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Have Leftists Become The “Missing Stair” Of Western Civilization?

You may recall a work function of this nature. The group gathers for an official event, and then there is the semi-official everyone goes out to dinner event, but then a smaller group forms at a nearby watering hole, entirely unofficially.

That smaller group weeds out the people who cannot stay out late, who are not interested in socializing, and also, the missing stair type people. The term “missing stair” refers to known toxic people within a group that are tacitly avoided by others:

Have you ever been in a house that had something just egregiously wrong with it? Something massively unsafe and uncomfortable and against code, but everyone in the house had been there a long time and was used to it? “Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you, there’s a missing step on the unlit staircase with no railings. But it’s okay because we all just remember to jump over it.”

Some people are like that missing stair.

Just about every workplace has that one person who doesn’t do their job, but everyone’s grown accustomed to picking up their slack. A lot of social groups and families have that one person. The person whose tip you quietly add a couple bucks to. (Maybe more than a couple, after how they talked to the server.) The person you don’t bother arguing with when they get off on one of their rants. The person you try really, really hard not to make angry, because they’re perfectly nice so long as no one makes them angry.

Leftists take the role of that missing stair. We do not invite them to unofficial work functions because we cannot trust them. If we say the wrong thing, they will leak that to their other little Leftfriends and soon some anonymous account on Twitter or Instagram will be accusing us of Leftcrimes. We know that they are useless as people; if they were useful, they would not need the pretense of altruism to make them seem important, and to make us feel guilty for not including them. They are simply social parasites using social pressure to force their way into places that otherwise would have no interest in them. All of their conversation focuses on the same Leftspeak that we get from governments and NGOs, and they possess no positive direction in life, so there is no point having them around anyway.

Still they walk among us, and we must tolerate them at work and in social groups. As a result, everything in our world has been divided among official and unofficial. On the official level, we welcome the Leftists, diversity, and pointless people because the socially correct answer is to accept them, but on the side we seek out only those who are like us in outlook and tendencies.

As time goes on, the official narrative will become more disconnected from reality because of this. The clever-but-not-intelligent managers and bureaucrats will get their happy group photo with lots of smiles, but this will have propaganda value and no other. The majority of people will connect Leftists with government and organized politics.

That in turn will cause Leftists to (unofficially) socialize only with each other, creating little echo chambers which will intensify their level of ideological commitment. To some degree, this has been happening since the 1990s, but now it will kick into overdrive.

In this way, America will balkanize “in place,” separating into little groups who exchange official recognition but know nothing of each other. Public dialogue will in turn be reduced to sports, weather, and television. If the internet keeps fragmenting television into uncountable choices, even those things in common will go away.

This will produce a society as alienated, stifled, and deceptive as the former Soviet Union, and show us the first steps toward liberal democracy self-destructing. Whatever replaces it will be more honest.

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