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Outliers (#62)

  • Conservatives Condemn White Nationalism

    Let’s be honest with ourselves: illegal aliens haven’t created this situation. It is the conservatives who have been entrusted with power for decades who have failed to secure our border. They are puppets of wealthy donors and corporate interests who are deaf to the demands of their base. The whole 2016 election was about the simmering rage over DECADES OF ANARCHY on the Mexican border and Blompf and the Republican Party were elected on a platform of stopping it only to stab their voters in the back.

  • Igniting Civil War

    The story of the contemporary American Left’s sponsorship of hate and violence begins around 1964, when the Democratic Party chose to abandon the Southern constituencies that had been its mainstay since the time of Jefferson and Jackson. In less than a decade, the party found itself increasingly dependent on gaining super-majorities among blacks, upscale liberals, and constituencies of resentment in general—and hence on stoking their hate.

  • Are You prepared to die?

    My impression is that the mainstream attitudes to death are:

    1. I never want to die and I won’t think about it. I will do everything in my power to stay alive.

    And/ Or:

    2. I want to die quickly and painlessly, with total annihilation of consciousness, as soon as I stop enjoying life.

  • Trump’s truths about Baltimore

    Race is the third rail of American life, but the Democrats and their massed supporters in the media think that their way of talking about race is the only way. This is an insult to the rights of their fellow Americans, and an affront to common sense. Sanders and Trump both said what everyone knows, but fears to admit because the penalties for talking candidly about race in the United States are so high. The truth is that Baltimore’s poverty, violence and sustained failure make it an embarrassment to the United States.

  • Derb’s July Diary: IQ And Immigration, Strip-Mining The Smart Fraction, Numbers, And Visit To China, Etc.

    The upstream variables—the determinants of culture—are history, geography, and population genetics. The three are engaged in a complex dance down through the generations and the centuries, this one influencing that one, that one this one, back and forth, do-si-do.

  • The Downside of Diversity

    That diversity should be a value seems beyond dispute. The existence on campus of a range of beliefs, values and experiences is essential to the spirit of inquiry and debate that lies at the heart of academic life. Who wants to go to a school where everyone thinks alike? But diversity, as it is understood today, means something different. It means diversity of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. Diversity in this sense is not an academic value. Its origin and aspiration are political. The demand for ever-greater diversity in higher education is a political campaign masquerading as an educational ideal.

    Unrelated to the downside of diversity as described by Robert Putnam.

  • Beware Of Christian Nationalism! Say…Christian Leaders?

    “Whether we worship at a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, America has no second-class faiths.”

    Certainly it does—and should. We do not want to encourage worship of, say, Santa Muerta, or voodoo, or witchcraft, or Satanism, or Planned Parenthood, or so on and so forth. Yet under “equality”, these are all one.

  • We Have a White Nationalist Terrorist Problem

    Online communities like 4chan and 8chan have become hotbeds of white nationalist activity. Anonymous users flood the site’s “politics” board with racist, sexist and homophobic content designed to spread across the web. Users share old fascist fiction, Nazi propaganda and pseudoscientific texts about race and I.Q. and replacement theory, geared to radicalize their peers.

    These greebos seem most concerned with The Turner Diaries and The Turner Diaries.

  • Court To The Washington Post: Don’t Try Too Hard To Get It Right

    This is why people of sound judgment and good character despise the press, and also the courts.

  • Dayton shooter Connor Betts may be antifa’s first mass killer

    However, when it comes to condemning the Dayton shooter’s militant far-left views, all remain mum. Others, such as anti-police activist Shaun King, even claimed the Dayton shooter targeted blacks in a hate crime, though ­racism doesn’t appear to have been a component of his twisted worldview.

  • The Nine Angles And Acausal Energy

    But why use the term angle instead of dimension, or even vibration? Because it is different; because the term angle, as used by sinister ways such as that of the ONA, requires one to think about – to logically analyse – what the term means or might mean or imply. That is, there is a certain effort required to ascertain its esoteric meaning. For an angle – esoterically – is much more
    than a dimension, much more than a vibration. Even understood in the exoteric sense, an angle implies something that meets with something else or something that is curving (non-linear; not straight) or the space between two things.

  • India’s Looming Ethno-Nationalist Catastrophe

    The problems India faces are so severe that any political party would be hard-pressed to address them. There is rising inequality, poverty among hundreds of millions, and little hope for job growth. Parched by drought and disoriented by shifting monsoons, the mainland of India is sometimes burning and sometimes flooded. Capitalism has hollowed India out, and climate change is beginning to reveal its devastating face with scant regard for colonial and postcolonial borders. In response, Modi and his party are now attempting to engineer a Hindutva version of lebensraum in Kashmir.

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