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  • Sen. Sylvia Allen Warns the U.S. Will Soon ‘Look Like South American Countries’

    Even people who live off the public trough are now acknowledging the problem. The goose that laid golden eggs in America is not whites, but the pioneer-minded ethnic Western Europeans who created the place. Everyone else is living off of them. If they go away, there will be no tax rate high enough to bring prosperity back, and so we will all live like Mexicans, with a few ultra-wealthy living in virtual prisons surrounded by bodyguards, and the rest of us fighting it out in a favela-barrio sprawl ridden with pollution, feces, crime, corruption, stupidity, and violence.

  • Trump attacks majority-black district represented by critic

    If you inherit a majority-minority area, you can either tackle its unique problems or you do what Democrats tend to do, which is give out easy jobs and free money so that you can always stay in office. While you do that, the infrastructure built by more competent people years before begins to decay, the problems pile up like the trash on your streets, and more people descend into a type of permanent poverty and confusion that overlaps with drug and alcohol use, teen pregnancy, gang membership, and welfare payments. Trump is pointing out to the world that diversity is not working and that the leaders chosen by diversity are bad; America thrived under ethnic Western European rule, but has not prospered under Irish, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, Polish, Russian, Romanian, African, Irish, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, Jewish, Irish, or Amerind rule. The solution is obvious: turn to the white way that made America great, instead of the nu-diversity way that points us toward tyranny, socialism, and cultureless consumerism.

  • Man pushes boy in front of train in Germany, killing him

    Reuters actually states the race:

    A 40-year-old Eritrean man killed an eight-year-old boy on Monday by pushing him in front of an oncoming train at Frankfurt’s main train station in Germany, police said.

    Things are changing faster than we thought they would, obviously. In the meantime, diversity makes different groups resent each other, so they take revenge through daily crime and agitation.

  • Foetal oestrogens and autism

    It turns out that babies with more female hormones floating around in the womb are more likely to turn out autistic. This makes us wonder whether it is The Pill doing this, or simply that women who work at boring corporate jobs and have casual sex end up with their hormones out of whack. Either way, nature is spanking our greedy little hands.

  • Drug-resistant superbug spreading in Europe’s hospitals

    Another bubble ends. We got a little pocket of freedom from disease with antibiotics. We could have used that to explore the stars and rise greater than all before us, but instead some weepy person saw a drowned child and we decided to commit suicide instead.

  • Portland’s Antifa Impunity

    The Editorial Board of The Wall Street Journal points out that no one has been arrested or charged for the assaults on journalist Andy Ngo. This shows us either blatant incompetence or blatant favoritism by the precious luvvies in the snuggly Leftist hugbox of Portland. It is not law and order; it is a Communist revolution happening slowly at the hands of those who should know better, but themselves are broken products of a broken time driven only by an impulse for power through destruction.

  • China blames Hong Kong violence on Western forces, defends police

    China attempts to take over Hong Kong with facial recognition databases and increased police presence, causing the people there to fight back, and the West is blamed. This shows that China was always more of a paper tiger than we thought, and their incompetent third world methods of government are going to result in disaster for all who labor under them.

  • Black rag dolls intended to be abused were pulled from shelves after they were called racist

    The dolls came in two other colors, green and yellow, the company added.

    The whining never ends. Every group wants to gain more power, and it does this by taking down another group through accusations of racism or inequality. We will never be free from the constant whining until we end diversity. No one complains about a white doll that you can pound on to relieve stress because white people are not jockeying for power passive-aggressively through guilt. Maybe it is that method that allowed the WASP to rise while everyone else was busy bickering and fighting over what were in retrospect trivial things.

  • Windrush scandal continues as Chagos Islanders are pressed to ‘go back’

    No one wants diversity. Not only does it shatter the local community by destroying social trust, but it costs a ton of money because most of them are permanent dependents. That shocks the people who work pointless jobs and therefore never will have any money and therefore want to re-distribute the money of those who have more than them, but to us realists, it makes good sense. People from these remote communities belong in their ethnic homelands: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, India for Dravidians.

  • Senate moves bill with up to $15,000 fines for sharing memes online

    Governmentals want to make it easier to sue for copyright infringement, but this might mean bad news for people sharing memes. It will certainly make social media act quickly to remove anything that they suspect might be a violation.

  • The true toll of the Chernobyl disaster

    A quick reminder that Socialism produced the “largest anthropogenic disaster in the history of humankind” and then covered up the fact that millions were affected, including many in Western Europe who now have higher rates of cancer.

  • Beijing says China stepping up U.S. soy imports, yet to show up in U.S. data

    Despite all of the wailing by the useful idiots of the Left on this issue, the trade war is turning slowly into success despite the kicking and screaming of the Chinese, who paid American politicians like Bill Clinton good money in order to gain permanent control of the USA. If Hillary Clinton had won the election, they would have continued draining wealth from America to China, then buying European products, in the strange Ponzi scheme of globalism.

  • NY Girl, 12, Charged After Allegedly Spray-Painting Swastikas on Church and Other Buildings

    If you really want to scream your outrage at the world, painting a swastika on a garage door will get you international attention. We should probably just paint them everywhere so that people get used to them, since according to identities politics, we are allowed our own symbols too.

  • Haunting photos show Guatemalan mother’s desperation as she begs soldier to let her into the US

    Haunting photos show Mexican military preventing the flow of some migrants. Looks like the Trump diplomatic method works better than the appeasement method chosen by Leftists and Reagan.

  • German neo-Nazi doomsday cults plan revealed

    Things have gotten so bad in Germany that open revolt is on the table.

  • Orbán: Individual freedoms can never encroach upon the interests of the majority

    If we had to summarize populism, it might be this: societies are organic things, and they are more important than individuals, because individuals depend on society. They even have intangible things like culture, social trust, heritage, and customs which are important to defend. We cannot let the unlimited vote market or any other market override those needs, or our societies become slaves to those markets and we all lose out. Populism is undoing the last seventy years of post-WW1/2 Leftism and replacing it with commonsense realism based in the idea of the importance of civilization.

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