Happy HitLARP Holiday!

April 20th brings with it many memories, including Columbine, teenage potheads, and of course, Adolf Hitler. This brings out the HitLARPers who want us to believe that if we just adopted National Socialism, everything would be fine, and they are going to act the part as defined by Hollywood to show us how.

My own opinion has long been that Hitler, like every other leader, was a mix of good and bad. The bad in his case seems traumatic because it invokes genocide and tyranny, but in reality, this pales in comparison to what, say, Joseph Stalin or Chairman Mao did. The Left just LARPs on the anti-Hitler trip in order to conceal how much more their people have been committing murder, torture and oppression since the French Revolution at least, having become known for secret police, gulags, executions at dawn and guillotining whole families.

But Hitler had a few good points. He recognized that diversity cannot work. He wanted to restore an organic state based in the ethnic group. He knew that modernity was a failure and its aesthetics needed reversal. Unfortunately, he tried to do these from within a modern context, and so ended up with modern results, namely catastrophe. Not that he could have escaped it; the world was poised for downfall, and most people were suicidal after “the war to end all wars,” so it demanded a fratricidal and pointless war and got it. Did anyone win WWII?

We also have to wonder how much of The Official History™ is actually fake. After all, they’ve been lying to us for centuries.

The Left always lies, and the Left is the party of modernity, and modernity has turned out to be kind of boring, where we all live in bubble worlds and work in cubicles and no one is really happy but the money is OK so we carry on. Maybe we can finally escape the Left. It will require going farther Right than Hitler and rejecting modernity entirely. We need to restore Western Civilization, and since the dawn of time, there has been only one structure of civilization that has worked. It is not that we want to go back to that; we want to go forward to it, like moving from winter to spring even though spring was only six months ago.

In the meantime, the Alt Right needs to get over its HitLARPing. We are not White Nationalists; we are nationalists, but only as a part of a general program that wants a traditional society. That means rejecting modernity entirely, starting with the sacred cow (and mental crack for white people, apparently) of “equality.” If you want to celebrate Hitler, celebrate what he tried but could not do, which is abolish the idea of equality and with it, the State. We need nations, not nation-States. We want a traditional society because it works and everything else does not.

Hitler had his day, but he was more symbolic — resistance against modernity and racial erasure — than literal. To the (possibly inevitable) sadness of the Germans, they followed him literally and encountered a great defeat. This was not from their lack of prowess, but from the vast forces they faced, since illusion is always more popular than realism. And yet, we would be ultra-morons to make the same mistake twice.

To avoid making that mistake, we must revisit the core of modernity, individualism. Individualism makes people demand equality, so that all individuals are included, no matter what they have done in the past. But to an independent person, individualism is a crutch, a thing to be overcome. If you want to be more Hitler than Hitler, accept the nihilism of literal reality, and that you are a small part of a vast civilization, not a god-like consciousness to which civilization should be dedicated.

It is fascinating and lugubrious that we face the same challenges as we did during the First World War and the French Revolution. Nothing, really, has changed; we are still trying to advance the same dying ideas and they are failing as they always have. This Hitler Day, let us reject those ancient and moldy failures and move on to something more sustaining and cheerful!

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11 Responses to “Happy HitLARP Holiday!”

  1. Kvädare says:

    We are not White Nationalists

    Actually, we are. The Germanic spirit is unique. Anywhere Germanics have gone, there has been a gravitational pull toward not only increased comfort, but gradually more sophisticated art.

    Intricate musical systems were developed. Sculpting was developed. Painting was developed. Poetic meters were formed.
    And all of these tools were used to express the same kind of story; The Icelandic tales, the illiyad, etc.

    Other peoples also have spirits, but they are different. East Asians are worthy of our respect, but they are different. Their philosophy shows this.

    It is not east Asians who are facing extinction, nor even our good friends the Slavs, because they have the sense not to invite their demise. It is nordic and western Europeans who are about to die culturally and genetically, and so we are indeed white nationalists, because that is what the struggle is about.

    • It is nordic and western Europeans who are about to die culturally and genetically, and so we are indeed white nationalists, because that is what the struggle is about.

      You contradict yourself here. If Nordic and Western Europeans — who are one and the same — are about to die “culturally and genetically,” then what they must do is stand up for their own interests.

      Fighting for “the white race” in general is to do the opposite, namely to create white diversity which abolishes those Western Europeans and replaces them with a trace admixed generic white population which will never rediscover its greatness.

  2. Kvädare says:

    If you want to celebrate Hitler, celebrate what he tried but could not do, which is abolish the idea of equality and with it, the State.

    Hitler wanted to unite the ‘Aryan’ race, and to make it better with eugenics.
    He emphasized racial solidarity, which you seem to lack.
    It is true that he never believed in equality, as a natural phenomenon or as a thing to strive for, but that doesn’t tell us what his positive values or goals were. It was just one of many things that he was not.
    Defining any thing by what it is not rather than what it is, is a mistake.

    • He emphasized racial solidarity, which you seem to lack.

      Ouch! Here, let’s try this:

      Homogeneity is the starting point for healthy civilizations. This is not racial so much as ethnic. Mixed-white civilizations are a disaster. You wouldn’t know, because you don’t live in one.

      However, a starting point is not the whole story. We also need a society which is intelligent, benevolent and wise. This means that we cannot limit ourselves to homogeneity, nor interpret it in a crass way. We need an actual social order.

      That order, based on our cyclic understanding of history, is eternal. That is: no matter what $year_number is, the solution is the same. We need aristocrats, caste, hierarchy, cultural rule/nationalism and some kind of purpose, including (possibly) a metaphysical one.

