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Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, and which incorporates itself with the grapes to be changed into wine; a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy! – Bem Franklin


  • African elephants face growing risk of extinction

    Poaching for ivory and human encroachment receive the blame for this imminent genocide of a species that has done nothing wrong to us. With over two billion people in Africa, areas for elephants to do their thing without human intervention are now much rarer. This will happen to all species unless we check human growth by ending globalism, immigration, entitlements, and foreign aid.

  • Capitalism and greed gave Britain its vaccine success, PM Johnson says

    Capitalism works and socialism does not, but we need more than capitalism, like culture and social hierarchy. We can derive the notion that having positive rewards works better than negative results, meaning that people will always drive toward reward, while too much punishment simply makes them inert. Somehow this disturbs people who want “equality” (the opposite of quality).

  • ‘Racist and reprehensible’: Jewish Power set to enter Israel’s parliament

    A Jewish Nationalist group — those who believe that each nation should consist of one ethnic group only, which in Israel means Jews — has made substantial gains as Israelis, observing the rising power of the Arab vote and the failure of diversity in Europe, South Africa, and America, turn toward the Right. Somehow, we are supposed to condemn their self-preservation instinct.

  • Boulder mass murderer is Muslim migrant and ISIS sympathizer, feds say no indication it’s terrorism

    The double standard continues. If a White guy shoots up a grocery store, it must be White Supremacy and domestic terrorism, but if an Arab guy does it, the press blames mental health issues. Realistically, mental health issues probably influence both cases, but the press like other Leftists will seize any excuse to damage the majority and replace it with foreign voters.

  • Chaos at Reddit as dozens of subreddits made private in protest at site

    Condominium Communist site Reddit made itself known as an early proponent of censorship when it decided to remove conservatives for speaking honestly about race, China, and Leftism. Now it turns out that Reddit hired an admin who supports pedophilia, simply because as a transgender person, Aimee Chanellor is part of the in-group for Condominium Communists.

  • New Zealand approves paid leave after miscarriage

    At this point, democracy has become a public image competition where nations try to be more Communist — free stuff given away after being taken from the productive — than each other, all without mentioning Communism. This signaling competition substitutes for the old way, which was trying to be more productive, effective, and orderly. We gave up on reality long ago.

  • WWII codebreaker Turing honored on UK’s new 50-pound note

    When egalitarianism is your state religion, signaling equality replaces being effective in reality as what is most valued by your voters. The rainbow flag flies over the bank of England and government signals that it is more egalitarian than the rest, therefore in the prole-ridden philosophy of our time, deserves not just to rule but to be acclaimed for its generosity.

  • Is It Is Time for a Lockdown on Sugar?

    COVID-19 revealed that people in first world societies suffer from ill health arising from diet, sedentary lifestyles, stress, and despair. Now that scapegoating natural fats, alcohol, and smoking for our health problems has been revealed as fallacious, we finally turn to the real culprit, which is the democratized cheap but barely nutritive food that we all live on.

  • COVID: Angela Merkel backtracks on Easter lockdown after uproar

    The pandemic provided an opportunity for petty tyrants of every power level to seize more power by forcing everyone else to live in misery, at which point they depended on the tyrants to tell them when they could perform normal functions. Watching China zoom ahead as our futures fade, citizens of the first world have had enough and are pushing back.

  • Biden aims to check China’s growing ambitions

    You can tell political theater because grand statements obscure the simpler task. Biden intends to keep bothering China about the Uyghurs. This does not bother China; they want to keep the world focused on that while they expand in other areas. He then speaks vaguely about investing in science, instead of checking Chinese growth like Trump did with his tariff policy.

  • Federal officials: Voters’ rights violated in NY House race

    New York Republicans finally get the message and start rejecting affidavit ballots, since this is one of the methods that Democrats use to steal elections, causing the federal authorities to issue them a small fine. Better to pay a fine and stop an election theft than to lose government as the fake ballots roll in and the Deep State defends the practice.

