Overthrow: the next thousand years are ours


The 1980s were a pivotal time for the West. The great revolution had come in 1968, been mainstreamed and dialed back in the 1970s, but its consequences had created misery as the Left battled everyone else to get us to stop noticing the Cold War and the real threat of Leftism.

A grim truth emerged: modern society itself was the problem. Whether we beat the Soviets or not, everyone would still have to go to work in the morning. And work was stupid: repetitive, boring, clerk-style shuffling of paper and edging around rules. The clients were stupid; that was their problem. The projects were dumb. It was “cover your ass” all the way down.

No one wanted to point out the obvious, which is that our society had become insufferable. It had been this way for a long time, since the 1800s, but traditional social institutions held it back for some time. But with the fall of the Western European elites in 1968, and then the mainstreaming of diversity, everything fell apart.

Now instead of a society, we had a giant marketplace with every man for himself as we all tried to dodge the vast problems created by the pretense of our voters. The politicians would suggest something stupid; the voters would go for it. Huge swathes of our society defined themselves as “good” based on their adherence to this zombie-like, parasitic ideology.

We lived in a totally venal time. Casual sex was accepted not just by the hippies, but the marketplace, which resulted in lonely people with ruined lives and no families. Mass culture was just total garbage. The music was stupid, the movies idiotic, and the television brain-wrecking programming to be a selfish shopper and good office tool.

There were no responsible adults. Conservatives became caricatures who barked out the mantra of “keep your head down, work hard and do the right thing” as if that solved anything; mostly, they wanted us to make the same mistakes they had in order to validate their big contribution, which was not addressing the problem. Liberals as mentioned above were crazy zombies who enjoyed luring other people into making mistakes and then dancing away in the night.

We shared no purpose. Yes, yes, we wanted to beat the Soviets, but that was mainly because of what we knew about life in the Soviet Union: starvation, paranoia, alcoholism and state-sponsored executions. But as to why our society existed? The only meaning any of us had was to get a career and buy our way into comfort so we could ignore the ongoing collapse of all institutions, values and intelligence into a vast mishmash of stupidity.

None of us knew how to state the fact that we were in the middle of an ongoing process of radicalization as a means of not noticing that Leftism had failed us, that it controlled our society, and that our real problem was the huge number of people who acted like acephalous robots in carrying out the Leftist agenda. The more our ideology failed us, the more we pursued it.

There were breaks in the facade, such as when Ronald Reagan took power, but he was not there to challenge the fundamental destruction of the family, our culture and the once-productive way of living. Instead his party offered us symbols like jobs, flags, abortion and military strength. These were substitutes for what we needed, which was to look at our society and realize we were on a wrong path and had to get off.

Even Reagan seemed doubtful. All of our media, entertainers, and intellectuals seemed united against him; anyone who spoke up about how bad he was could expect a career boost as audiences bought the product, fellow travelers promoted them for having the right opinions, or popular focus came their way. A steady stream of celebrities of all sorts bashed Reagan thoroughly but only because of his deviation from the Leftist agenda.

And then, we won. The Soviets turned out to be even more incompetent and decadent than we were, and so they crumbled from within and left a wasteland behind. As more leaked out about how terrible life there had been, you would have thought that the West would avoid the same path. But no, we just found “gentler” ways of going there.

Our weakness was that normal people just kept on being normal and did not fight the decay. They went to college and ignored PC, went to stupid jobs and ignored the waste, married ex-sluts and had kids and kept trying to be regular people. Whenever someone mentioned the decay and that we should fight it, the first voices against them were normal people. “Just don’t rock the boat!” They were afraid of losing what they had, and so they resisted the change that could save them.

The 1980s passed into history as we elected a new Leftist president and he began making changes. The disaster outside began to gain momentum with massive approval from people who believed the salesman’s words that he would stop racial conflict and make us less dangerous than under Reagan. Especially women approved, I recall.

Still the conservatives floated on. Somehow, it would all be changed. The people who lived good lives (and “worked hard” on nonsense) would be rewarded. Even if the bad guys took over, God or the free markets would reward the good. And yet, conservatives were self-destructing. On the surface, they had everything; underneath they could not deny the well-founded fear that our society was committing suicide. They cracked frequently. Everyone else just retreated into their garages, hobbies, entertainment and drugs or alcohol.

