Modern People Are Miserable Because We Have Nothing To Look Forward To


In everyday life, as I go through the world from post office to grocery store and work, I frequently experience moments of frisson when I feel I have peeked a secret of the universe. Often this comes when I step back from my everyday perspective of trying to work with what is available, and I realize that the people I encounter are behaving like jerks.

They are selfish, pushy, deliberately oblivious to the consequences of their actions, petty and thoughtless. It doesn’t matter if they are liberal or conservative; everyone seems to be acting up and being hateful. Like so many actions exhibited by the masses, this is a result of realizations that they can neither allow themselves to be aware of nor comprehend. No one can let themselves see the truth that stares them in the face every day: there’s nothing to look forward to.

We occupy a society that isn’t just dying, it’s already dead. We are living in a corpse world that is filled with jobs that have no point, which result in income we never see that goes to complete strangers that have nothing to do with us, so that we can live in neighborhoods that are full of people that we would normally never associate with. We come home to spouses and children who are alien to us because we are caught in a self-perpetuating cycle that kills our drive to change and our will to live.

With the impending election, the futility of our lives becomes even clearer with one salient point inescapable: It doesn’t matter who wins. The underlying issues destroying our society will never be dealt with under our current democratic system. Voting is pointless. The only possible utility voting possesses is the potential to vote for the worst possible candidate in order to hasten the demise of this broken society. There is nothing to preserve, conserve or improve. The only way forward is to destroy the corpse so something better can take its place.

As the world chortles along, seemingly unchanging, the futility and frustration of our current situation chokes the life from the sane. Those who benefit from the current regime are making more noise than ever in an attempt to keep the life-giving (read: tax-paying) native population guilted into continuing acquiescence lest we be seen as “bad” people. Most of them go along with it for the same reason we all do, which like my day-to-day struggles consists of trying to work with what is out there and make the best of what is.

Our greatest fear is not that it will all end in fire and horror, but that nothing will ever change, and that we will continue our slow descent into third world conditions, kill off all that remains of Western culture and genetics, slowly becoming a perpetual Mexico or Brazil. For those who can see clearly, it’s apparent we’re already basically there.

The protests at Trump rallies reveal the tension between keeping things the way they are to the benefit of the parasite, and the knowledge that the West not only doesn’t want the Other in its midst, but that we’d be better off without them. Our current society was taken over by a parasite that reprogrammed our brains to think that democracy, pluralism, diversity, tolerance of moral deviance and compassion for the stupid are positive values. Instead, they are death, and as long as we try to make them work, we will be like the living dead, walking zombie-like among the ruins and trying to pretend we don’t notice.

If we do not triumph in the war against our own tendency toward self-annihilation, we will never have anything to look forward to. We simply cease to exist, dead inside of ourselves, but go through the motions like the zombies we have become. Already the burden of denial has become nearly impossible. It will never get better until we escape this system and find something worth living for instead.

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28 Responses to “Modern People Are Miserable Because We Have Nothing To Look Forward To”

  1. crow says:

    Wow. Brett finally gave up and had a sex change. I’ve waited a long time for this!
    Howzit goin’ Claire?

    A notable day for me: the day I finally gave up on the so-called ‘human’ race. And now this :)

    People actually believe that without them to validate it, the universe doesn’t actually exist. That everything, everywhere, is about them and only them. Today I actually witnessed this, in real time. That’s it then; game over. I gave it my best shot, but like Jesus, what can any one man do? Or even a million?

    Fortunately I am a taoist, well versed in the acceptance of the un-fu**in’-acceptable.
    Bit of a shock is all.

    Nice try, Claire. Overdue, or what? Hopefully we’ll get to hear more from you, before the final curtain falls.

    • People actually believe that without them to validate it, the universe doesn’t actually exist.

      The essence of solipsism. It’s a paradoxical psychology that will cause some kind of brain damage over time. That could explain why just about everything is flamingly incompetent these days.

  2. AntiDem says:

    Looks like somebody took…

    ***THE BLACK PILL***

    In all seriousness tough, this is a good, but very depressing, article.

  3. Fleshcrawl says:

    Somebody needs to speed up the Annihilation of our world in its current state…I can’t even look at people, TV, etc without feeling disgusted.

    • -A says:

      Hillary will see to it, I am sure. But, something tells me you didn’t want your race to go extinct as the world falls down.

  4. Alan Roebuck says:

    Well, there is God, y’know. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. The one true and living God.

    Just sayin’.

    • -A says:

      He’s no fun. Besides, lots of Jews backing him. Cut the strings Jehovah!

      • crow says:

        After all this time, people still have no idea of what God is, apart from maybe a grumpy old man with multiple needs and neuroses.
        God is Reality.
        Accept no substitute.

  5. ensitue says:

    the only antidote is to invest in precious metals; lead and copper for they have always succeeded where mere philosophy fails

    • -A says:

      Buy gold for the apocalypse. If all the crazies are saying it then it must be true.

      Precious metals are not bad to have but I just plain doubt you will find a reasonable trader for them. Having copper, lead and other metals would be good for your own industry. Being able to make your own guns and bullets would be invaluable, especially if nobody knows you can do it.

      • crow says:

        Papier-Mache will be the new monetary standard. Gotta do something with all those soggy, old, useless banknotes.

        Ever wonder why plastic and mylar is the new monetary medium of choice? All those old paper ones are being prepared for their recirculation, as dollops of Papier-Mache!