  • World’s top emitters a long way from aligning with climate goals

    Carbon and climate change serve as a deflection from the real issue, which is overpopulation and the consequent use of too much land for our ecosystem to sustain itself. Top companies have realized that the Paris Accords are more nonsense designed to neuter the first world so that the third world can take over, and have bet big on fossil fuels instead.

  • Lee High teacher reassigned to paid, non-teaching post amid controversy over BLM flag, her organization says

    Students figure it is their moment to be important hippies and protest after a teacher is told that she cannot have political signage on her classroom doorway. If it had been a pro-Trump sign, she would have been fired and had her house burned down. The double standard continues its inexorable march toward total incoherence.

  • Secret Service inserted itself into case of Hunter Biden’s gun

    Secret Service agents tried to confiscate gun ownership papers from the original seller because Hunter Biden’s wife threw away his gun, at which point it vanished, leading those agents to fear it would be used in future crimes. The Deep State must protect its own, since a criminal gang now rules the USA and requires a pretense of legitimacy to continue operating.

  • Rachel Levine becomes first openly transgender official to win Senate confirmation

    The (social status) signaling contest continues. In an egalitarian society, those who are most egalitarian wins, which means that whoever raises up the least successful becomes king. Transgenders by nature are sad and lost, so they are the new pity pets for the egalitarian regime. Maybe it is time to change the US flag to the “mental health flag”:

  • Woman charged with hate crime after allegedly attacking McDonald’s employees in Mountain View

    A Black woman who assaulted two fast food workers and called them “stupid Mexicans” finds herself facing hate crime charges despite having minority privilege. As diversity-on-diversity violence increases, more people are realizing that diversity has failed. Our next realization will be that only homogeneous populations function well.

  • San Diego law professor investigated after blog post critical of Chinese government

    A law professor points out that the Chinese government lies and is likely lying about the origins of COVID-19 and finds himself being investigated for bias after Asian-American groups complain. Still think diversity can work? Every group is agitating for its own wealth, power, and status, and to do that, they take from other groups.

  • Ohio COVID-19 death, hospitalization data flagged in state audit

    The states have been reporting high rates of COVID-19 deaths by conflating “deaths from COVID-19” with “deaths with COVID-19,” meaning that if you have a positive COVID-19 test and get run over by a steamroller, your official cause of death will be COVID-19. As more of this happens, we will see the pandemic narrative unravel.

  • The New Concert of Powers

    Political scientists accidentally reveal the political cause of globalism. With democracy failing, it became necessary to bind nations together in uniform agreement to maintain democracy. Economically, globalism occurred because unions destroyed American and European labor value, driving most manufacturing offshore in the late 1980s.

  • “Sad Day For Democracy”: Arvind Kejriwal As Delhi Bill Clears Rajya Sabha

    Across the world, not just leaders but ordinary people find themselves realizing that democracy and open societies make them weak to foreign interference and domestic subversion by neurotics, so they are strengthening state power. Since this leads to dictatorship through bureaucratic dominance, we are headed to the only alternative, monarchism.

  • Homeschooling doubled from pandemic’s start to last fall

    Instead of having the kids waste eight hours a day on Zoom lessons that no one retains, parents opted to home-school for a couple hours and have more family time instead. This threatens the public school establishment since with all of the promising kids gone, schools will be revealed as the low-IQ daycare centers with political propaganda that they are.

  • China threat to invade Taiwan is ‘closer than most think’, says US admiral

    China specializes in seizing areas of wealth and integrating them into its failing system so that it can both keep expanding, and eliminate competition that makes it look bad. They engineered a Biden election theft so that no strong leaders would oppose their ambition to seize Taiwan like Hong Kong. By appeasing them, Biden makes WW3 much more likely.

  • Spies increasingly investigating ‘white identity extremism’, including organised extremist groups

    Up to half of the counter-terrorism work in New Zealand consists of investigating White Supremacists and White Nationalism, which helps boost careers when arrests are made but misses the likelihood of other types of terrorist attack, much as the USA spent the 1990s busting White Nationalists only to find 9/11 exploding at its feet.