Our history since the Great Leftist Takeover has been fairly linear. Everything gets worse, and everyone gets more afraid, so no one does anything and the crazies gain more power to enact even more crazy versions of their Leftist ideas. You can see the gleam in their eyes; they know they will be rewarded for their ideological conformity, and so to them it is like “working hard” at a job for a conservative, the magic bullet which will fix everything.

These are Soviet times. There is a right way to think, and those who think that way will be rewarded; those who do not will be destroyed by the angry crowd. The normal people cower in their homes and jobs hoping to be spared, but if history is any lesson, they will not. Still they do nothing. Like moss, they grow on their warm rocks, unable to change their fates.

But the grimmest fact is that this current downfall is merely the crest of the wave. Our decay has been coming for a long time since people realized that they could use mass opinion against sense. They learned that if they had a mob of supporters, they could get away with anything, for a time at least. And so we followed the Greeks down the same path to suicide, replacing what worked with what was popular.

This started long before the terms liberal and conservative existed, although conservatives are the ones who try to preserve what is left of this ancient order. Nonetheless, they are easily compromised by the same force that undoes everything in our society, which is that among humans illusion with a short-term promise is preferred to time-honored traditions that achieve the best long-term results.

Most people exist in a weird dependency with society: they want the power to do whatever their personal dysfunction demands, and so they insist on freedom and Leftism, even though those are essentially the promises of canny salesman who are manipulating normal people into the grave. People are miserable, but will not admit it as they cling to the power of individualism which allows them to legitimize their dysfunction.

Now we have reached a crisis point. The wave has crested and the crash downward has begun. What to do? There will be panic as the normals realize that the salesmen lied and that all those warm, fuzzy thoughts in fact concealed a sharpened blade of doom. They will, in the Simian tradition of humans, look for someone to blame instead of blaming themselves for taking a sales pitch as fact.

Conservatives are rallying, but will they go far enough? What we need is to overthrow it all: democracy, Leftism, diversity, pluralism, tolerance, altruism, entertainment, mass religion and popularity itself. Most of all we need to disenfranchise normal people who have proven their ability to do one thing well, which is to hide from reality and ignore problems until it is too late to do something about them.

There is much we cannot save and much we should not. The USA and EU are dead and should be thoroughly destroyed because they were stupid ideas; the original population of America and the population of Western Europe however can be conserved. Those who are Leftist, criminal, perverse or broken should be exiled. All of those who are Other — not of a Western European heritage and values — should be given reparations and repatriated to their home continents. After that, we can start working seriously toward rebuilding a civilization damaged by a thousand years of sheeplike stupidity.

Contrary to what you are told in media, the ideas above are not radical: they are how most of humanity has survived through most of history. Self-interest, culture instead of government, strong aristocratic leaders, ethno-nationalism and esoteric religion have always worked. Democracy, diversity and individualism have always led to death and destruction.

The real radicals are those who insist that these forms of dysfunction can work and in fact will turn out for the good. These people are idiots who are busy pointing at their suburban neighborhood and saying “See, I have the good life” which is equivalent to people on the upper floors of a building burning below insisting that there is no need to evacuate. Bad ideas lead to certain doom and delaying tactics like those of our conservatives will always fail.

Our current time is sleepwalking in denial. We suppress our knowledge of how miserable our existence is, how ugly everything is and how corrupt all people are so that we can claim we are living the good life as individuals. That egotistic bragging gets us nothing but it helps people keep pretending that the problem does not exist, which is what most normal people do. We are surviving only because of the vestiges of functional institutions that we still barely retain, and the wealth of the past brought about by the methods to which I suggest we return above.

Like Adam and Eve, we exist in a temporary garden of Eden. In denial we took the apple with a salesman’s promise that it would make us powerful, and instead, it has destroyed the excellent life we once lived and replaced it with outward prosperity and inner misery. Stupid dupes of the lie, we are now telling each other lies to keep pretending that nothing is wrong, even as destruction gathers around us.


Humanity is mostly bad and evil because it is normal. Normal means not so much selfish as oblivious to consequences beyond the meal we are instagramming or the great sale at a merchant that we are live-blogging. Normal means people who cannot lead and do not understand leadership. Normal means death. Normal means dysfunction. Unless, of course, we use those time-honored methods to appoint shepherds for the normal who point them away from their usual petty concerns and toward that which makes a functional civilization.