      This is the true root of nationalism. It is pragmatic. We do not need to act like Leftists, with “solidarity” and ideology. We need to be realists, and see that nationalism is essential to healthy living, but it is also only one part of a larger picture.

      • 1110b2 says:

        The idea that Europeans are not already mixed is preposterous. The only true Europeans are the Aboriginal groups that survived the ice age, everyone else since then is mixed.

        My people are Sudetenland German, am I Czech or a German, Slav or Aryan? My wife is a Muscovite, is surely E. European? What about the Varangians or the Scandis who settled down when exploring the Baltic via the Volga? Many Europeans recognized this in WWII which is why you saw the Finns, E.E and Tartars fight alongside and with SS and regular units. Survivors testified as to such beliefs.

        If we need to cut out the HitLarping you equally need to on the EvoLARPing. I can ride the tiger as much as the next gent and can quote the Devi as well, but that sort of rhetoric itself isn’t organic. People don’t want to hear about transcendental hierarchies, they want affirmation their organic relationships are substantive and worth defending, that’s what Kvädare is getting on about.

        To me the mewling on about hierarchy suggests simply the adoption of the mindset of always trying to be more ideologically severe than the other guy. That is the true leftist/christian behavior. Oh you aren’t a true maoist of xyz sort, or you believe in the arian heresy. I’m quite through with all the different sects, factions and splinters.

        The only platform should be this

        1. Decentralize
        2. Resist non-organic human relationships
        3. Defend your kingroup
        4. goto 1

      • Kvädare says:

        I find myself in the somewhat awkward position of defending Hitler. But anyway,

        he wanted a social order. He had different roles for men and women, for example. Every member of the tribe was to fulfill a particular function.

        We don’t need to encourage tribal solidarity and loyalty. It emerges naturally in Germanics, and it does not imply equality. It is entirely compatible with an order. But you should acknowledge it as a good thing.

        It is why families stay together and raise their children properly, instead of fucking and running as is the norm in many parts of Africa. It is not done out of a cynical desire to have children serve oneself later (and even if it was, the children could abandon their parents after they didn’t need them any longer).

        It has been a motivator in battle, to protect the women from enslavement. Even the Romans acknowledged this inner fire.
        It does mean that we don’t leave grandma behind unless we have to, but it also means that we struggle with greater decisiveness. Overall, it has served us well and is an advantageous trait.

      • Anonymous White Male says:

        “Mixed-white civilizations are a disaster.”

        Do you mean mixed “other races”-white civilizations, i.e., diversity, or do you mean mixed all white civilizations? If you mean the later, please give me an example of one. Maybe the Scandinavians, maybe, but the major White civilizations were all mixed Whites. And they survived for centuries. Great Britain was Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornwall), along with other tribes like the Picts that were absorbed into the mix. The French were mixed Celtic, Roman, and Germanic, with some Basque and Scandinavian. Rome was Roman, Etruscan, Greek, Spanish, German, with an influx of Berbers and Carthaginians, along with the rest of the Roman Empire. The Spanish were Celtic, Roman, Basque, Germanic, along with Arabic and other blood diluters. The Greeks were Cretans, Aegeans, Peloponnesians, Sarakatsani, and Slavic. What are Americans? Celtic, Germanic, Southern Mediterranean, Poles, Hungarians, Slavs, etc. So, I’m not sure you can produce a non-mixed White “civilization”.

  3. Brett, the Prolix Fool says:

    You truly are a Jew, right Brett? Or just a Christian that cucks for Israel/Hebrews/Jews? 2017 calling you: the “Holocaust” is a lie. Of course, people died in the Eastern camps, but it was due to disease and starvation after the USA destroyed the railroads that supplied those camps.
    Every nation in the WWII had those camps, they were necessary to imprison enemy soldiers and to allocate citizens from destroyed cities. Also, of course, to contain peoples from enemy countries/factions, such as the Japanese in the USA or the Jews in Germany.
    Your downplay of Hitler and National Socialism just shows your utter ignorance concerning what the whole movement represented: a Revolt against the diabolic Venetian Semitism, which rose in the ~1400 and migrated into the Netherlands and England later.
    Many of the European soul fought against those Jews without even knowing that they were Jews. Among them, brave names such as Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Leibiniz, List, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Henry C. Carey, Henry Ford, Sergei Witte and many many others who were against the Jewish golem of the Indian Companies and “Britain”.
    All that, of course culminated in Hitler, and after him, culminated in us.
    We are an atemporal movement of peoples of the European soul, who feel, see and know empirically that there’s something that’s not our – aka Semitism – that’s parasiting our cultures, our traditions and our societies and IS DESTROYING IT.
    We’re against the Jewish Capitalism, Jewish Communism and the Jewish cult of Equality, economically and socially.
    We’re the American System.

  4. To my view Europe was doing best under Throne and Altar. Germany contributed a lot but the Reformation I think was bust. Nationalism does have a lot to say for itself as Hegel noted.

  5. J.j. Cintia says:

    Whites are in this together. Separation only helps the enemy. This idea of White Diversity ignores the salient point of White Genocide. White Genocide is Universal. Hang together or hang apart as the Founding Fathers said.
    Hitler has been lied about since he won the Chancellory. He never “invaded” anyone. He was merely taking back what the Versailles Treaty stole. Those were Germans that were being brought back. That lying Hollyweird film, “The Sound of Music” lied. The annexation of Austria was a peaceful one. The German Wehrmacht was greeted with German flags and flowers.
    Adolf Hitler isn’t demonised for “aggression” or even for the War. He cancelled the debts and told the Rothschild Bankers to GET OUT. The result was Full Employment in Germany while Americans languished in long lines at Soup Kitchens. Hitler didn’t declare War. War was declared on him. In 1933…

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