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  • ‘Red Flag’ Gun Control Bills Pick Up Momentum With G.O.P. in Congress

    Never content to fail to seize defeat from the jaws of victory, the GOP submits a gun control bill that will allow Leftists to declare people insane for their political views, seize their weapons, and ostracize them. Every single supporter of this bill is as incompetent as they are crazy, and the results will be terrible, but as usual, the Right listens to the Left and its media, and then obeys because the Right has no self-esteem of its own that allows it to ignore the herd.

    Most people live through the media and are alternately panicked or exuberant with outrage, and the Right so fears revolution that it goes along with whatever is trending, forgetting that the solution to 99.999% of trends is to diffuse, distract, deflect, and most importantly, delay until the mass fascination has blown over. We do not need Red Flag gun control; few of these killers give any indication of what they are going to do.

    The real problem is that thanks to diversity, we no longer have social trust. In the increasingly paranoid climate, and a society which has made itself miserable through taxes and corporate jobs, people are opting for murder-suicide as preferable to “working within the system.” What we really need is another Tim McVeigh style ANFO truck bomb, at which point the GOP will ban fertilizer sales to anyone who is not a registered Democrat.

  • Moody’s slashes Mangaung’s debt rating and cites probable default

    South Africa continues its descent into the abyss of diversity. When you have an ethnic- or racially-mixed population, people vote for members of their own group and want these people to be criminals who take money from the other groups. This ensures that you always get corrupt incompetents in power. They then raise taxes and steal everything, in the style of Barack Obama and Kwame Kilpatrick, and leave behind a wasteland with a diminishing middle class, bled to death by diversity.

  • Complaints by female and BAME military staff a ‘serious concern’

    Apparently women and minorities file a lot of complaints in the military. My guess is that the UK military has simply selected for the type of person to realize that complaining about the system will get them ahead, since as an official Designated Victim they can demand attention and promotions that were “denied” them because of “bias” in theory, and so they are going to get lots of these complaints. Diversity: it is all a shakedown, all the way down.

  • Blast hits tax office in Copenhagen in attack, one person hurt: police

    Sounds like people in the “adorable nations” are getting tired of their incredibly high taxes. The thing about taxes is that the people paying the bulk of them receive nothing for it, and the people receiving generally pay nothing into the state, which creates a sinister mentality of parasitism and revenge among the people. In other words, instead of a revolution, you get a society where everyone quietly hates each other and considers them inferior. The West needs to get a handle on its class warfare or it will self-destruct. That, in turn, requires suppressing the people who are causing it because they are not reasonable, rational, wise, or even susceptible to logic; they are simply field workers who have decided that they know more than history, logic, and the wisest among us.

  • California’s largest recycling center chain RePlanet closes all locations

    It turns out that recycling is not profitable. We could easily take a percentage point of what we spend on entitlements and have the best recycling system in the world, which we would do not to make money but because we want to avoid leaving masses of waste behind us. In fact, for us to be truly civilized, we would have to live in a zero-impact society, and this could be achieved with our current technology. Instead we create entitlements in order to make more impoverished and dependent people who will then toss more litter around, in fact generating more than middle class people because of the scatty and scatterbrained lives of the poor, and watch the landfill grow ever higher. Think we are kidding when conservatives say that any government services create an entitlement mentality?

    “Well it is the fault of the state,” said consumer advocate Liz Tucker from Los Angeles. “The state has an obligation and also millions of dollars it can use to educate consumers about their options'”

    Keep throwing money at the problem instead of making it something that we just “do.” Europe is a nitwit, but they have culturally adopted recycling to the point that even their winos line up their bottles by the right receptacles. To do otherwise would be like forgetting to wear pants to school or putting pants on your head in an office setting.

  • Blind panic in Times Square as hundreds of traumatized New Yorkers run for their lives when the sound of a motorcycle backfiring is mistaken for gunfire

    Herd panics are the flip side of trends. When “everyone else” is doing something, most people try to get in for their share. When everyone else is afraid of something, people are certain that it is happening to them. Backfires and a falling mall sign have caused outbreaks of panicked neurosis across America. This is why democracy is unstable; the herd simply reacts, never thinks, and so small problems become blown up into a demonological mythology which is both apocalyptic and messianic. It simply reflects the solipsism of the human condition: just like every lottery player assumes that he will win someday because he wants it badly enough, people assume that the world is directed at them personally, when really it just flows on past doing its thing and most of the time, they are entirely irrelevant.

  • Wales at the heart of major international project to tackle climate change by planting 1 trillion trees

    Less insane than most plans to “combat climate change,” this one involves planting local species to sequester carbon. At least now we can stop with the really insane stuff like attempting to block sunlight or making biodiesel from food waste.