People will call you a racist and a Hitler but those are lesser things than what we need. We need a redesign of civilization and a restoration of function. We do not need “new ideas” but to throw out the new ideas and go to those that we know are functional. We do not need mere racism and anti-democratic thought, we need to throw out diversity and democracy. The enemy is our bad system of civilization, not the Other. They are just along for the ride to our doom and, because they are normal, are also oblivious.

Living in this world is torment for me, much like being in Hell. I see all of the good things being destroyed and replaced with all of the usual stupidity while normal people pretend they are so smart and clever for not noticing. I see billions of pages of writing that are off-point. I see salesmen of all sorts preaching interesting “solutions” that do not address the problem. No one is committed to stopping the suicide march.

Our problem is not any of the scapegoats: technology, The Jews™, The Rich™, power itself or some vast right-wing conspiracy. Our problem is our bad path of individualism, democracy, diversity and other notions based in the power of the individual, which consists of the ability of normal people to deny reality and not face negative consequences for it. Instead, we face those consequences together in collective suicide.

This decay has gone on for a thousand years without stop and clearly, the bad guys have won. It is time to stop putting our heads in the sand, admit the breadth of the problem and the “radical” notions which will fix it, and then to act to that end. Nothing else is important and nothing else matters when one faces certain death otherwise.

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49 Responses to “Overthrow: the next thousand years are ours”

  1. Bruce Charlton says:

    @Brett – You aren’t exaggerating: just stating reality in a pithy fashion.

    The problem is by now so wide-spread and pervasive (i.e. almost-everyone is so thoroughly corrupted, and almost nobody is fully clear of this) that normal political solutions (relying on some power bloc) are sure to fail.

    There must be a change of heart among masses of people almost simulaneously – yet this cannot be forced, and has not happened despite many and severe warnings.

    The causal mechanisms at work are only very partly known and understood – which means that many causes are invisible or unacknowledged. The situation is therefore un-predictable.

    This gives hope if ever people do wish to change, but will only accelerate the problem and lead to new problems if we continue on the present path.

    In the end, therefore, there has been and is a choice – an individual choice, or choice of individuals – and the consequences follow from that choice.

    Consequences of choices follow by mechanisms that are poorly understood (or not understood at all) – therefore the only thing we can do-right is to choose-right: so that its what we should do.

    • Dualist says:

      This is one of Brett’s best articles yet. All of us on the alt-right know that any policy that is rooted in individualism and egalitarianism can only ever produce more and more evil fruit the longer it is allowed to live. The whole course that Western Culture and Civilisation has been on for three centuries, at least, needs to be reversed.

      Here’s our one, major, strategic problem: We live in a democracy – but hardly anybody supports our ideas. And, very soon, our nations will be past the ‘point of no return’.

      For the past 50 years (or more) people have consistently bought the leftist-lies and voted for leaders who offer more and more leftism. So we can only expect the electorate to continue doing the same. Practically the whole output of our school systems are now thoroughly indoctrinated Marxist-meme-repeaters. So there is no sign anybody is going to start voting for Traditionalist ideas in the near future.

      This will only change once people start to get the impression that they can no longer keep their heads down and ignore the problems with an ‘I’m alright Jack’ mentality. They will only vote for our ideas once the effects of leftism start to affect THEM, personally. So unless we actually launch an armed revolution ourselves (impossible), we need to think of ways of changing people’s mindsets ‘almost simultaneously’.

      But here’s the other problem: it must be done soon. Speaking only of Europe, once the Other (especially Muslims) become more than 30% of the population we can then forget about any democratic solution and will instead just have get used to living under Sharia. This is not because ‘the Other’ is THE problem (we all know the real problem is leftism itself) but simply because there would be no chance of turning back from that point on.

      EVERYBODY PLEASE, PLEASE WATCH ALL OF THESE VIDEOS. Most are only 2-4 minutes long. In England, whites are already a minority in our capital city. This is what it is ALREADY like to live in parts of Europe’s cities, where immigrants are the majority:







      So if we are to have ANY hope of the West changing its trajectory, Traditionalists need to get elected very soon. Once ‘we’ are in charge then we will, obviously, instantly end liberal democracy, develop systems of putting the best people in charge of everything, make the necessary changes to our whole system of education (both academic and character building/testing and, eventually, the inculcation of superior, Transcendental, fundamental beliefs/aims), and start to repatriate the Other, so that the rebuilding process can start.