  • Battlefield: ‘Burbs

    People are fleeing the cities to the suburbs because diversity has ruined the cities, much as “White Flight” was the response to 1960s civil rights leading to Blacks taking over the inner urban areas. This means that political conflict boils down to a swing vote in the suburbs, since everyone else just votes with their ethnic group. Make your suburb pro-realism today!

  • Britain toughens its post-Brexit asylum system

    Realizing that if it allows in any illegal immigrants it will drown in them, the UK opts to make illegal entry more difficult while processing legal applications faster. This merely slows down ethnic replacement and guarantees its success by importing those who already know how to manipulate the system.

  • Teacher suspended after cartoon of Prophet Muhammad shown at Yorkshire school sparks protests

    As part of a religious studies class, a teacher shows a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed from the Charlie Hebdo magazine (which was attacked a few years ago for publishing it). This gives cue to the ethnic grievance committee, which shows up knowing that if it makes a stink, it will get free money, more veto power, and increased status in the community. Diversity is death.

  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admits website contributed to Capitol riots

    Both Facebook and Twitter now admit that their platforms were used to coordinate these attacks, not outsiders like Parler, Gab, and Free Speech Extremist. Big Tech wants to become a utility so that it has no liability and regular checks, since its audience is already defecting.

  • Biden Torpedoes Abraham Accords Summit

    Trump brought peace to the middle east and finally achieved the holy grail of foreign relations for over seven decades. In just a few weeks, Biden has rejected this immense progress in order to replace it with American domination, which means more “forever wars” and fewer chances for humanity to move past its 1930s dilemmas.

  • The ‘Be Someone’ sign now reads ‘COVID-1984’

    Our elites have no idea how much public opinion has turned against the pandemic and forced lockdown designed to destroy Western economies and convey us into permanent bureaucratic socialism. The last cynical message on this railway trestle read WASH UR HANDS and showed a cynical view of the panic as it was developing even back then.

  • Mexico’s president says Biden immigration policies prompting border surge

    The Washington Post claims that there is no border surge, but traffickers are earning up to $14 million a day smuggling immigrants including children into America. Why lie, Washington Post?



  • Cholesterol Metabolism — Impact for SARS-CoV-2 Infection Prognosis, Entry, and Antiviral Therapies

    It turns out that the “good” fats from meat and vegetables harm you less than the processed fats which make you sick, and that if you get COVID-19, this can make the difference between a cold and a hospitalization event. In the end, we will find that this disease kills off the unhealthy and spares the vital.

  • Oakland launches guaranteed pay plan for low-income people

    For families of color, this universal basic income program quietly backdoors socialism into the American landscape by producing yet another entitlements program — following social security, Obamacare, welfare, and free “education” — which can never be repealed because to vote against it will be seen as “stealing” from the most vulnerable. Democracy always swims Left.

  • The first-ever tweet sold as an NFT for $2.9 million

    You know how tedious writers like myself keep banging on about the takeover of reality by symbols? Now purely symbolic properties sell for real money, if we even believe that fiat currency is anything more than an expression of demand. At this point, the popularity contest has won out over results in reality, and this propels us toward an inevitable conflict.

  • Toronto doctor shares images of lungs to show how COVID-19 is ‘brutalizing’ young people

    Just a year ago, we were hearing about how vaping was brutalizing the lungs of young people. Now we have something else to blame that on, because if they get COVID-19, we can “scientifically” assume that this was the cause and that their lungs were perfectly clean and functional — like an equal or average — before infection. This is probably vape damage.

  • Quebec health officials investigate job posting requiring applicants be white women

    The public health system had a White client who requested White staff, and made one job posting out of hundreds for a White female candidate. This outraged the bureaucrats, who want to enforce equality because that elevates the status of government, and they are now retaliating. Racial discrimination remains legal only if it favors non-Whites.

  • ‘Inconceivable’: Many Manitoba First Nations still don’t have access to safe drinking water

    Whenever a failing group has problems, we have two options: blame the group, or blame “the system,” which is assumed to mean White people because they are the majority. This gives minorities a blank cheque for whatever they want by letting their own systems fail. They just point out the disaster and in rush the White people to fix it and pay for it.

