If Salvini gets his way and stops all immigration, zero will die.

  • British builder who moved to Kenya to help build hospitals dies in poverty in a mud hut

    Apparently, he was told that he was unable to own property in his name, so he put it in his wife’s name, and she promptly sold it. Local villagers kept him alive by bringing food and building him a mud hut (really: mud brick shack). In any case, diversity does not work, and this man with two PhDs should have known better.

  • US Music Festival Cancels Policy of Charging White People Double

    Before Trump, there would have been nothing but applause. Now, people see what they are doing as useless social status signaling. We can finally talk about these things again, and people of all races are backing slowly away from diversity. You cannot have one standard for more than one group without becoming oppressive.

  • Dems trembling at Ginsburg-less court

    The strange fruit of Marbury v. Madison continues as the Left, accustomed to writing law by having judges revised existing law for the past sixty years, realizes that if it loses Ginsburg, Trump will appoint either a conservative or moderate judge to the bench. Ideally, he will appoint an originalist, who comes from the belief system that we should look at what the Constitution was meant to mean instead of whatever clever way we can read it using re-defined language and present-day standards. This would end the dominion that the Left has had over American politics.

  • Metal drinking straw warning after death of woman impaled through eye

    Our newfound environmental awareness is more of a panic or fad than anything else, and so you get ridiculous and pointless solutions to tiny problems. The real problem is eight billion people consuming three-quarters of Earth’s useful land for their homes, factories, schools, hospitals, stores, restaurants, parking lots, pubs, roads, and government facilities. The false problem is recycling. We could burn our trash (with proper filters) and do fine. A better approach would be to find one plastic that does not poison us and can be easily recycled, make everything out of that, and recycle everything even though it is not cost-effective. At some point, we have to decide which is more important: having a functional society, or making everyone “happy” with endless consumer products and government benefits. We cannot have both.

  • Pelosi says Trump is trying to ‘Make America White Again’ with census question

    Everyone, no matter what their race, is realizing that white America worked better than diverse America. The more a society fights over power, the less it is focused on what it must do. When one group is in control, enforcing standards and leadership, things turn out fairly well; when many different special interest groups — political, racial, sexual, ethnic, religious, and cultural minorities among them — are constantly fighting for control, society ends up becoming a platform for their battle and fails to act on crucial needs. Not only did white America work better, but WASP America worked even better, and that began to fail as soon as we imported ethnic diversity like Southern/Irish and Eastern Europeans, and failed even harder when we made racial equality part of the equation. The diversity question is at the core of civilization, both in terms of how we handle our native underclasses, and how we deal with the many foreigners who want to invade, purchase, immigrate to, and subvert what what we have created.

  • Noncompliance Kneecaps New Zealand’s Gun Control Scheme

    Many people realize that democracy has gone off the rails, Jacinda Ardern is crazy, the people who voted for her are crazy, and that ethnic and racial diversity ends societies, so they are opting to keep their weapons so when the rainbow police fail to restrain the exploding disaster of end stage democracy, they can at least defend their families against the many bad people who will be empowered by the loss of order.

  • In Mexico, López Obrador gets little backlash for migrant crackdown

    When even chaotic and lawless Mexico realizes that immigration is a crisis, you know that the historical tides have turned. This was a ludicrous, absurd, and comical situation unfolding because of the divided power in America, with neurotic Leftists signaling furiously for open borders and the Right attempting to impose order. We will lose everything we have unless we end diversity and physically remove Leftists (boats to Venezuela).

  • Facebook not invited to White House social media summit: company

    Half of the stuff the White House seems to do appears to be designed as a form of elaborate comedic criticism of the status quo of modernity. For example, this stunt has no practical policy value, but it intensifies the resentment of Facebook at a time when not just the company but its product are facing bitter criticism. First, guilty Larry Sanger, whose product Wikipedia has also helped destroy the net, called for a boycott of social media and then beloved neckbeard teddybear nerd Steve Wozniak criticized the social effects of social media, pointing out that everyone cool has already left, and now Facebook is merely accumulating fudds, mental health cases on disability, bored retirees, clueless trend-chasers five years too late, and other human aggregate. The MySpace cycle accelerates.

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