      The full renaissance itself will take decades – but we need to get elected at some point to have a hope of starting it. But, as people have consistently elected rogues even as the situations in the above videos are already occurring, we need to think of ways of INDUCING a ‘situation’, the solution of which is ONLY offered by US. And then they will vote for ‘us’ – and only then we can start to make those fundamental changes that Brett and other true conservatives so eloquently prescribe.

      This induced situation(s) would need to be something the media could not refuse to cover, and had the potential to affect everybody. I’ve developed a rough idea of how this could be done, and I’ve mentioned it before. I include it again, below. I would be very interested to hear what people think about this plan.

      • oznoto says:

        Things have gone too far now. It wont be repatriation, but extermination. The only question being, who exterminates whom.

        • I hope to avoid all of the horrific violence that normally accompanies civilization collapse. The Other will be happiest in its continents of origin; we will be happiest here, by ourselves. This can be accomplished with sane, gentle and fair methods.

          • oznoto says:

            I acknowledge your hope, but I don’t think it’s realistic. I asked a black man I know, recently, how he would feel about being repatriated to Africa. He said he would fight it to the death, and brutally. I can fully understand that. He’s not an African and speaks no African languages; his great grandparents were born here. I don’t know any Muslims personally, but I imagine if I asked one, he would respond similarly. Only White people are so naive, as to believe that bunkum.

            • The utilitarian fallacy applies here, in that most people do not know what they need and pick the wrong choice. Further, that’s based on perceptions (which are inaccurate) of the present balance. Right now, it seems like here is stability and wealth, and there is disorder and poverty. That situation has shifted. Here is political instability and there is a greater stability. Further, as is somewhat obvious, the decision does not need to be purely voluntary: when we cut the subsidies, and say you have no legal protection here, and then apply pressure, the situation will look 100% different.

              • fodderwing says:

                Restore freedom of association and much of this will take care of itself. One must be cautious when plotting the return of the other to their ancestral homes. It is conceivable that, depending on who is in power, you may be the other who must make the trip.

                • Restore freedom of association and much of this will take care of itself.

                  I think that’s a good start but no, it will not solve most of the problem.

                  There are no Systems or magic words to fix the West. It needs a reorganization through a re-orientation toward a sane way of life.

    • Dualist says:

      We need one, overall Alt-Right leader for each country – but not right now. The movement is barely nascent, and much too new and atomised to present a united, political front, yet.

      Having single individuals as a ‘front’ for the movement is a bad idea right now, for this reason: the mass media would simply perform the obligatory character-assassination on him. They wouldn’t stop until they found something sufficiently compromising in his past or, if they couldn’t do this, would simply manufacture lies. The problem with this is, the WHOLE movement would then be discredited in the eyes of those currently unaware of what we really stand for, in one fell swoop.

      The mass media would like to portray all Alt-Righters as odd, lonely, stupid, resentful ‘haters’. Better still, they’d prefer to ignore us completely. So the first step is to get enough people on-board so that they could no longer succeed at this. Once many more people know of us and support our ideas, the media can no longer ignore us, as we saw in the UK, with UKIP being given a platform with the other parties on the televised debates leading up to the election.

      Once we are close to that level of development, THEN we can look for a leader, one for each nation. He would ideally have these qualities: he would need to be academically proven, preferably having a PhD in a science or philosophy, though certainly not somebody who comes across as a limp-wristed intellectual (the public hates those). This first requirement is so the media can no longer use the trope of presenting race-realists as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. Credibility, basically; though even if he was no academic himself, many of those members visible ‘around’ him must be so, for this reason.

      The second requirement is, quite obviously, being a good speaker; not only in rousing speeches, but also quick on his feet when dealing with dishonest, sneering, sarcastic TV presenters and political opponents, who will all try their best to to make him look stupid. He would have a good speaking voice and tone.