  • Face coverings and social distancing may last for years to come, says expert

    The Left wants to choke out Western economies and power so that China can take over because that way, the goal of “workers of the world, unite” will have been achieved and we can finally have equality Utopia. Instead they will achieve equal misery as Crowds always do, since when you take away from the competent to subsidize the incompetent, you get incompetence.

  • Anti-racist motion stalled at the Alberta legislature

    Most people have not yet reached the point where they oppose diversity, but they are past the point of thinking that “diversity is our strength.” Instead, they see it as another necessary parasitism of modern society, like taxes, red tape, traffic tickets, and dodging vast areas of our cities that are wracked with crime, vandalism, and disorder.

  • Advert saying gender equality is ‘outdated’ sparks outrage in Japan

    Few want to admit it, but we are fighting out issues from the 1700s that have failed repeatedly when applied in the egalitarian method. Newer thought accepts differences without needing equality, and seeks instead to find a place where each person can achieve the praise of his similarly-situated fellows for doing the right thing by his own culture.

  • Human penises are shrinking because of pollution, warns scientist

    Chemicals called “phthalates” cause malformedd genitals in babies, adding to the other types of pollution killing us. Air pollution kills children and creates lifelong heart disease, while water pollution kills others and mutagens in products may be causing buckets of cancer.

  • Brazilian Jews file complaint over politician who said Jews sacrifice children

    As you have read here before, conspiracy theories like the “blood libels” are metaphors for a more complex reality that does not communicate as easily. Diversity destroys future generations by giving them a fractured, low-trust, and internally conflicted society to inherit. That takes a few paragraphs, where picturing hooded figures drinking blood at midnight is instant.

  • Mie becomes 1st Japan pref. to ban outing of sexual minorities

    This might be a sensible limit to free speech, protecting the right to privacy, just like there might be limits to free markets, such as imposing free speech requirements when they become monopolies like Facebook and Twitter. Now, can we extend the same protection for political viewpoints?

  • Pollard defends spying on US for Israel in rare interview

    Each group acts for its own best interests. The United States kept some secrets from Israel, and Pollard released American secrets in response. Perhaps “magic dirt” is all wrong and we should consider that people act in the interests of whatever ethnic group they were born into, and no amount of Constitution, apple pie, Jesus, and flag-waving can change that.

  • Facebook says took down 1.3 billion fake accounts in Oct-Dec

    Social media, tired of being criticized for its censorship, figures that its best option is to declare offensive accounts to be “fake.” How does a user defend against that? He submits his real information, at which point the SJW employees of these large firms leak the data and dox him.

  • Suit proceeds over ammo sold to accused Texas school shooter

    The Left will use its traditional strategy to get rid of guns. They will make a big noise in Congress about passing laws, distracting conservatives into fighting them there, while with the other hand they will move courts to approve lawsuits against gun manufacturers. All of those will go bankrupt, and at that point, gun control laws can move forward easily.

  • Army revamps fitness exam, kicks out leg tuck requirement

    Egalitarians have a simple solution to natural inequality: they lower standards. In this case, women joining the Army had trouble with a certain exercise, so they made an easier one a qualifying option instead. ¡Voilà! Instant equality. This should lead to endless comedy when the soy rainbow army goes to fight the Chinese and loses badly.

  • Scott Morrison embroiled in row with News Corp after being accused of ‘weaponising’ complaint claim minutes after fighting back tears

    We do not need more emotional politicians. If anything, we need emotion out of politics. The votards however like short and simple statements, so weepy politicians make them think that something serious is being done, and that makes them feel comfortable going back to work, paying those taxes, and locking up at night as the hostile city rages outside.

  • Young People in China Are Losing Faith in the West

    Sane people hope this is true. Chinese people should focus on China and leave the West alone. Many seem to be repatriating simply because living in a diverse society is alienated and dangerous. If we let this trend continue to run its course, nationalism will naturally evolve with each ethnic group retreating to its own enclave, resulting in less conflict.