    • Jpw says:

      I suppose lead poisoning kills faster than existential angst…

  6. andtoto2? says:

    Well, Claire, …aren’t you just the ray of sunshine we were all looking for today? Nevertheless, SPOT ON.

  7. I go to one of those wholesale clubs every week. It’s usually the highlight of my weekend; buying groceries.

    This week I planned on buying a soundbar/subwoofer for my big TV because I feel higher quality sound adds a lot to the television watching experience. So I did; I took it home, installed it, and watched TV.

    Coupled with the right TV shows, that purchase made this weekend standout from the more typical weekend where I only buy groceries.

    • crow says:

      That’s the spirit. The ability to make the most out of a thoroughly bad deal.
      It may still be crap, but it’s a better kind of crap than the other alternatives.

  8. crow says:

    If any of you swingin’ dicks here ever hope to make of what remains of civilization a going-concern, again, it would seem to be of some importance to decide among yourselves which version of the innumerable designer-realities is actually Reality.
    This is the basis of cooperation among humans, and without it, you no longer have a civilization.

    • -A says:

      Perhaps Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Crow can have a similar poster/commenter relationship the gents of your two houses have? If it weren’t fort that great big pond, I could see dinner parties for the four of you. Too bad.

      • crow says:

        The Crow family lives in Canada now, and has for over ten years. Did you mean Lake Superior? That’s far to the east.

        Meanwhile, Mrs. Crow is not much like Mrs. Stevens, or anybody else, for that matter. She has little to say to anything on two legs, with the single exception of me, and other birds, or course.

        She is humble, as befits a worthwhile woman, and feels she has little to say that could be of any value. Which is crap, of course, since she is certainly a spiritual adept. But on that, she is inclined not to budge.

        Yes, it’s too bad, but there it is.

  9. Maximus says:

    In the Third Reich they had meaning, happiness and idealism. It was just 70 years ago. When white people of good quality form a society based on culture, identity and Mother nature in centre, life is what life is suppose to be.

  10. […] Another great black pill example, noted by at least one alert reader as such, comes from an earlier article on this blog: […]

  11. Yes. Largely because the natural status competition engine that tends to give life focus was destroyed:

    • Deep, meaningful, obligation-like human relationships are essential for a fulfilled life. But they do not come from just hanging out together, nor from directly wanting to have this kind of relationship, simply desiring these deep relationships no matter how courageously does not make them. They don’t even come from a feeling of obligation. They can only come from shared goals.

      I like that. It’s one of the major reasons I am a nationalist: without cooperation, society is a jail sentence with cheap bread. Cooperation requires a shared purpose toward which the group can collaborate, and in that the individual feels a lessening of self, because they are voluntarily giving effort in both self-interest and group-interest because the two are harmonized by the goal.

  12. Dixie Deutsch says:

    America can truly be said to be the worlds largest outdoor political experiment. Ezra Pound once said all all America was becoming one vast insane asylum. Our only consolation is to discern the toxins that killed America so that when the U.S implodes, as did its Soviet counterpart, at least in our post- American nation we will have learned our lesson and not let any of the toxins that destroyed the West take root and grow in the White Republic. (Or whatever name we chose to call it.

  13. Haxo Angmark says:

    good, general essay on the current situation. And I’ll name the parasite that’s taken down ‘Murka’s borders, and free-traded away most of the jobs that mattered: the post-holocaust, A#1 entitlement group: organized Jewry with its globalist, anti-White Tikkun Olam. Who, by controlling the Central Bank, aka the “Federal Reserve”, have bought control of the MSM – using same to administer a kosher Culture of Death (abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism) and debt-bombed the political class into complete submission on every issue. The tone was, however, much too pessimistic. Historically, the Jews have risen and fallen quite a number of times…and this time when they fall (when Leviathan hits the debtberg) they may attain terminal velocity. We shall see. In the meantime, invest in lead, currency of the future

    • I’ll name the parasite that’s taken down ‘Murka’s borders, and free-traded away most of the jobs that mattered

      This is why I can’t get on board with the Semitic theory of our decline: it lets too many voluntary behaviors, that were obviously wrong and dumb choices, off the hook.

      The Jews didn’t create unions; our workers did. Unions raise the cost of labor and guarantee that jobs will either be free-traded away or, as savvy companies have done, partially free-traded away. The engine and drivetrain are made in Japan, the body in Mexico, the interior in Thailand, and the wheels in Nigeria, but the car is assembled in the USA so your average lawyer can buy it and brag about how he stands for “The People.”

      The Jews didn’t create democracy, which has failed here as it did in Greece with nary a Jew in sight. Democracy ensures that the thoughtless mob oppresses the smarter people that they outnumber. This means that every decision will be stupid and the herd will always vote itself more freebies, bennies and attaboys.

      The enemy is us. The enemy has always been us. When we make bad decisions, we reap bad consequences.

      Observe democracy in action:

      As Gabler notes, without drawing this connection, “The personal savings rate peaked at 13.3 per cent in 1971 before falling to 2.6 per cent in 2005. As of last year, the figure stood at 5.1 per cent.” It is not coincidence that savings rates peaked once people noticed savers were chumps.

      Americans’ tendency to vote themselves the contents of the public treasury is partly a symptom of fecklessness. But over time it increasingly becomes the cause.

      All is not lost. And it better not be, because some day the music will stop and there will be far too few chairs. When Mitt Romney was outed saying 47 per cent of Americans would never vote for him because they were dependent on the state, he should have seized the opportunity to start a real national conversation. Chickening out instead did him no political good. And sooner or later Americans will have to have that conversation, possibly while looking into a cracked mirror.

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