      He should always come across as honest, and be honest, as this will finally look like a real ‘alternative’ to the politicians who simply evade the question or lie outright. He will present our ideas directly and totally unashamedly

      Finally, this is something that shouldn’t matter but really does in this media age, he should not he too old, and should be ideally be much more handsome and masculine-looking than the usual weasel-politicians, with their liars’ faces. Research has shown people are much more likely to trust and believe somebody with symmetric features. It also makes the movement appear less ‘dirty’, and appeals to the female half of the population.

      Now the real business starts. By that point we will still be a small minority. The media, and the propaganda in schools, will continue to fool most of the people, most of the time. If people are still happy to vote for the status-quo when this is happening:



      then it is very clear they will only start to support ‘fascist’ politics when it starts to look like it might affect THEM personally. This is where ‘mobilising mass-hatred and resentment’ comes in.

      The problem we have is that every time another Paris-type massacre occurs, there is a little extra resentment for a few days, a few people upload pictures of the most mindless memes imaginable, then the uproar dies down after a few days. Forgotten. Subconsciously, people have realised that they themselves are personally safe, and, being completely self-centered, continue to think first about showing off their liberal credentials rather than the health of their nation and race.

      But what if it didn’t die down after a few days? Now, the following is only applicable to Europe, which already has a large percentage of seething, mortal-enemies in its midst. Muslims are our most useful tool, strategically (though the situation in the US with blacks, with their tendency to riot at the drop of a hat, is roughly analagous, too).

      Imagine if a situation arose that lasted for MONTHS instead of days (ideally when an election was looming.) Were there was muslim-induced carnage running through every city, every day and night, for months on end. If all our TV screens were covering this break-down of law and order, 24/7. If all the native population had to stay indoors for fear of attack. This situation happened in the UK a couple of summers back (starting over a police shooting) but died down after a few days. Imagine if it continued for months, only with outraged muslims running amok instead of Britain’s benefits-class, this time.

      I believe only THEN could we achieve the popular support required to gain power. Once people realise THEIR future was no longer safe, they would look to the one and only party who had been predicting this disaster and had been offering remedies to such problems in advance. Remember, Hitler would not have gained power if it wasn’t for the insane situations arising due to hyperinflation. Only in a situation like this would our support reach its required level.

      So the question remains, how could WE induce this situation? Obviously, it will happen anyway once the muslims become a majority and attempt to apply Sharia on everybody – but it’s far too late then. We would have already long lost. No, we need to get the movement going, gaining credibility and support as we do so, then pick leaders who will address the people and predict this situation arising, and offer the preemptive remedies we would all like to see. Naturally, our opposition will howl and screech, will play unfair, and look for skeletons in our cupboards.

      And then some of US, behind the scenes, would INDUCE this situation. I have thought of a perfect sequence of events that would lead to it, though I obviously can’t write them here. But just bear this in mind: remember the bloodthirsty uprisings in Europe’s muslim communities over Charlie Hebdo, a simple CARTOON? If there’s one singular characteristic of muslims, they’re extremely touchy. Just look at the following video:


      And why did these adherents of the ‘religion of peace’ take to the streets? Because our police had had the temerity to arrest the wife of a certain convicted islamist. It doesn’t take much to get them going…

      So we start off with several acts of ‘offense’, and once the uproar starts, we carry out more and more, pre- orchestrated and timed to cause maximum impact, until the Muslims are in a murderous fury and taking to the streets of every city. And once they are, we carry out even more. The Charlie Hebdo fury was over ONE, single cartoon – I have thought of MANY things that could be done, individually and acting cooperatively, that would have MUCH greater ‘effects’.

      The media would have no choice but to cover nothing else but this. People would be talking about nothing else. Hatred and resentment would start to rise and, crucially, would not die down after a few days. Even if many people still weren’t prepared to admit it openly, they would nonetheless all be starting to realise diversity had always been an unrealistic and dangerous idea – and we would be the ONLY voice opposing it. We would win by a landslide – as long as this all happens while the electorate are still majority-white!

      Then the second part of the plan would start…

      • So the first step is to get enough people on-board so that they could no longer succeed at this.

        I agree, with the caveat that those must know what they desire instead, and that this is missing most of the time, so far.

    • There must be a change of heart among masses of people almost simulaneously – yet this cannot be forced, and has not happened despite many and severe warnings.