  • Coca-Cola advert for gay tolerance prompts boycott call in Hungary

    American industry seized on the “woke” message because it allowed them to market to a new audience that they think is replacing heritage peoples, and it enables them to get “good guy” points for preaching the right politics — in times of class warfare, the proles just want to hear about how they are victims who should revenge themselves on the naturally more successful, just like the French Revolution or Napoleon Dynamite — which allows them to continue being sloppy bureaucracies that routinely violate our world behind that smokescreen. However, people who are not subject to the constant American media blitz are recognizing that in the years after WW2, commerce and government are joined in wanting to make our civilization into a walled garden nanny state where everyone depends on government and the approval of political authorities like the media. That gives the ultimate power to the proles, who otherwise cannot hold power because they are incompetent. In Hungary, people are rejecting the idea of being ruled by incompetents so that we can have LGBT tolerance and diversity.

  • Tech companies say they’re ready to fight white-nationalist terror

    The Left succeeds because they naturally think as a hive-mind because they need confirmation from others of their own beliefs. That unites them into a big swirling group which interacts frenetically in order to find confirmation for its biases. Whenever there is a crisis or trend, they seize on it and capitalize it to the utmost, while conservatives find ourselves less interested in transient and emotional events and therefore, miss out on a chance to assert power.

  • AT&T employees took bribes to plant malware on the company’s network

    Welcome to the #thirdworldUSA. America won the Cold War but then, under the Clinton years, simply undid everything that made it successful. Hardy pioneers were replaced by refugees, focus on strong culture was replaced with focus on African-American entertainment culture, and a successful market system was converted into a European style high-regulation, high-tax entitlements state. Now that all of our social order has been destroyed, nothing works like it used to, and we are effectively a third world nation with a few first-world suburbs.

  • Ihumātao protest: Video shows protester racially abusing police officer

    Diversity hating on other diversity. Guess what? This just gets worse, the more diversity you attempt.

  • Legalising cannabis in the UK would fuel violent crime and turn a new generation into hard drug addicts, warn experts

    Of course it will. When you make something easy to acquire, then people will do so, and will do so while thinking that society has endorsed the behavior. That puts them into a hedonistic frame of mind and ensures that they will shape their lifestyle around getting wasted and having sex instead of doing something useful or productive with their time. Soon you will have a nation of morally lazy, insincere, and sloppy people who do the minimum in order to get home and light up that bong.

  • Google has ‘political agenda,’ wants to make sure Trump loses 2020 election, says ex-employee

    If you wonder why no one cares about Russian interference, consider that we have corporations within our borders who have a great deal more influence and are interested in having world Leftist revolt. Why do they want this? Companies realize that they are dependent on the audience created by entitlements. All those people with disposable income have it because it was taken from someone else, and they are useful consumers precisely because they are the type of nitwits to buy a $1,000 iPhone while their kids starve. Companies love nitwits because it they need to do is find the hip entertainment, run the right advertising, and then millions of clueless useful idiots rush out to buy the product. Google does not want any interruption in its flow of temporarily moneyed useful idiots.

  • Almost 50 migrants intercepted around Kent and Sussex

    The West is going to drown in migrants like a locust swarm. They will show up, alight here, consume everything we have, and then go off to somewhere else. People are not good; a few of them try to be and mostly succeed, but the rest are simply consumers who do not care about the consequences of their actions. The result will be a tragedy of the commons which consumes all of what once was great in Europe and America, and leaves behind a wasteland like the rest of the Earth under human stewardship.

  • Germany: Refugees integrated into labor market ‘quicker than expected’

    They estimate that almost 400k of them will be in jobs by the end of the year. Like most bureaucratic announcements, this one relies on ambiguous language onto which we project our own meaning. The meaning of “job,” for example; “many are employed as temporary workers and on relatively low wages” the article tells us. Or the duration of that job. Will they remain hired long enough to boost the statistics? In any case, only 36% of them are actually in jobs, and most of those jobs sound like they are low-end and not building up the German economy. Thus another great nation chooses to bankrupt itself and then commit suicide by diversity, simply because by the precedent and logic of bureaucrats and democracy, this suicide is the most sensible thing to do!

  • Liberals fear unrest as Poland Catholic Church doubles down on anti-gay rhetoric

    Human life is measured in generations. What was hip when someone was young will remain appealing to them until they die, which is why you find food brands from the 1940s hanging out in grocery stores despite being flamboyantly disgusting. Most people now are trying to resurrect the 1960s that they knew as their youth or at least, the last time when someone like them was relevant, so they are embracing the progressive message of that era. Others, however, have retained cerebral pliability and have realized that the progressive agenda has failed, and that the new age belongs to people who find hard, fast, and most of all, real answers to the question of human survival. Naturally this has set up a new front in the culture wars, and it will take some time to shake out, but the progressives are looking awfully old, infirm, calcified, and repetitive at this point.

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