  • After years of debate, California finally adopts ethnic studies model curriculum

    Public schools teach kids with IQs from 70 points upward, which means that everything must be very simple. Memorization-based education allows for easy testing, and benefits the dumb students since they do not need to understand much of anything, simply recite “facts.” Consequently schools teach propaganda instead of skills.

  • Soybean Oil Modulates the Gut Microbiota Associated with Atherogenic Biomarkers

    Soybean oil changes your gut biome so that it creates the conditions for clogged arteries and high blood pressure. This should disturb everyone, since soybean oil serves as the basis for most of those products that are now made cheaply so that everyone can buy them. The more you read labels, the less you like grocery store food.

  • The surprise catch of seafood trawling: Massive greenhouse gas emissions

    Democracy thrived by making food cheap and providing jobs for people that require they follow instructions, not figure out how to produce anything. Our cheap food comes from exploiting our environment in destructive ways, in addition to using cheaper ingredients like soybeans. Bottom trawling drags the seafloor for food species, killing off everything else as well.

  • Sharks ‘critical’ to restoring damaged ecosystems, finds study

    Without predators, a tragedy of the commons results when animals graze plant life into nonexistence. In the human world, we once used social hierarchy to restrain the proles from consuming everything and replacing it with inferior versions, but with the advent of postwar “equality” all of that went away, replaced only with the locust-like mob.

  • Can Covid change your personality?

    People with chronic health issues succumb to lassitude, or a general feeling of not-quite-wellness that manifests in a number of behaviors, including reduced sexual drive as the body conserves energy. The toxic modern world — pollution, noise, stress, ugliness — will exterminate first world populations, leaving an ignorant and angry third world.

  • SWAT teams move in to clear spring breakers

    When Freaknic became too much for Georgia, they cracked down, and the party moved to Miami. The mainstream media shows us pictures of White kids rioting from previous years, but the chaos in Miami this year came from minority groups partying like maniacs. While generally I support partying and having a good time, this chaos does not look like much fun.

  • Global shortage in computer chips ‘reaches crisis point’

    Once thought to be our savior because it allowed us to avoid the parasitic unions, globalism now shows its age as supply chains. One boat stuck in the Suez Canal or an aggressive flu means you are out of vital items, which would not be a problem if you manufactured them domestically.

  • Whitehouse Live Stream

    Behold a symbol of nü-America: the empty White House, surrounded by fences, without lights or flags displayed. This appears more like a distress call to the world than the signs of a successful American government, especially while the least transparent administration in history seems to be faking its photo ops and dodging difficult questions.

  • Intel says it values diversity after removing ad using ‘sexist’ female stand-up comedian amid controversy

    Instead of attacking this woman for saying nasty things about men, as is her freedom to think and do, we should allow others to criticize groups of which they are not members as well. Are women, homosexuals, minorities, religious people, or fat people really harmed by mockery? Only where it hits a nerve, and that says that it has a ring of truth.

  • Obama-era officials return to White House worth millions

    When you join Leftism Inc., you join a large gang that spans between industry and government. This gang will reward you with riches for being a public figure promoting its ideals. They do not care if you are competent, or even attend the job, but they want to have you on the masthead to promote their brand as China/Leftism-compatible.

  • Canberra family inundated with death threats after being doxxed online in case of mistaken identity

    This article explores how doxers consider themselves to be warriors for justice by destroying the career potential of those who say something that offends the equality orthodoxy. In this case, they identified the wrong person, as doxers often do.

  • How the Pentagon Accidentally Funnels Millions to Iraqi Militia Groups It’s Also Fighting

    Jihadis act like a gang by obstructing necessary supplies until you hire companies affiliated with them, which then sell those supplies at inflated prices, sending the extra money on to their colleagues in fatigues who then use it to wage warfare. The formula for “forever war” reveals itself in corruption strikingly like that of the Democratic party.


In memory of Wes Weaver.

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