      I agree, and also find it important that you note this can happen through eucatastrophe which is another way of saying sudden unpredictable success despite all signs being bad. I seem to recall this from your analysis of Tolkien and tend to agree. Sauron was a lord of individualism, or the power that evil offered by working around the natural order, but also a master of despair, even for himself. Despair and demands for power go together, and when that illusion collapses, much that is not predictable will happen!

      I disagree that masses must awaken. The masses are inert, and can do nothing other than be Hobbits and periodically do what is good as informed to them by the grey wizards of the world. As one of those grey wizards, you have done a great deal to help the Hobbits know where to go.

      therefore the only thing we can do-right is to choose-right: so that its what we should do.

      Absolutely. This is a great starting point. It begins with understanding reality as much as possible, then moving on to transcendent goals, and then awakening the will to do right and from that, by contrast, revealing the disease running deep of modernity which is a parallel to the ancient notions of hubris and evil.

      • Dualist says:

        ‘I disagree that the masses must awaken’

        But we live in a democracy. So how do you foresee any of ‘our’ ideas ever being implemented? And implemented: (a) before it’s too late and (b) when the interests of the currently-poweful and the media are wholly against us?

        Did you not watch those 4 videos I put in my first comment above? Please do. We really don’t have much time, man.

        The most insane, unrealistic option is seemingly what most on the alt-right support: ‘let’s just leave it to chance and hope something miraculously happens to change the tide’. It is unrealistic because all the possible indicators are suggesting things are moving in the OPPOSITE direction, at an accelerating pace.

        Now, I’m certainly NOT saying that a prerequisite for ‘us’ getting into power is for the masses all first becoming card-carrying Nietzscheans, or Christians, for that matter. But a majority of them would have to at least think that supporting us was in their best interests, materially, and so prefer us over the other parties. In fact, all currently living generations are lost, in the sense that they are certain to remain pretty much how they are now, intellectually and morally.

        Any cultural renaissance is only possible in subsequent generations. And only if they have been given sufficient education so that they understand what actually made the great civilisations of the past great. And shown discpline, hierarchy, and have their individual talents, (and faults) noted and tested throughout their schooling.

        But all this can only happen if we get in power first.

        • So how do you foresee any of ‘our’ ideas ever being implemented?

          By the same people who do everything else: the 1-2% who are natural leaders.

          • Dualist says:

            How, if they’re not in power?

            • They are not officially in power, but they have great power of influence and control over many vital parts of the social infrastructure. This transition will be handled by threatening collapse of one form or another, and offering to keep the franchise afloat in exchange for some leadership choices.

              • Dualist says:

                I get what you mean now. Yes, that was all I was originally suggesting, except with a democratic takeover induced by the ‘threat’ itself (see above and below’s longer comments).

                And then the real work would begin of putting into place all that you describe so well in this article, and elsewhere: completely realligning the trajectory society is now moving on to aim at the Transcendent instead. A system of selecting the best people for leadership means that any methods employed will be realistic and good.

        • -A says:

          Dualist, it would require the very thing you are hoping to prevent, and much worse for most people, to side with the likes of us. Trump is so popular because he is a populist, not a proper conservative. I like Trump but, he would not make America more conservative outright, just economically great again. It is as Brett has often said: by whatever means necessary. We have to balance out first. We have to have top-tier leadership first. Then, whether through political dominance or through feudalism restored in a lawless land, take power. There is no hope of in any shape, way or form; of making theminto us

          • Dualist says:

            Yes, read my 2 long comments above, especially the second one. I describe top-down leadership etc. in detail.

            And surely you didn’t think I meant to “THE OTHER” into us? Again, read my 2 comments above.

          • Dualist says:

            Oh, I think it definitely would. I think you’re probably just underestimating how furious the Muslim anarchy would actually be that would rage through the streets. PLEASE read the whole comments AND watch the videos if you doubt this.

            The Muslim attacks and uproar over Charlie Hebdo was over 1 single cartoon. The problem we have is that the reaction of indigenous Europeans always dies down in a couple of days after each new Muslim outrage: Because people are selfish, and they know ‘I’m alright, Jack’.

