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How To Fix “Climate Change”

We hear a lot about climate change because for the Left, it is the latest “magic bullet” to achieve their goal of wealth transfer and class warfare. Previously, they had diversity, but as that wanes in influence and people care less about being called “racist,” the grifters need a new excuse.

A more realistic outlook views “climate change” as an artifact of our perception. Humans move to every available space, cover it in concrete, then wonder why the jet streams shift and the area gets hotter. Since we have done this all over the globe, it seems “global” but it is in fact local.

Now the Left comes to us, worried facial expressions wide, asking what should be done about “climate change.”

We can tell them the same thing that conservatives have for decades:

All of our problems are caused by relying on quantity over quality. This reflects an inner mental disorder to humanity. Our suggestion is first to make our society sane again, which requires undoing a great deal of Leftist programs.

For example, we should dismantle the consumerist system by ending our entitlements programs; we should slash government and regulations; we should empower private suits on behalf of the government; most of all, we should become self-sufficient, which ends a ton of pollution.

We are not the ones advocating for people to fly around the globe, import products from far away in cargo ships which are massive polluters, or to have unlimited immigration.

We wanted to save you from all of this. We would have busted unions, so that offshoring/outsourcing did not happen. We would have avoided globalism. We wanted to avoid the UN. We opposed welfare programs. Had you listened, the world population would have remained lower and we would not be having this discussion.

Instead, the problems of worldwide pollution and local climate affects (which, since they happen everywhere humans go and do the same thing, appear “global” to Leftists) visited us because of Leftist policies.

Thus, the problem is that you are not listening when we tell you our solutions, just like you have not been listening all these many decades. We have a solution, and it is called falling back to localized, particular, nationalistic, and autonomous living.

A second problem is that you are not listening when we tell you that evidence for global climate change is unreliable, since it is based on simulations and projections, but that we fear what has been done to our natural environment including pollution and ecocide. We did not want societies based on constant growth, a.k.a. “progress,” but you insisted.

In short, the Left created this problem, and now you are blaming us for not affirming that the solution is more Leftism (including socialism). If you want to end our environmental crisis, the first step should be ending Leftism.

If you want to know our ideal, it is that America and Europe become wholly self-sufficient and need to import nothing. We make what we need, with a little extra to sell worldwide, but we do not become dependent on international trade, banks, and taxes.

Instead, we slash all of our entitlements programs, send back the people who are not of our founding ethnic groups, and focus on producing everything that we need here, as close as possible to our local area, like “farm-to-market” foods.

Then we start peeling back the concrete. We do not need these many roads, parking lots, and buildings. Whole categories of businesses — nail salons, hairdressers, mattress firms, massage parlors — can be eliminated, as can many incompetent businesses.

Send most people home and have them grow vegetables in their gardens, raise chickens and goats, and make something of value in their basements to sell. This approach, called “homesteading,” enables self-sufficiency at the family level.

Without all of those transport ships and planes emitting fumes, the excessive demand for disposable novelty products created by Keynesian consumerism, and fewer useless people, we can make ourselves carbon-neutral by simply setting aside half of our land for unbroken nature.

This is the solution that Leftists fear, because it cuts out their share of the pie achieved by preaching Utopian nonsense to neurotics, and pocketing high salaries from the taxpayer largesse. No more: we should act toward reality and nature, not ideology and humanity.

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