            So the trick is to coordinate ‘offenses’ (maybe you’re also underestimating what I mean by this – I’m not referring to cartoons….) so that once the Muslim reaction starts and they take to the streets like in the videos, we perform another one, then another one, then another one. We would need to have arranged this all in advance to be coordinated across Europe, and done so securely, ideally meeting in person to discuss the specific, final details.

            The crucial thing is for the electorate to ALREADY know, before any ‘action’ starts, that we are the only party offering the solution to such carnage (though the majority would still write us off as ‘racists’ until the shit actually hits the fan, until they thought that their material interests and futures were threatened). We would obviously time everything to make sure an election was looming, too.

            So we couldn’t do this right now – it’s much too early. We’d need to already have our name ‘out there’, with enough popular support so that the media could no longer ignore us. We would need to be at a similar stage to UKIP, when they were eventually given a platform with the other parties in the election debates, before any of the ‘agitation’ began.

            And, like I said, there’s always the 2nd part of the plan, if necessary….

            • -A says:

              I was unclear. Also, I will read what you posted in greater detail because there is a lot to what you are talking about. I was under the impression that you hinge a lot of your idea on using democracy itself against liberalism. I am also under the impression that you want to do this to avoid real societal collapse (law and order vanishing, crime in the streets blatant and obvious, fatwa and jihad bald faced and naked)as well as decimation of the economy and job market and to prevent further rape and miscegenation. Furthermore, you want to war against the anti-culture which makes this possible in its soft forms.

              Using the system does not necessitate that we use democracy. We will never convince any significant number of people to outright look out for their interests outside of the individual, we will never convince them that amalgamation is wrong and we will never convince them to restore their inherent culture verbally. There will be no way to use popular opinion to restore American and European culture. This will immediately cause a mental brake in anything we endeavor to do. This is why we need a power seizure and an Aristocracy. Even Trump will not be able to make discriminate breeding popular again. If I am mistaken about my impression of what your proposition was, I am mistaken. The power structure you recommend is not inherently bad or poorly thought out.

              Caveat emptor: once we have our own nations, that will be all she wrote. We will have no control over other nations and we might have to live with watching even European nations teeter and then crash into collapse. As children of the Empire, I am sure this makes both of us squirm.

              • Dualist says:

                Cool. Yes, just read the 1st long comment I wrote as well, because that is what I was suggesting: a takeover.

                We only need to get in power once. We can do the rest then ourselves, popular support or none….

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Train, prepare, network, act. It’s time to be warlords again.

  3. crow says:

    Well. That cheered me up. Thanks.

    Lots of good points, though, and better considered than not. One way out is, as mentioned, give up on being ‘normal’ altogether. Doing so buys time, if not to complete one’s life, then to await developments.
    Meanwhile, those with a clue engage in the only worthwhile pursuit that remains one’s own: the creation, care, and feeding of one’s Soul.
    With a Soul, the rest is academic.
    With enough Souls, anything is possible.

    • Meanwhile, those with a clue engage in the only worthwhile pursuit that remains one’s own: the creation, care, and feeding of one’s Soul.

      I agree that humans must know beauty again in order to know why they should strive for the better.

  4. jay says:

    I saw Japanese men with hentai body pillows. Seeing the American Equivalent is uncanny.

  5. into the void says:

    overbreeding by leftists makes this problem hard to reverse

  6. Fleshcrawl says:

    How is one suppose to help get rid of democracy?

    • There is no way for any of us to end democracy – it will end itself in a way that none of us can foresee. The key is to understand that nothing changes until the culture changes. That’s where our focus needs to be.

      • The key is to understand that nothing changes until the culture changes.

        I agree. And, echoing Houellebecq and Nietzsche, the culture does not change until we start desiring something better. Paul Woodruff’s book Reverence (and Lord of the Rings perhaps) is on point here as well. What do we stand for, in the West? What is our goal that is both realistic and transcendental? We must decide to have that goal before we can have that, and when we decide, we can see culture as a means to that end and resurrect it.

        Most of the inveighing against democracy, individualism, tolerance, diversity, altruism, pluralism, et al. here is to remind us what we do not want so that we do not fall back into “easy answers” mode.

    • There are a number of ways. Economic subversion, military coup, democratic power seizure and transfer, and the ever popular armed revolution all come immediately to mind.

      • Fleshcrawl says:

        When are “whites” going to actually start fighting instead of talking?

        • Discoordinated action is a path to defeat. Consequently, that’s a begging the question fallacy that conflates “achieve goals” with one method “fighting instead of talking.”

  7. -A says:

    Loved this article. I would like for so called anti-aging medication to be more than a pipe-dream (like so many other engineered miracles we have been promised) so that I could see the next thousand years for myself.

  8. KG Bryant says:


    What would you say to those who your message resonates with, but who don’t see any viable means of effecting the changes in society you’ve proposed?

    • Viable means? 98% of humanity opposes us, but the methods they endorse keep failing in horrific ways. I suggest that our first method is to seize power by any means necessary and disenfranchise all but the top 1-2% by natural ability.

  9. JPW says:

    We need a new aesthetic. Something that provides us an anti-body against the HPV of brain-dead Modernism.

  10. J Clivas says:

    Please stop inveighing against everything.

  11. Doug says:

    Our best and brightest are demanding credit for good while setting the standard for bad as the badness contagion reaches a point where their voices can no longer be ignored. Gifted would-be good relent and divert creative energies to bad, using guilt as a recruiting tool to maximize the bad headcount and proportional threat of reprisals for defection. The isolated good then require an array of lifesaving camouflage techniques since the contrast with bad becomes so pronounced that even a shrub can sense that something ain’t right.

    As we hammer out a strategy in this transitional age, the good have no other short-term recourse than to exercise patient reticence in their glorious designation. Let’s put all our chips on this brewing perfect storm to shock enough turncoats and housewives back into cognition resulting in a force powerful enough to stave off the perhaps subconscious but no less real long-term goal of the bad: ending once and for all not only their misery but also the very concept of misery through cessation of both good and bad. It would seem to be our last best hope.

  12. Faustian says:

    Gentlemen, please forgive the lengthy response.

    Let us first acknowledge that the West and what it has become was its destiny. It is not some nefarious trick or conspiracy which has led us to this point, but the very nature of the Western Soul which has only reached its conclusion. We will ever be part of that soul, but we have only two options from here. To either go down with the Sun as it sets, in which case we may go valiantly in one last stand as a lion, or to see ourselves as a new seed and push through the thawing soil as a fresh spark of life and the catalyst for a new civilization.
    It is a law of nature that nothing can manifest itself before its time. The flower must always be a product of something growing and thriving before it can blossom.
    From this fact we can see that there is no territory without power, no power without a folk, no folk without a culture and no culture without a unified ideal. The power which we crave is not obtained through method nor strategy. It arises in consequence of a culture growing to such an extent and health that its excess energy brings it forth spontaneously. That is to say, power is a consequence of health. Trying to obtain power immaturely or through force while the body is still sick, is at best counter productive, at worst it is suicide.

    Therefore no political means will produce the power necessary to mount a serious opposition. Once we realize this, we see at once why our methods are failures and will continue to fail so long as we expect a political body without first a culture to support it. And since we are interested in the fruit, which will hold the seeds of the future, we must first find our liberty from the old worm eaten movements. Our enemy gentlemen is united, make no mistake about that. We too must become united. And then when there has been adequate care and nutrients, the power we seek to control our destiny will unfold naturally. Unity alone can break through the current paradigm. It is the only thing capable of taking the place of the current diseased and decaying social body. All political schemes, all methods which involve democracy and liberal allowances of sectarianism will fail. Any path to greater chaos will be disastrous.

    Before we go further, a new culture must take shape. We must see ourselves right now as merely the seeds of this final outcome some time in the distant future. Right now the sun is just beginning to thaw the hard ground. Our potentials are just beginning to awaken. Above us, the old Oak of our people is rotten, its decay has reached beyond its sturdy branches and into the heart. The existing roots are decaying as well and its only a matter of time before a strong wind blows it over. We must understand we are exiled, but not in vain. For we are the acorn which is awaiting its opportunity. We have only to break through the shell, to begin spreading our first roots. Once we do this, we can push our way through the soil, and it is then, in the Sun that we will have our first moment of freedom, real freedom. Our only chance resides in complete unity beneath a hierarchy and leadership principle. Not competing movements, each with their own symbols and ideals, but one united revolution which takes on a life of creative purpose, with a single aim, represented by a single idea and symbol.